Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hello Again!

Hey there! I know I haven't posted in a while, sorry :( Christmas was good this year. Even though I had a couple moments of freaking out, I want all those who were there to understand that they had nothing to do with it, I'm just really freaking out in my personal life lately. I need a road trip in such a bad way, a proper vacation, and something that involves a single woman and privacy, before I can start to relax even a little bit these days. All three at once would be very nice, and quite dangerous, so I'll take one thing at a time if I can...

I get cable for the first time in a year tomorrow, and I'm super excited about that!!! I'll take some slack for leaving work early, because Comcast is still just a messed up in there scheduling as they have always been. I scheduled it for 4-6 pm. Then I called them to try and change it to between 1-3, and I was told I couldn't. Today I received an automated phone call from them, and the computer told me that the technician was scheduled to arrive between 10 am and 1 pm...?! But hey, whatever, tomorrow is NYE, and I expect that we will be very quiet at Tricomm. Maybe busy at Dominos, but most assuredly not at job 1.

Oh, it's been a while, but GO VDUB!!!! I got the new magazine today (DasAuto), and they had a story about this year's inaugural TDI Cup. Every car in it was a new Clean Diesel TDI, and in a total of 8 races, 150 total laps, and only 2 tanks of diesel per car (stock size tanks at that), they emitted a total of 0, let me repeat that...0 Net Carbon Emissions. I'd like to see NASCAR try to come close to that number. Oh, wait, American cars, even the new ones, barely break the 20 mpg range, even when they aren't driven at 125 mph, never mind... Oh, and get this, the 2009 Jetta TDI gets better mileage creates less pollutants than the new Prius. Eat that for lunch Toyota! And the new Jetta TDI clean diesel costs, oh, about $40,000 less to boot. Put that in your collective pipes and smoke it all you pruis owners! Yes, you read all of that correctly, but feel free to reread this paragraph as many times as you'd like. GO VDUB, Volkswagen rocks my, and everyone else's world!!! Oh, and even though all of our own major car companies have to get billion dollar hand out from the government, VW is building a production plant in Chattanooga, TN. It will be making a brand spanking new VW for the North American market, as well as all the other vehicles that VW gives us. Oh yeah, it'll be creating a several thousand new jobs too. I have never been more proud to be a VW Enthusiast! GO VDUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had meant to post earlier tonight, but for the last couple nights I've been talking with my old friend, Chantelle, so was a little distracted, and now I've forgotten about all the rest of the things I wanted to post about. Stop complaining, I worked 12 hours today, and I'm tired! So I'm going to bed in a little bit. i will try to keep up with my blog a bit more frequently in the new year coming, but I make no promises! Hee hee, goodnight y'all, and sweet dreams to all.

P.S.: Go V-Dub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh What a Night, Afternoon, second job...

It's Tuesday. It was a decent enough day at job one. Some things happened, or rather didn't happen, but for once it wasn't my fault even a little bit!!! Then came the last hour, when the snow started coming down in earnest. By the time I got home from that job, which took me 45 minutes (usually takes 20), there was already about an inch and a half on the ground, and people had already forgotten how to drive in the winter wonderland that is the Greater Chicagoland Metropolis. By the time I got inside, changed and went back out to my car to go to my second job, I had to completely re brush my car. Then I got to Dominos. It wasn't nearly as busy as I had expected to be. My first delivery however took 40 minutes to get to, and it usually only takes about 3 minutes, 5 if I get caught by the stop light. So that was super fun! But hey, at least the people I did deliver to seemed sympathetic for us drivers, and they all tipped me $5, so thank you! And, as you may all have guessed, I made it home in one piece, and so did my car! I get the next two nights off, so that's cool. On the other hand, it's not supposed to snow again until Friday, when i do work again, go figure, hee hee. Tomorrow I get to fill in for my driver, Jorge, at my full time job. I really must say, I don't miss driving a Ford E150 in this crap, but at least I get to be out of the office for a while, and if I take my sweet ass time getting back I have a good excuse! On that note, I'm going to enjoy watching the Blackhawks game that is actually on WGN tonight!!! I can't remember the last time I saw a Blackhawks game on the boob tube, but I'm excited about it!

Lisa I hope you're doing better, and if you're not, then get better damnit!!! What does everyone want for x-mass? I don't have too much money to spread around, but if we're only doing one gift per person, then some clues might be nice, wink wink... I only have the new Doctor Who season 4...

Peace out, and drive safe y'all!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Lazy Sunday

Another Lazy Sunday. The laundry room was wide open when I decided to do my laundry. How I long for the day when I have an in unit washer dryer again. It cost me $10 to wash four loads! Oh well. Other than that, I slept until noon, but I was up until after 3 am, so can you blame me? Nothing important, just insomnia. Anyway, I went and returned a movie, stopped at Walmart to get a bulk pack of TP, and that's about it. The excitement never ends here! Oh, WAIT! I waterproofed my jacket again!!! Talk about exciting! A new girl is working at Dominos as a driver. She's Russian, and kinda difficult to understand, but she seems cool. That's about all I have to report. I know sooo many people are just dying to read a new post from me! Now you have one! Peace out y'all, and a very merry Lazy Sunday too!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Holy Crap (Oh Crap! Part II)

Holy guacamole snowman! What a night slinging pizzas. I made it out alive, with no damage to me or my car, or anybody else's either. Which is way more than i can say about soooo many of the other drivers out there tonight.Not hat I expect anybody who doesn't know me to read this blog, but my sympathies to those homes that will be getting a phone call of the most devastating nature tonight.

