Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Terrible Tuesdays

Hello Readers,

Today is in fact a Tuesday, based on the calendar still used around most of the world. In regular me fashion, I will now go off on a tangent! I find it amusing that in a widely Christian/Catholic/Judaic/Muslim/Hindu world, in which all believe in a singular all mighty thing, our calendar days are still named after ancient gods and goddess'. Secondly, in the time that has passed by, mostly unimpeded by us measly human folk, our days are way out of line, the hours are all wrong, and the seasons no longer match up quite right, it's no surprise that every day we are likely to run into somebody who tells you that it feels like a day that it's not. It probably is, actually. Anyway, Terrible Tuesday is the name of an old mix tape I made (yes, that's right, mix "tape") many moons ago. And today, being another Tuesday, seemed like a good day to name this post after said tape. For it is the first day (well technically the second first day) that I don't get to enjoy the presence that is Stefanie. It's a sad day. So sad, that I've hereby upgraded it to terrible. That of course is of a personal opinion, and if you ask the man upstairs (literally upstairs, not that deity thingy) it should be a good day, but I think he's taking it worse than me. Not unexpectedly, but he got what he was asking for. Okay, maybe not in so many words, but more or less got the point across regardless. I, however, have found within me quite a fondness for the girl with more shoes than most shoe stores.

That has made for quite the mental breakdown within my normally strong, unwavering psyche (laugh if you'd like). As some of you know, I have a personal age limit of 5 years either way from my age for which I will even allow myself any kind of attraction. Well, it would seem that my inner self had a talk with itself, without checking with me first, and somebody kicked somebody's ass, or something like that, and here I am. I recently, and by recently I mean about two weeks ago, had a bit of an epiphany about her, well me anyway. Some of you may have heard, a few years ago, about the "list". It's some list anybody can compile, of all the traits you want in a partner. This list can vary in length, some say 20 traits, some say 50, I tried for 100. It's not easy to get past 15 really, so you really need to take time to really think about it. I made it up to about 70 or so. Anyway, that was a few years ago, and I hadn't really thought about it in a while, until recently. Then, all of a sudden it just sort of flashed through my head, in rapid fire succession, and minus one (okay, two, as I made my 5 year swing two different "traits") and sitting right in front of me, literally, was somebody who completed it. This was not nearly as comfortable of a realization as you might want to think. It caused all kinds of eye twitching, and old tics to be woken up. But when I did calm down, several days later, I found that I was suddenly okay with it. So anyway, now, I'm missing her for all the right reasons, while the guy upstairs (not repeating myself) is struggling to understand a whole lot of things, and quite possibly missing the reason that she left altogether. I say to you, Stefanie, it took you long enough, but good for you! Oh, and don't come back!!! ;)

I wish I could now follow her lead, and get my recently defeated ass out of here as well. My head is tired, my soul is aching and tired, and as for me, I just need to go. Living here has taken a lot out of me, and until I get out, I will not find any inner peace, or rationality. I can't do anything more here, and I'm not saving any money like I was "supposed to be". Don't worry mom, I won't be following Stef's lead, and moving back in with you and dad! I'll figure something out, hopefully sooner than later. Ha! How many times have I said that before? This time, I really mean it though. So, um...yeah.

Alright, that's about all I have to say about that. Lisa, sorry I never sent you that email this weekend. Mom, I'm glad that you've gotten some sleep lately! Dad (?), how are the trains coming along? Stef, this is not news to you, so there! And I hope you move went smoothly! Rachel, this is three blogs since you asked, and I don't even know if you have been checking, but hello! To everybody else who I really can't say reads this irregularly updated blog, I hope you're all doing well. Now I'm going to start drinking, and put on some sad music. Maybe I'll drag the one stereo which actually has a tape deck, and dig out that old tape. If only I could remember what I titled it. Peace out y'all! Have some laughs, some good eats, and some good music of what ever genre suits your mood!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Some Judges, I Tell Ya

Hello all,

Late last week I heard a news story on the radio that caused a sensation of unjust sentencing anger in me. In short, the story went as follows: Chicago, IL A defendant, female, name unknown, needed to appear in front of a judge. Said defendant needed a ride to court, so she called her friend for a ride. The friend, female, Jennifer LaPenta, age 19, left the gym where she'd been, took a quick shower, and picked up the defendant. Arriving at the courthouse, LaPenta took a seat in the galley, and awaited her friends turn to face the judge (offense unknown). While sitting there, the judge, Helen R., noticed the t-shirt LaPenta was wearing (which read "I have the pussy, I make the rules", written comically with the 4th and 8th words taking up most of the material. You may have seen this shirt before, in a catalog or otherwise, and called her to stand in front of the bench. At this point, without asking her to: borrow a jacket, remove herself from the courtroom, or turn the shirt inside-out, the judge immediately sentenced her with contempt of the court punishable by 48 hours in jail. Are you kidding me???

