Friday, 31 December 2010

New Job, Old Worries. Again?

Hello All,

Yet again I allowed myself to deviate from my blogging habit. I had to go back, and skim over my last post, as I didn't want to repeat anything. It was strange, in a way, to think back to that time. Although the incident at my last job is still as dumbfounding now, the rest of my living situation then seems so distant, in a way. As some of you already know, I did end up moving back in with my parents. That was a bit of a blow to my, um...ego. Not so much pride, as I haven't had much of that for a while. I did, however not plan on ever living with my p's again.

It's not that bad really. It's awkward sometimes. For example, feeling like I need to tell them when I'm leaving, and where I'm going. I guess I don't really have to, but I'm fairly sure that being my parents, and having spent the first 20 years of my life asking me to, they might appreciate it now. Also, for the first time in my life, I've found myself feeling close to guilty about not having money to contribute towards food. My mom continues to this day, through all of her pain and trials, to try and make sure there is dinner on the table every night. Yes, an actual table, in the kitchen, where we gather as a family unit to dine, on home cooked food. I know this is a foreign concept to many of you, but believe you me, it does still happen in some parts of the world. Anyway, part of my angst moving in with my parents is: food supply. I'm a grown man, I should be able to provide food, or for food. I am man, hear for prepackaged foods. One of the strangest things though, is having my television back in my bedroom. It's really the clincher to feeling like I'm a teenager again, and that I should be stalking around, being super grouchy and lazy. I can also say, that this is the first time I'm posting a blog, and my mother is sitting in a chair next to me. As strange as that is, it's even stranger that it's now 10:53 p.m., and my mom is still awake! All things said though, it has proved to be a good step, so far. I knew that I was not doing very well at the place I last resided. Not well at all. It took me a while to decompress when I moved here, but I think I'm nearly there.

For starters, I finally found a job again! It's not doing what I consider a dream job, or even something that could directly point me in that direction, but it's a job. I will be delivering pizzas again! On the plus side, it's not a b.s. corporate company, that makes crappy pizza for cheap. It's what I believe to be the best pizza joint in Oshkosh. Glass Nickel. If any of you are ever in town, make sure to stop there for some good food. On the down side, my car is getting older, and my bills are all past due by a couple of months now. So I'm going to need to get a as many hours as I can, and hopefully make some really good tips! But still, it's a start. New year, new job. Here's hoping it's a good new start.

Now then, back to posts from earlier this year, when I laid out my plans for change. I didn't exactly plan to start two new jobs, or move out of state to move in with my parents. I did attempt getting into the voiceover field, and had a good time doing it, but never got a chance at a real gig, or any money. I did fall in love, but didn't get the girl. And the one I didn't list, getting a new place, well, this wasn't quite what I was thinking of. However, I didn't quite swing and miss, more swing, and get a fluke swinging-bunt single. Perhaps the new year will fare better for me. Oh, and I recently met a dog. A husky to be precise. Too bad I won't be able to get him. Well, maybe if I get some truly amazing tips, I might just be able to pull it off. Ah, dreams. Where would I be without them?

Okay, that's all for now. In the new year, I'm thinking of taking a small turn from my usual blogging style, and perhaps putting together a short story, of fictitious matter. So check back later, and maybe I'll have something new for you to read! For now, good night, and have a good new year! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm going to play a video game. Why? Because, I'm 31, um, 15, and I live with my parents, and that's what all grown men do when they're faced with this situation. Right? Oh, I nearly forgot, good music, good food, and good laughs to all of you! And, peace out y'all!