I got to my first job today only about 45 minutes late. And of course, as soon as I sit down, Matt unloads everything that went wrong this morning, and it was amazingly all my fault. But he was nice to me the whole rest of the day, so that was good. It was pretty quiet at my first job, as it usually is this time of year. SO I got to spend a lot of time staring out at the constant rain falling down to the planet, and daydreaming of how nightmarish work would be tonight. And I wasn't wrong. You see, at about 10:30 this morning the rain turned to sleet, and then a while later turned back to rain. Then, at around 3 pm, the temp dropped below freezing, so all the rain to a solid sheet of ice, and then it snowed for the next several hours. As anybody whose driven in the kind of winters we get around here knows, snow is bad for driving, but snow on top of ice is the worst!!! The first delivery I took tonight, happened to be in one of those private rich neighborhoods, that are all pretty, and hilly. Well I couldn't get up the hill. Nor could the BMW Z4 in front of me, or the pickup truck behind me, or the Mazda behind him, and so on and so on. Me and the bimmer both started sliding backwards down the hill, and we both ended up having to angle ourselves into packed snow banks backwards just so we could stop, as are brakes were acting like they weren't there at all. That was exciting. I called the customer and told her I couldn't get to her house. She was nice enough to come to me though, and even gave me a $7 tip, so thankyou Lady! Anyway, I counted 19 cars that couldn't make it up the stupid bloody hill, and couldn't reverse off of it either, before a salt truck FINALLY SHOWED UP!!! The rest of the night was just as bad, but luckily that was the only hill I couldn't get up. You see, when it snows first, and then rains, driving is fine, but when it's a smooth sheet of ice underneath the slippery frozen and beautiful water it's a whole other ball game. But as I said before, me and my car made it out in one piece, so yay! The drive to work in the morning tomorrow oughtta be super fun, as the only reason it's stopped snowing is because it dropped below 20 degrees, so now all the melted snow will slowing slip it's way back into the street, and then become a nice blanket of ice just in time for the morning rush, whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna stop thinking that far ahead for the time being, and watch a movie or something before crawling into my nice cozy, yet no longer comfy, but lumpy and springy bed to get some shut eye, and hopefully make it to work on time in the morning! Peace out y'all, and safe travels to you! Love ya!

Oh Crap!

It's Tuesday, and I was just woken up by my phone ringing. It was one of my drivers telling me he was going to be a little late. Well I am late too! So I called my other driver, and he is running late as well! I guess it's just one of those days so far!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday ? Sunday

Hey y'all! I know it's been a few days since I've blogged. I really haven't had much of anything important to say. It's cold outside, and there's snow and ice, and once again so many people have forgotten how to drive in it since last winter. The people I do feel bad for are all of the transplants coming out of the volatile flooding in the south in the last couple of years. Most of those people had never been to the midwest before, or if they had it was just for vacation. Now that they've escaped the mass flooding, they were welcomed by midwestern values. However, this year we experienced severe flooding of our own, and now for the first time for the majority of the recently moved, they are dealing with the loveliness that is winter in the midwest. Sorry folks, but hey, you came from an ocean or gulf zone to the land of the Great Lakes. Instead of hurricanes, we have tornadoes and the flooding remains the same. Oh, and the water comes out of the sky in a few different forms up here.

Back to those of us who were born and raised in this climate. What the hell is wrong with you people!? Four wheel drive means nothing on ice people!!! Anyway...I attempted to get my x-mas shopping done a few weeks earlier this year. For once I had money before getting my holiday bonus at work, and go figure, everything I had in mind for people was gone! I have made a decision to not get anything train, flame or music related for my various family members. Now however, I'm thrown for a loop! What to do, what to do? I did find a present for my neighbor, Erin, but she's not home now, so I can't give it to her yet, boo. And I did get marley one of those "dremel" nail groomers, however he hasn't come out of the cabinet yet, so too bad for him!

Side note: Cross Country Skiing is another "sport" that should not be broadcast on television, right up there with golf.

On a whim I got a computer camera at Walgreens. I haven't hooked it up yet. I'm not even sure why I got it, because I think only one of my friends has one. But it's made by GE, and it was only $20, so I figured I couldn't go wrong. They also had my favorite juice on sale for $3 each! Yay!!! I also had a $5 Walgreens coupon from the other day, when I restocked my first aid supplies, and got a whole new kit to keep in my car (it even came with a glow stick!).

