Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Southern Travels

Hello, everybody!

A month ago I finally landed myself a job!  Just when it was starting to feel like I may be a statistic for another few months, I got myself a gig for which I get paid for driving across state lines!  For those of you who know me, you may recall that I have been bitching about needing a road trip for years now.  Ring any bells?  Well, now I get those road trips, and I'm getting paid for it!  I was more or less happy slinging pizzas, but that never really scratched the travel itch I've always seemed to have.  Those of you who know me well, also know that one thing that I really enjoy about traveling is trying the local foods as I go.  The small places.  The places the locals go, off the highways and bi-ways.  I will admit that the fact that I am driving a company box truck now, and I have timed deliveries, and I spend most of my time on said highways, I don't get to stop every place I'd like to.  I do, however, have time between runs to seek out new lights, and new travelers stations, and to boldly eat where others have eaten before!  Ummm, yeah, couldn't help myself...

Last week I was in a small town in southern Alabama, south of Montgomery by about 70 miles.  I got to my destination just past noon, and I asked the guy who signed the paperwork if he knew where I could get some good barbeque for lunch.  He told me he knew a place, and gave me simple, yet effective directions.  When I got to the place, I saw that they had a drive-thru, I thought to myself 'What kind of bbq place has a drive-thru?'  But being hungry, and the smell coming out of the building made me stop questioning myself, and find a place to park.  As I pulled my truck around back, I saw something that cinched the deal, so I parked.  I would like to give you a traveling tip now.  If you are driving along, and you like good, slow cooked meats, and you see something like this, stop to eat!

Seriously, do it.  My first attempt at getting good smoked foods was thwarted by my nemesis, road construction.  But this time around, I got to eat!  And eat I did.  The name of this place is Hooks, and I wish I had more pictures of this place, but I didn't bring my camera in with me.  Not being a t.v. travel show host, I don't really feel that I should.  It was a cool little local place, with a southern country feel, and as I was in the south, in the country, that seemed okay.  Their menu selection consisted of pork, and some more pork, and they just introduced the hamburger (don't ask me why).  I couldn't decide between the pulled pork sandwich or the ribs.  Upon asking, I was told to go with the ribs, and I am happy to say that I did.  They were, well, incredibly good!  I got coleslaw, sweet potato fries, and a Pepsi.  It also came with a piece of bread, and what they called cake.  The cake was similar in texture to pound cake, but tasted more like corn bread.  It was good too.  All this came to $10, and it was a great way to spend that! 

Okay, I am done playing food critic wannabe.  In other news, something happened to me twice, last week.  Something that hasn't happened much in the last few years.  I got pulled over!  Once, in Detroit, because I was making a delivery at 1:30 a.m..  Yes, that's right.  I was told that I was pulled over because they don't normally see delivery drivers at that time of day.  I then came to find out that there had been a shooter in Detroit, that had shot 24 cars, a couple of people, including one guy who was shot in the ass while driving.  How crappy is that???  The guy was caught the same night I was in town, so that's good.  And no, it wasn't me.  The second time I got pulled over was in Tennessee, while going down a mountain, doing 79 in a 70 mph zone.  That highway patrol man was nice, but I did get searched for drugs, weapons, and any other contraband.  None was found, as I'm not a mule, or a runner, or a smuggler, or anything that might allow a cop to find contraband in my vehicle.  He let me go, with nothing but the universal hand gesture to slow down.  Then I complimented him on his speed trap location, and he told me that he liked it too, and he had just found it a couple of days before.  I found this amusing mainly because I wasn't being arrested, or ticketed.

That's all for now, folks.  I hope everyone is doing well, and that you're all finding time to spend with friends, and enjoying some good eats, and still laughing!  Until next time, peace out, y'all!