Monday, 3 March 2014

Price Change

Hello everybody!  This will be one of the shortest postings I've done in quite a while.  I would like to inform you all that I opted to change the price of Daemon Infiri (aka New Life), from $4.99 to $2.99.  That is not a sale price, it is the new price (once approves the change) from here on out!  I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peek at my current work in progress, and please, feel free to give me feedback!

That is all.  Remember to laugh, spend time with friends and family, enjoy your favorite beverage (or the wacky tobaccy if you prefer), and listen to some good tunes!  Peace out, y'all!

Pot, bud, nugs, and all of its names, and is it a bad thing?

Hello, and welcome to a late night (or morning, to all of you that don't see this in the p.m.)!  I've decided to write a brief op-ed on marijuana.  So what is marijuana?  Without getting into the latin plant name, or the American Dental Associations idea of what it is (if you don't know, the ADA is the awesome tooth working group that has authority to administer N2O, aka laughing gas), I can explain it as this: Pot is a plant that grows naturally across this planet.  It grows in most climates, except for the arctic regions (unless the scientists that live in those regions have a green house, and grow it in the times when the poles are angled towards the sun: aka summer and winter for the people who live anywhere close to a thousand miles north or south of the equator), and has been growing on its own for millennia.

I have been hearing about all the lies that surround this drug for years.  No, I have not bought into any of it.  The feds hate it for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the feds asked the ADA to make a video about the evils of pot, and ended up making the funniest movie any stoner has ever watched.  I've seen it, and it is a joke.  Ask me if it would be more fitting if that flick was renamed PCP Gone Wild, and I'd say it's not a joke.  But I ask you to talk with any stoner you know, and ask if they've ever hallucinated while on nothing except pot.  I can guarantee that their answer is no (unless they have a preexisting mental disease). 

Another reason that the feds hate pot is the reports they get from California, Texas, and other southern border state that have border control agents.  They will tell you that crime is way up because of the drug cartels.  That may be true, but pot is not the actual reason for it.  Illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, PCP, extacy, acid, and/or the illegal trade of prescription drugs, are the actual reasons that there are gang/cartel wars.  I've said for years that California is our secret Federal Government, and this is another reason why.  They make a lot of noise there, and the biggest is the noise they make about Mexican drug cartels.  Well golly gee, the only reason the cops call pot the big problem is because a solid plant takes up a lot more space inside a bag than a plant that has had to have been chopped, sliced, powdered, and cut.  So it looks like a lot more.  Does that not remind anybody of the question we were all asked in elementary school?  What weighs more, a pound of feathers, or a pound of rocks?  The war on pot is similar.  A pound of feathers will create a much larger bag than a pound of rocks, just like a pound of pot will require a much larger bag than a pound of heroin.  Therefore it looks bad.

One other reason the feds hate it, is that as though they are not making enough money off of land taxes/property taxes, food tax, fuel tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, prize tax, income tax, and all the other billions of dollars in various taxes per year, they don't know how to tax what has always been a cash only business.  Well shit, feds, the pot business is older than the old testament, which means that it didn't start in America.  So give it up already.  Taxes on a plant that grows on its own is crazy.

I'm just saying that the criminalization of pot was the worst move this government has made, except for that idiotic thing we, in this country, call prohibition.  First, the government outlawed pot, which has never ever incited a riot (ask you nearest hippie), then they outlawed beer.  The beer runners pulled off a lot more crime than the pot runners ever did back then, but for some reason beer was legalized again, but pot is still some kind of evil plant.

Just like I support the whole gay/lesbian rights movement, I also support the movement to legalize a plant that needs nothing done to it to be effective.  It's literally the only "drug" that needs nothing done to it to work.  Grow, harvest, dry, smoke.  Vodka is the only other thing that takes very little to make (grow spuds, cut up potatoes, boil in a vat, chill the steam, and repeat as desired), but as bad as that shit is for you, it's legal.

I could go on a lot more about that, but instead I'll summarize.  Pot is not evil, nor is it a hallucinogen, and it is the most naturally occurring drug that there is.  The only thing that makes it "bad" is the government saying it is.

On that note, eat well, drink well, smoke well (if you do), enjoy some time with family and friends, and don't forget to laugh once in a while!  Peace out y'all!

P.S.  Mike's Eye will be completed when I finish writing it...