Last night after work I watched M. Night not gonna try spelling his last name, The Happening. What a f'd up movie. I am surprised I didn't have even one nightmare. I've seen most of his movies, but that was the darkest, gruesomest by far. Today I rented Kung Fu Panda, just for a change of pace. Oh crap, I forgot to check the time when i started my laundry, I should probably go check on it now! Then I think I'm going to get into lazy Sunday mode, watch a movie or two and enjoy the rest of my day off. I hope you are all doing well! Love to all! Peace out homeys!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Holy molee what a difference some new strut mounts do for my car! So I took my car in to a VW dealership that I've dealt with a couple times before, and really didn't like. Got there at 7:30, which was quite the change of pace, as usually I would have been at work already. They took it in right away, so that was cool. About an hour later the guy came over and told me that the knocking yesterday was most likely ice built up where my strut mounts should be, and that the mounts were 70% gone. So it was a good thing that it was really crappy cold and snowy Sunday night, otherwise I may not have been aware of the problem until the mounts failed altogether and my struts shot right through into the engine bay! I always thought that my car was bouncy through pot holes because it has sport suspension (stiffened suspension). Boy was I wrong! What a fantastically smooth ride over train tracks and through pot holes and so on! On top of getting new mounts, and a repaired tire, total out of pocket cost was $0.00!!! See, I bought my car certified, so even though the partial warranty had long expired, the certification is still good, so overall what would have been $6-700 in parts and labor was free for me today!!! YAY! Double YAY! Hot diggidy damn yay!

Work was just busy enough at the office to make the hours fly by. Plus, I didn't get there until 10:30, so that may have had something to do with it too... Job two, however, was slow as molasses in winter. Two drivers, three deliveries in four hours. Monica wants me to make up some of the hours I lost last night, and that's okay with me, at least I don't have to close tomorrow, just work the dinner rush. Plus, everybody is getting new coupons in the mail tomorrow, so that should help at least a little bit.

The only shows worth watching tonight are over, and I can't watch them until they are online. But the X-Files movie was released on DVD today, as well as Wanted, both of which I am itching to see! So my shows might have to wait until the weekend. One more thing I miss about not having cable, no dvr, boo. Why should getting cable have to do with your credit? Even if you have good credit, they still take your stuff if you don't pay the bill, so what's the difference? Oh well.

On that note, I'm going to see what is available to watch online, and bid this post ado. I hope you all had a good Tuesday, and I love those of you who read this and are related to me. To all the rest, I don't love you, but that doesn't mean I dislike you! And to those I do dislike, good riddance!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Monday acting like Monday

Well I was hoping this would be a good day. I went to bed early last night, because I knew it was snowing, and wasn't gonna stop. It took me forever to fall asleep. I woke up at 3 am, as I often do. I really hate waking up then. It reminds me of my old friend John, when i was sleeping over at his house when we were about 5 years old, and his mom woke me up around 3 am, and told me that my Mom was coming to pick me up, and that John had died. Then, many years later, the first time I read Something Wicked This Way Comes, and the Dad tells his sons that 3 am is the worst time of day to be awake. Anyway, I digress. When I did fall asleep again, I had a dream/nightmare that my car had been stolen while I was at work. I found it, but it had already been mostly stripped, wheels, stereo etc were all missing. Then I woke up again. I went about my morning as per usual. Went out to clear off my car the best I could, and headed for work. About a 1/4 mile into the trip a crazy loud and hard knocking started coming through the floor, through the pedals and into the gear shifter. I pulled over into a parking lot and took a look, but I didn't see anything. I got back on the road, and a little while later it started again, so I pulled over again. Still nothing I could see, all the tires were inflated, and nothing was hanging down or leaking. SO I got back on the road, a little later the knocking stopped, and I made it to work. A few hours later, i went to get some lunch. I made it out of my parking lot, and then I started pulling hard to the left. I started thinking blown tie-rod right away. I pulled into a 7-11 parking lot, got out, and the front Drivers side tire was completely flat. Crap. I don't mind changing a tire, but in an uneven parking lot, in heavy winds with a wind chill of 12 and ice everywhere make sit a different story. I got my car jacked up, and all the lug nuts out no problem, but then I couldn't get the damn wheel off. So I had to call a tow truck. They had huge problems getting it off too. When it was finally freed, I checked, and the tie rod was still there, but the tire was flat without any damage. No screws or nails or puncture marks or anything. And no, the rim isn't damaged either, so I have no idea. I talked with the local VW dealership, and thank goodness I bought a VW Pre Loved car (aka, certified). I also have the wheel and tire protection plan, so nothing should be out of pocket at my end. I'm taking it in tomorrow at 7:30 am. SO I get tonight off of work, which sucks because it'll probably be busy (snow does have that effect), but hey, I'm sure as hell not driving any more than I need to until I know what that knocking was, and get my tire fixed! I also get to be late to work tomorrow too! I just hope it's something simple like a bent or stripped tie rod, and not something like my tranny, 'cause the less I have my car, the less money I have!

Well since I have the night off, I think I'm just gonna watch a couple movies and chill, and try not to freak out about my poor little hooptie mobile :( I hope you all had a better Monday than I have had so far! Peace love and harmony!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thanksgiving '08

Today was cool. I am very thankful that I have a family that puts up with me. I am the first one to admit that I am not entirely "normal", and may surpass abnormal as well. So thanks Mom, Dad and Lisa!

I headed north to spend the holiday with my family, blood and extended. TJ, Cadence is awesome, even at the age of 2! I imagine you'll have a lot to deal with over the years, and I think you'll do well. Mom, dinner was super fantastic, thank you so much! Now I'm back home, and have been for a few hours now. I had been planning on staying the night up there, but I just felt like coming home. That kinda threw everyone for a loop, but I just felt like it. Now I'm curious about something.

