Thursday, 22 October 2009

Psycho, Flying, Self Rightious, and a Lack of a Moral Compass

Greeting Readers

Once again, for the second time this month, I find myself in an all too quiet house. This time it's not due to Brent's hospitalization, but instead a pass from his PO to cross the state line for a few days to go camping with old friends. I thought it was a bit odd that his parole officer allowed this, given his recent release from the psych ward, and his strict probation. But hey, who am I to make that call...oh wait...I wouldn't have given that pass. But maybe some time spent with old friends in a different place will be good for him. Or perhaps refusing to stop living in the past will make this trip one of futility instead of enlightenment. All I can really do now though is hope that he makes it back from this trip in one piece, and with no lawful interference.

On to a lighter topic for a second. Yesterday a bird decided to make use of my car for tactical avoidance maneuver practice while I was driving to work. It was actually quite beautiful. It was 6:35 a.m., and the sun hadn't made a full appearance yet. The bird came swooping down from the west, and dove down to headlight level. Right before I could have hit it, it rotated to expose it's pure white breast directly in front of my driver side headlight, with it's wings at full glide extension. Caught in the light, I could see every feather in brilliant detail, right before I swerved slightly to the right to avoid taking it out of flight. This morning, at about the same time, but farther down Gilmer, I saw a hawk come over the tree line on the east side of the road, carrying some small animal in it's talons. Just gliding peacefully while it carried it's breakfast to a better eating location I suppose. That is one advantage to living way out of the way from work, more opportunity to see the world going on around me, without human idiocy getting in the way :)

Back to annoyances for a bit. One of my bosses really gets me worked up sometimes. Recently it's been him taking what little he knows about Brent, creating an image in his head about the current situation, and then telling me that I am wrong for worrying so much, and that he really isn't that bad. As though he knows the intricacies of my relationship with Brent, or that Brent doesn't have some serious deep rooted issues. I mean, this boss can really be a self important know-it-all most of the time, but sometimes the things that come out of his mouth about things that he really doesn't know about can really piss me off. I share very little about my personal life and relations with friends or girlfriends at work. So he gets about 5% of the happenings in my life, and seems to have manufactured a complete picture of my life from that mere 5 percent. Mix that with the fact that he doesn't believe anything I've told him about my past, and that he thinks that I have been lying about pretty much all of it, and you might start to see where my issue is with him. Unfortunately I don't have the nerve to ever tell him what I really think about what he says, because I have no security net. So I mostly just keep it inside, and leave at 3, trying to leave most of my emotions behind at that time.

Oh, any FB friends of mine, here is the story of why I asked about the likeliness of trying to find a lost inscribed golden bracelet. A guy I know, strictly in a professional sense, was out with his wife over the weekend, at a club. When they left the club he found a golden bracelet which was inscribed with somebodies initials. Instead of going back into the club and either turning it in, or telling them he found it right outside the door and leaving his name and number if anybody came to inquire about said bracelet, he kept it, and sold it at a pawn shop for $160. He was really happy about having gotten so much for it. When I asked if he had reported it before pawning it, his response was "Who cares? Who's going to go back to the club to see if the bracelet was turned in? Hehehe...". I didn't really have large amounts of respect for this guy before, but that really burned my buttons. Talk about a lack of a moral compass. I am not a religious man by any right, but I still have a moral compass, and I was shocked by that guys state of mind and compulsive action in that situation. Once again I say....people, I tell ya!

I'm sure there were many more things I wanted to bring up in this post, but an elongated phone call interrupted me in the middle of this, so I am lost for topics now. Oh well, maybe that's for the better, as I think I've rambled on enough for now.

Hey Val, I hope you've resolved your brake light issue! Lisa, I hope you're doing well post surgery (and that picture of the fish tank is awesome!)! Mom, I hope you are doing well today! And to everybody else I didn't mention, I hope all is going mostly well, if not well, or really well! Julia, if by chance you still check on this blog, how the hell are ya? Okay, that is all for this evening. Good night to all, and good day to you tomorrow!

Peace y'all

Sunday, 11 October 2009

No Title Comes To Mind.

Hello all.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. I watched my close friend, and owner of this house, self destruct in his mind. I saw the signs, and tried to put a stop to it. It wasn't enough though. Being one who suffers from a form of depression it was difficult to watch all those signs emerge and then play out to point of helplessness. He is currently in a hospital, getting something like help. I've visited him a couple times, managing to bring him his guitar, a book, and some sheet music. During the time leading up to his admittance, I found myself revisiting all of the techniques I've picked up (on) over the years. That in itself hasn't been the easy thing to do. However, it did come in handy, to a point anyway. It made it easier to break down his walls of defense, but alas I could not pull him out of the downward spiral.

On the Thursday, one week before the last, he ended up breaking up with his girlfriend, so she moved out, leaving just the two of us. Then that Sunday he really broke down, and with help from his dad, we got him to the hospital. So I've had the house to myself this last week. It's been not as quiet as one might expect. From the odd moments hearing various types of voices, to the sounds of someone walking around upstairs, whether I'm in the basement or not. I find it more curious than frightening. I've been reunited with old friends as well this week. It's nice, but it sucks that it's all centered around one friend having a bad time of it. But hey, it came at a time when I needed a little help, so I'm not really complaining.

On Thursday last, I had a fright of identity theft, and canceled my main bank card, only to later discover that the transaction had been a legitimate one, albeit it a crappy one. So now I get to wait another week to get my new card, yippee. This last Friday really took the cake for oddities though. I was sitting in the living room, eating my breakfast and watching the news. I nearly choked on my cheerios when I heard that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Okay, he may seem like a socialist to some, and a hope of change to others, I really don't see how the peace prize is fitting. The reason is that he has changed the political landscape of the world, and opened up lines of communication where there had been none, or there were severed ones. But the peace prize? Really??? As if that wasn't enough, I was driving into work a short while later, and heard on the radio that NASA had just shot the moon....with a missile!!! While the reason may have been one of ambition for advancement, I think we should have just left that prospect as a phrase and nothing more. Luckily that was the end of the bizarre news for that day.

Yesterday I made a trip up north, to visit my sister. We went out to eat at a restaurant that I have been hearing about from my family for years now. Within about 10 seconds of walking into the place, I got offered the chance to do a commercial for the place, by a guy who I think may be the owner. That was unexpected, and I was a little taken aback. I do however want to take him up on that offer. Got to get started somewhere, and this is the first offer I've gotten since I was 19. So here's hoping! And hey Lisa, it was good to see you! Hang in there yo!

Today wasn't very lazy, for a Sunday. I went to the hospital for a visit again, and went grocery shopping afterward. I also learned how to work the new thermostat. For that, I have won the prize of.............heat in the basement!!! I also earned myself a whole new set of noises in the house, while the air ducts and floor joists have gotten their first jolt of warm air flowing to the vents, instead of ice cold air. The thermostat may get changed back in a week or so, but I'm the only resident here right now, so I will make myself comfortable in the meantime. As comfortable as I can feel right now anyway.

Okay, that is the shortest update I could come up with for the time since my last post. I was tempted to go into much more detail, but that would have taken way to long, and I would like to get some reading and tv time in tonight. So I will do that now. Until next time, I hope everyone is well, and don't forget to laugh, eat well, and enjoy your friendships.