Okay, I've spent more than a fair share of time in courtrooms in my days. Usually as the defendant, sometimes as the person sitting in the galley, awaiting for a friends ruling. In all of that time, I've seen all kinds of things happen, and odd sentences take place, but that one seems a little uncalled for. I've often been taken aback by what people show up to court in, or what state of intoxication they stumble into the room in. I've seen people show up on the wrong day, and one time two guys show up an entire month early. I've witnessed ridiculous lawsuits, slaps on the wrist when jail time was called for, contraband collected while the defendant approached the bench, endless attempts to sway the judge with tears (which plainly didn't work on the cop in the first place), people yell at the judge, and judges unload on the defendant. I've even seen judges ask people to leave the courtroom, and come back when they have changed. But I've never seen a judge pick out a random "witness" for their attire, and throw them in jail without any previous request to have them change/leave.

Just today I found out that the judge did apologize, and that the so-called offense has been expunged from LaPenta's record, but somehow her mugshot made it onto the internet. I have not searched for it, nor do I plan to, but if that is readily available for anybody to find, then that 19 year old's one little lack of common sense will be haunting her for years and years to come. Any future job application, for one, now that nearly every employer does a full background search for potential hires, employing the use of google. I ,for one, hope that this does not end up haunting her for years to come, but one never knows. For the internet has funny ways of twisting the already twisted, and it never goes away.

That is all for now. Peace out y'all!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mothers Day was not a Lazy Sunday

Hello All,

Please don't misinterpret the title of this post. I simply meant that I did not do my lazy act today. Most Sundays I do two things, laundry and grocery shopping. Some people may be thinking that grocery shopping is a tedious act of nonlaziness. I, however, do not feel that it is. The act of grocery shopping is pretty straight forward, and not at all complicated. Okay, maybe the first time you venture out on your own, with your own money, and didn't think to make a list of needed supplies, it is, but after a year or two of weekly practice, it becomes second nature. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, today I started by getting one load of laundry into the dryer, and then on a bit of a whim (with a little nudge from my sister, Booger Brain), I checked my car tires air pressure, went to Walgreens to get a picture off of my memory card, and into print form, and then headed north towards Oshkosh, to surprise my mom for mothers' day! The drive north was kind of annoying, but the look on my Mom's face when I walked into my sister's apartment was well worth it! I love you Mom! We all (my mom, dad, and sister) sat down to a great pot of fondue, courtesy of my sister, and had a great time! It was the first time that we had all gathered at my sister's apartment, at the same time, and it was cool. Around 6, I departed, and started heading back south. More construction along the way, and a rare use of 94 through Milwaukee followed, and eventually I made it back home. Now, I'm doing one last load of laundry, and it dawned on me that I forgot to stop and get some juice for tomorrow morning (like I had planned on, all day), oops. Oh well, I'll just add it to the list for post-work shopping tomorrow.

If you've been wondering if tonight's posting was written by somebody sitting in a basement, blogging about what they see around them, you'd be more or less correct. Except for the things around me part. But hey, what can I say, this was an unplanned blog posting, and I didn't think it out before I started it, so there! Okay, in other news, I'd been waiting nearly five and a half months to be able to use my Ipod Touch in my car, and now I finally can! It's gonna take me a while to get used to not being able to control it through my car stereo, but I think I'll manage. Also, while I had my stereo pulled out, to change the cable for the Ipod, I discovered why my radio reception had been so crappy for so long. It turns out that the reception amplifier wasn't installed, so I took care of that too, and now my radio, in all of it's HD glory, works again!!! So now my music needs are back up to par in my car!!! This makes me a happy(ier) guy. In other, other news, I got a pretty big compliment early last week, while filling in for one of my drivers at work, while he was on vacation. It came from a customer that wasn't ever a part of my old route, which made it even better. I'm not going to go into what it was here, because it would take too long to set up, but I will say that it totally made my day, that day. In even more other news, I've got nothin'. So I guess this is a good place to put an end to tonight's installation.

I hope you're all doing well, and that your week goes well! Don't forget to laugh, and indulge in some good eats at some point, and get some good tunes in while you're at it! Until next time, peace out y'all!