I traveled 93 miles on one eight of a tank of gas. I averaged 73 mph for the duration of the trip. Having done the math, that should mean that if I traveled nonstop, averaging 73 mph, I should get 744 miles on one tank of gas... ... ... Now, considering engine temperature, ambient temperature, random circumstance and traveling alone, I can safely say that I don't get 744 miles out of one tank of gas in my current car. Keep in mind though, that I surpassed that number in my Jetta TDI when I got 798 miles from one tank of diesel (tank capacity of 13 gallons, same size as my current GTI's tank). Something is very wrong with this. As fuel burns at the same rate, regardless of how much is in the tank. And figuring that the weight of the car is decreased upon every gallon of fuel burned. Every fuel saving guide says to remove all the unnecessary weight from your vehicle. One gallon of gas weighs approximately 7 pounds. So a full tank of gas in my car weighs 91 lbs. So when I only have 1 gallon, I should get way better mileage than I do when I have 13 gallons, right? Well I figure that the average weight of useless stuff in any given car (minus people who carry a full set of golf clubs around in the trunk), is only about 9 lbs., just over the weight of one gallon of gasoline. By removing said weight, I'd get an additional 14 miles per tank. Why doesn't that work when there is no unnecessary weight in my car to begin with, but I burn off much more weight than 9 lbs every time I go through a full tank of gas, while not adding any additional weights, or driving any differently?

Ponder that for a while, I'm going to bed now. It was good seeing familiar faces today, and a new one. Love, peace and patience to all, and especially the next generation!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tuesday/Wednesday, who's keeping track?

Hi there! It's 12:18 am, and I just got home from work a few minutes ago, yay!!! Now I'm trying to settle my brain down so I can get some sleep. As usual, my body cries for my bed, but my brain is running giant figure eight laps, stupid mind! Works went alright today. At job one, I got there a bit early, 7:15 to be precise, okay, it was 7:16, sue me. Both my drivers were on time, and all went mostly swimmingly. Okay, maybe not swimmingly, but well enough in any case. Some people were idiots of course, and some people still don't know how to use the glossary in the back of their catalogs, and then there are the ones who use common sense and compile a list of everything even the part numbers before calling. I like those people.

Then came job two. For some reason (probably just another idiotic way to "save money") on Tuesday's there's only ever two people scheduled to work at night. One manager, and one driver. No back up, no helper, just two. Just two might be fine and dandy for a monogamous relationship, but it's no way to run a business!!! Point in case, all went fairly well, and at 10:30 I decided it would be a good time to start washing dishes, so we could get out of there at a reasonable time. Then, suddenly the phones started ringing, and we got an internet order. Now it's 10:45 and I suddenly have three deliveries. I've barely touched the dishes, the floors still need to be swept and mopped, all the counters washed, garbage disposed of and so on. Noe of the deliveries were local, except one. I knew I wouldn't get back until 11:30 (we close at 11). I knew the one person who was local, so I called her when I was about 2 blocks away, so she could get down to the main door by the time I got there. I arrived, and walked up the steps, and proceeded to stand there for about two minutes. So much for calling ahead. Then some white girl and her mini-miniature dachshund came to the door (the girl that ordered is black, so I was confused). I went to get out of her way so that she could walk the dog half the size of Marley, and she stopped me and said that the pizza was for her. Her total was $20.26. She handed me a fiver first, which I figured was my tip, and then she handed me a coupon for two pizzas for $16.99, and told me to have a good night. ...... ...... ...... ...... I had to explain to her 5 TIMES that the coupon was only stating the price for two pizzas, and wasn't actually worth $16.99. I mean honestly, it says right at the bottom of the coupon that the cash value is only 1/100 of one penny! How daft can you be???!!! After my brain stopped going numb from trying to comprehend how idiotic people can be, I headed to the next delivery. When I finally got back to the store, I found Monica there, YAY! Turns out the other manager called her to come in and make the final delivery for me, and do the rest of the shores. I was ever so grateful, I would have kissed her, but that would be inappropriate so I just thanked her verbally instead. She even gave me the three dollar tip she got for the pizza she took! I really like that girl, she rocks! All said and done though, I made over $50 tonight, so woo whoo! Anyway, I swept the floors and cleaned a couple of counters before I came home. And now here I am!

Now that I've rambled for long enough, I'm going to finish watching an episode of Dr Who, and hopefully get to bed sometime before 2 am, just to get up at 6 am, yay! I am sooo looking forward to some good Thanksgiving food!!! Peace, love and good music to all! Peace out!

P.S. I'm not proof reading his tonight, so if there are any errors, don't kill me please! Okay, later!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Hey, I forgot...

Hi there. I know a lot of people take stuff for granted. Simple things, like grocery shopping, and cable and everyday little things like that. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have my own money for once. I got to keep my latest paycheck! So I really hadn't had a chance to do anything with it until today, and then I went out. I returned some movies, and rented one too. Then I went to Jewel. I was able to walk through the aisles and not say things like wow, I'm hungry and that looks good, but I can only afford a loaf of bread and some peanut butter, but no jelly. I wasn't hungry when I went to the store either! I bought a bunch of stuff, and knew I had the money, and didn't have to sweat it. The best part though, was when I got home and showed Marley that I had gotten him some fresh food too! He looked so excited, for a cat anyway. And even though he scarfed it down, he kept it down too! Then he came over and curled up next to me and started purring. It may sound silly, but when you can't do things like that for so long, it feels that much better when you can, and there's no guilt hanging over your head for it.

My friend George got back from Italy today, and I just got back from chilling at his house. It was good to see him again, and good to get out of the house for a while too, doing something other than work or errands. He got me a small bevy of stuff while he was over there. I think he has a thing for Ferrari, as he got me another Ferrari hat, and a shirt too this time. He also got me a load of colognes. I haven't worn cologne in so long. But hey, free is free, so that was cool. Even though he knows I am a VW fan...

I'm going to watch some Dr Who now, oh yeah, I got the fourth season on DVD. I wasn't planning on it, but I REALLY wanted to see Voyage of the Damned, and that was the only way I possibly could! Call me crazy, I dare you... After that, I'm going to bed, but I drank a lot of caffeine when I was a George's house, so I'm a little wired right now! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and I will talk to some of you soon! Oh Lisa and Mom, I mailed you both something, so you have something to look forward to in the snail mail! Peace out y'all!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another Thursday Night...

...and I ain't got nobody. I got some money 'cause I just got paid. Oh how I wish I had someone to...talk to, come home to, cook for, laugh with, cry with, travel with...you get the point, I'm in an awful way.

Hey y'all, how be ye? I be me. It's Thursday, I worked both jobs today. I made $37 in tips at my second job! My first job was a headache right off the bat, before I even got to work. I was on my way in when my phone rang. It was one of my drivers. He was calling to let me know that he got stuck by a freight train and he'd be late. Two minutes later, my other driver called, he got stuck by the same train. Go figure. Then I arrived myself, having not been held up by any train. I was just about done unloading one skid of supplies, when I realized that everything I had just unpacked was for another company altogether. Sometimes we get one or two boxes for somebody else on our skid, but today, for the first time I can remember in the last 8 years, we got the wrong skid! At this time, both my other drivers were there, so I sent them to re-packing everything while I went to make some phone calls. When our skid was finally tracked down, we were told that their truck would be re-dispatched to pick it up and deliver it, in 2 hours!!!! So we sent our drivers to go pick it up instead. Then they discovered that the van they took had the steel straps in both front tires exposed. Talk about bald tires! So then that driver got to sit around while we located new tires that could be installed immediately. Once he was on his way, the phones started ringing relentlessly, which would have been a good thing, if they were all orders, but most of them were just stupid people playing the role of stupid people. But I survived! Tomorrow and next week one of my bosses is on vacation, AGAIN, so I get to work late, hooray.

...........can't seem to think of anything else to write right now.

I guess that means I should stop blogging/bitching, and watch whatever I missed on TV last night before going to bed. Love to all who deserve it, and even for some who might not :)

Monday, 17 November 2008

Monday Okay...

...so far.....

It's been an alright day. Granted I'm in between job shifts right now, but so far so good. It was just busy enough to make time fly at job 1, but not crazy busy giving me a headache! I called my favorite lunch place, and they actually had broccoli cheese soup today!!! I like broccoli cheese soup a lot. When I went to get gas during my lunch run, I got fuel for only $2.21 (premium grade), got almost eleven gallons for $21.34, it was amazing! Then I noticed that somehow my passenger side mirror had been knocked inwards, but, upon closer inspection I'm wearing loafers...I mean there was no damage or scratch, so yay again. Then I got my lunch and headed back to the office. The soup was good! When I got home from work there was another box from my bank in my mailbox. I thought this was strange as I have already received my new checks. What it turned out to be though was a box of deposit slip only books. I had requested those, but any time in the past that I've asked, I was always told that that wasn't possible. It is possible now, YAY! To top all of that, my underwear was sitting on the bench just inside the main door. SUPER YAY!!! For all of you scratching your heads, I'll just say that the was a laundry conspiracy this weekend. My boxers are safe and sound, and back in my possession! Now I'm going to watch Cops and then shave off my creepy mustache before going to work again. Hopefully it will be a lucrative night to follow up the pattern of good things on this Monday!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

What ever happened to tips?

A Low Straight

Another Thursday night slinging pizzas, and yet again 2 out of 5 people failed to comprehend the concept of tipping the person (me) who drove their food to their houses in the rain and dark so that they didn't have to bother! Oh well, the other 3 deliveries were to people that know how it works. One guy only had singles, for a $27 order. He apologized, and explained that he was paying me with the tips he made at some bar earlier today, and he gave me a $6 tip (in singles, ha ha). That's how it's supposed to work people! The delivery charge you pay doesn't all make it to my pocket. The portion we get kinda sorta almost pays for some of the gas we use to bring you food! So there!

Okay, I feel a bit better now.

I like the new Carmax commercials. I just saw the most recent one, the one when the last part is the guy getting into some domestic car, and it tells him to "get out", "no seriously, get out" in a demonic voice (I should have been the one to voice that car damnit!!) I still get told by all the new people I see in Mundelien, that I should do voice work. Which is slightly better than saying "wow, you have a deep voice". I do? Really? I can't hear myself speak, so I never knew!

Oh, TJ, about your comment on Lisa's recent blog, and the security spelling, deterz. I was once ticketed by a cop that was trying to belittle me, and telling me that I was to stupid to have graduated from high school. It's a long story, but he kept calling me stupid, yet he misspelled disperse when he wrote the ticket for failure to "dispese" As pissed as I was, and seem to be becoming again, I still had to laugh at that one. Even though I had to walk home because while he had me cuffed and in the back of his car, he had another cop run over my skateboard when he was pulling away. On the plus side, the cop who had arrested me got kicked off the Prospect Heights PD, transferred to the Palatine PD, and then to the Arlington Heights PD before he finally had his badge revoked altogether, for harassment complaints no less. Silver lining anyone?

On that note, I'm going to catch up on some missed TV before I go to bed. I hope y'all have a great day tomorrow! Peace, Love, Good Music and Good Meals to all!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Best Town Ever...?

Alright, so it wasn't voted "best" city. But some survey thinks that the northwestern Chicago suburb Mount Prospect is the best place to raise a family. I was slightly flabbergasted to hear this on WGN radio just after eating lunch today. How did this happen? I'm not trying to bash Mt Prospect, I mean I grew up there and all. The newer downtown area has been "upgraded" since then. The Library is nicer after that got renovated (they still don't have nearly as many chairs as they used to though), in a good way. I miss that library from the 80's and 90's, when they had reading and study areas, that were well planned out and comfortable. Then they eventually accumulated so many books that they put in more shelves and removed said reading areas. That was a sad day indeed. However, best town to raise a family? It should be said that there are many schools, even the dreaded Middle School phenomenon. But there wasn't any other town somewhere else in this massive country that could out rank Mt Prospect? I'll admit however, I feel kinda proud about this. Not that I've lived there is a few years, but come on, it was my home town for the majority of my life to date. Maybe I should take a drive back there and check out what it's all about these days.

I worked 14 hours today, and I'm tired now.

Sleep I must,


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Holy Sweet Mother of AAARRRGGG!!!

Unbelievable!!! I got home from work at 9:45 p.m.. I turned on the boob tube, tuned it to WTTW Chicago Channel 11. The picture was clear, no scrambling, no blips, no audio goofs, just solid streaming imagery. Then 10 p.m. rolled around, and Doctor Who came on. Then the reception went to crap!!! This is so bloody annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one good show on on a Saturday night, and I can't even watch it without transmission interruptions!!! AAARRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get cable back, pronto! However they always run your credit record, and I fear that I'll be denied for cable, even if I can afford it again. Damn, damn...double damn!

P.S. How odd, I just ran spell check, it didn't like my spelling of AAARRRGGGG, and the suggestion for it was "crackerjack" ???

Friday, 7 November 2008


It's Friday!!! Oh, wait, I have not a lot to get excited about. I got to sleep til noon again, because I was up until almost 3 playing one round of Civilization last night. Then I shuffled around a bit, and then waited until I had to go to work tonight. Work kinda sucked. Nobody was in a tipping mood. Well I shouldn't say nobody, the last delivery made up for the first 4 (who didn't tip me at all, those bastards), because the guy handed me two twenties, for a $29 order and said "It's all yours", so of course I thanked him with a big smile. Then I got sent home an hour early, again. I know they want to "save money", but two hours at my pay rate is only $9.30, so I don't think they're rolling in the big dough by doing that!

Now I'm sitting at home blogging, obviously, and wishing there was somebody I could call to hang out with. But there isn't. My neighbor still isn't talking to me, however she was going out to her car yesterday afternoon, and turned around to look at my window. Baby steps, maybe? Whatever. Brent is at home, but he lives bloody far, and I don't want to drive out there now, just to drive home a hour later. George is in Spain again for the rest of the month, so that's out. Monica said I could hang out with her boyfriend at a local bar, but for some odd reason, I'm not quite down with that suggestion. And that's really all my options, or non-options if you will. And Marley is being his cranky self tonight, so boo :( I guess I'll just surf the web for a bit, maybe see if there's anything on TV (yeah right, like there ever is on a Friday night), and possibly play a little Final Fantasy VII. I have a habit of playing that game every time I move someplace new. I've been in this apartment for a few months now, but I hadn't started playing it until a couple days ago. Maybe that's because when I moved I only moved down the hall, and not to a new building all together.

I hope you all have a good night! Love to those who deserve it, and patience to all that need it! Peace out y'all! On a side note, I didn't mistype anything in this blog! Yay me!!!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

A Rainy Thursday

So I haven't blogged in a couple days, oh well. I had a fairly lazy birthday, so that was nice. Nobody from worked called to wish me a happy one, shocking. I've been trying to just laze around and get rid of this stupid cold. I hate being sick! Of course the cough will linger for a while as I'm a smoker and that never helps. But I am feeling mostly better at any rate. I did have to work last night, but only for a couple of hours, so it wasn't too bad, and the tips were alright too, yay! I kinda wish I had this week off at Dominos too, as it doesn't feel like much of a vacation when I have to sit around waiting to go to um, work... Alas, I still gotta do what I gotta do. I am thinking of seeing if a local place, Emil's, is hiring any drivers. At least there I wouldn't have to use a car topper, I think I'd get paid more hourly, and I could wear my own clothes!!!

I bought a pack of AA batteries, Duracell of course. It had a little thing inside to enter to win a Nintendo Wii. I figured "hey, why not?" So I entered the code. Now Duracell won't stop sending me emails, asking if I have any more codes to enter. How many batteries do they think the average consumer goes through daily? Maybe I don't use enough of them? Silly me! The two high output hand held devices that use a lot of juice are my phone, which Duracell doesn't make a battery for, and my PS3 controller which is charged by my PS3, so no battery needed there. I have a lot of remote controls, 8 to be precise, but those batteries all seem to last a REALLY long time, so sorry Duracell, I don't have any more codes to enter!!!

Speaking of gaming, I got a version of Civilization for the PS3, and I tried it for the first time ever yesterday. I've seen various editions played on other peoples computers for years, but I was a Civ Virgin until last night. I whooped ass at it! Okay, so I played the easiest level, but hey, I still felt good about it. I guess I have Brent to thank for that one. All those hours sitting there watching him play all the predecessor versions. It's possible I picked up a trick or two from him. Thanks a lot Brent. To think all those hours were wasted ones, hee hee.

As this post's title suggests, it's a rainy day today. I so just want to watch movies and play games all day. However, I have to go to work in a few hours, so I think I'll get in one round of Civilization Revolution before I go. I hope you're all having a great day!

Monday, 3 November 2008

A good weekend

Hello again! I was up in Wisconsin this weekend spending time with my family, in recognition of my birthday. Unfortunately this year my birthday is on election day. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I'm really not happy about that. Oh well. I had a good weekend! it was nice to see my parents for the first time in a while, as well as my sister on Sunday, and TJ, it was good to see you too. We all had dinner together last night, and fun was had by all! I did however feel the little tickle in the back of my throat all weekend, of an oncoming cold. Late last night it hit in full furvor, and today hasn't been much better. My nose is currently being employed as a sneezing factory, and my lungs don't feel much better. However, I took a different route home today, and it was AWESOME! I am so glad I didn't take 41 South for more than a couple of miles! I saw some beautiful sights, some towns I'd heard of, but never seen before, and was over all taken by the awesomeness of the drive! I had my camera on the seat next to me, but I was so wrapped up in the wonder that was the winding roads through rolling hills set alight in amazing shades of reds and yellows and even a dash of green still hanging on. It made my cold seem petty, at least for a little while anyway! When i finally did get home, and unpacked my car, I called work to see if somebody else could cover for me tonight. Usually on Monday nights, when I close the store with Monica, it's just the two of us. Well I'm certainly not handling any food tonight. I was told that I would get a call if they could find somebody to cover, but it's now 3:30, and my phone hasn't started ringing yet. So I suppose I'll take a shower, not that it'll make me feel better, just smell a little better, and then get ready for work, boo!

Thanks to family and friends for a great weekend! Love to you all! I hope you all had a fantastic day today! Until next time, peace out y'all!!!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Merry Samhain to all, and to all a good year!

Most of you know this holiday as Halloween. That's fine. Most don't know it's origins, and that's a shame. Some who think they know, are grossly mistaken, for shame. Essentially what it is, however, is a Pagan new years. It celebrates the end of the harvest season for the year. It should be celebrated by all the towns folk bringing in all the left overs from the last day of harvesting, all that which won't be cured to last all winter, and gathering for one big block party. Celebrating the ones we've lost in the last year, and allowing them to come back for one last evening is they so choose. Singing and dancing is a must, and paying homage to Samhain, and asking for a moderate winter season. You can all thank the Catholic church for screwing up that tradition, and making it all about devil worship, and demon pacts and all that nonsense. Stupid, ignorant, scared and undereducated people, those bastards! Anyway, I couldn't do what I have done a few times for this wonderful season, which is take something of a pilgrimage out to Salem, Mass. and take part in the gathering that those wonderful people have each year, talk about a giant block party. All the food vendors bring shop outside, and not slim pickings either, full course meals to boot. All the stores bring their wares out, and there is music coming from speakers in the street. Let the celebration commence! It's a wonderfully good time. This year, I was delivering pizza to the masses, but not partaking in any kind of feast with friends or family :( No dancing, but at least I have music.

I did take a scrap of free time today, and sat at pondered this last year. A whole lot went down. I asked for Blake hang out with Lisa on this day. I'm not sure if he heard me, or if he poked her in the ribs. I guess I will find out tomorrow though!

I'm going to watch last nights episode of CSI now, have a couple beers and then think about getting some sleep! Mom, I think I'll be up tomorrow afternoon. I have to do laundry before I leave tomorrow. Also my friend George wants to hand out for a bit in the morning, as he is leaving for Italy for a couple months once again, on Sunday. I'll let you know what time I should be expected to arrive though!

I love you all, and to all a good night, and a good winter! Until next time, peace out y'all!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Oh what a night...

...late October now in 2008, what a slightly special night for me...

Okay, no parody here...

It was a good night at Dominos, not only did I take enough in tips to purchase a full tank of gas before heading up north, but I'll be able to get some Pepsi for the trip too! I'm not sure just how crazy it's going to be tomorrow night. I keep getting told that Halloween one of the busiest nights of the year. We'll see about that. I don't seem to remember a tradition of ordering pizza on this particular holiday, hmmm. For the drivers, however, it's always fun dodging kids in the dark while said kids don get ups of dark materials, ever so easy to see when it's dark out, and the closest street light is three blocks away (which also makes seeing address's rather difficult as well. Doesn't anybody know how to put a light next to the address, or better yet on their mailboxes?) Sheesh.....

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of taking my uniform to my first job, then change when I'm done there, and go directly to Dominos, yipee. That'll be loads of fun! But the next day, I get a mini road trip. I'm considering taking a route I haven't taken before, just to mix it up a little. Driving on 41 the whole way gets a little old after doing it for so long now. Can you tell yet just how badly I need a road trip?

It's now just about 11 pm, and I should go to bed soon, to prepare for my long day tomorrow. However I think I'll see if there's anything to watch first. I hope you all had a good night. Hey Booger Brain, I love you. Peace out y'all!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hi There...

The last couple of days have been fun. Yesterday was my one day off this week, at Dominos anyway. I help my driver, Jorge (from my full time job), install some furniture at a rather large customer of ours. I got to the building, and he was already there. As soon as I walked out of the dock, and towards the service elevator, a rather annoying alarm started gong off, and lights started flashing. Next thing I know the security guard walked around the corner from the main foyer and greeted me with "You have to get out of the building, now. You can't make any deliveries." I still didn't see Jorge, so I made my way outside with the rest of the herd. It took about half an hour before the alarm was turned off. I spent the intervening time sitting in my car, listening to my stereo, and wondering what the hell was going on. Jorge, who I did get a hold of, went out to make a couple of local stops, and then come back. Turns out it was a fire drill. Oh joy for all! Anyway, then we busted our asses moving all kinds of heavy furniture around. More thrills! I found out later, after everything was long said and done, that these people ordered the wrong furniture, yay. Later that day, I got an email from facebook, reminding me that my birthday is coming up...no shit...

Today was a bit better. I had nothing to do with the furniture swap out. Hooray me! I didn't get any email notifying me of the anniversary of my birth date. Speaking of, I'm going to be 29 and that got me thinking of late, other than the obvious, is that people in my generation, and the tail end of this generations predecessor have really experienced the birth of a new level of socialization. We went from book reading, game playing, private problems and blissful ignorance of what the rest of the world was up to besides what the limited media informed us of. Now we have instant access almost anywhere at any time, to everything that we the people can come up with. It's really quite a fascinating thing.

I digress, I worked at Dominos tonight, and made enough in tips to put a little gas in my car, and get some lunch tomorrow. I can't wait for Saturday to arrive. Mini road trip for me! Destination, good home cooked foods! All to celebrate election day, a couple days early. On Tuesday I don't plan to watch or listen to any live feed media. Call me crazy, but I can wait until the next day to find out who will take the big office in February. This has been one wild ride of an electoral year so far, and frankly I'm annoyed by it to be sure! Are any of you planning on staying up late to find out who got the most votes?

I'm going to catch up with a couple of shows now. I hope you all have a great night! And now for something new...

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Just Restless

Hey y'all

It's Sunday night, and I kinda want to go to bed, but it's only a little after 9 pm, and I just can't seem to get myself to go to bed yet. My mind is still racing around, with no destination or end in the foreseeable future, as per usual. So instead I'm just sitting here writing another somewhat pointless blog, and listening to music to try and ease the loneliness (even though it doesn't help much, but hey, I still love music!)

At least I had a proper Lazy Sunday! I made decent tips last night, so I went to the store, and got the ingredients that I lacked, and made chili, and it was damn good chili too! In the interim between prepping the chili, and the final hour of cooking, I watched a movie, took a nap, and then I watched another movie! Ahh, Lazy Sundays, nothing much better, if you can pull them off just right. So even though I'm kinda restless right now, at least I feel somewhat more relaxed than I have in a while. I did just text message my "boss" though, and although she responded, and it set off some endorphins, I must remember that she lives with her boyfriend, and I mustn't interfere with that. Stupid attractions! It's enough to drive one crazy!

I'm looking forward to next weekend already. I'll be driving up to see my family. I haven't seen them in what feels like forever! Coming up with the gas money to get there and back and still work two jobs might be an issue, although I hope to make some good tips at my second job this week, and be able to afford to make the round trip with no worries. Oh how I miss my TDI! I would be able to make it there and back, approximately a 344 mile trip, on a half a tank. In my current car, that's a full tank of fuel spent. And although gas prices fell considerably last week, who knows what they will be next Friday night, or Saturday morning?

Now I'm at a loss for words, so I think it's time to stop blogging. I know that most blogs are about meaningful, single topic things. And that my blog is more of an online journal, but hey, any little thing to keep me somewhat sane is a good thing right now.

To all a good night, and good dreams! I hope everybody with good and proper intentions has a great day tomorrow! Peace out y'all!

Silly Me, again...

I was wrong, it IS actually "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody..." I'd like to thank an "old" person for pointing that out to me... Don't I feel sheepish :)

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody...

Okay, so the lyrics are for Friday night, but hey, it's Saturday, and the principle is the same, so there, thbbbth... I could continue with the lyrics, but I think that if you know the song, you know the lyrics well enough too, so I'll spare you. Well work went better tonight than it did last night. First off, I worked the entire shift, and then some, and I made much better tips, yay! But then something horrible happened. I got home in time to watch Doctor Who, and my antenna, which normally gets WTTW in pretty well, decided tonight was a good night to cause me to swear out loud to myself for not getting much of a signal! During one of the best episodes, Satan Pit (part 2)! I couldn't believe it! See, I told you it was horrible. I can't wait for the day that I can afford a cable bill again. Now that the whole of network TV broadcasts are supposed to be digital, my reception, with a digital antenna, and a digital converter box, has gotten considerably worse. Maybe it's just that really "high tech" things and me don't get along so well... Most days I'm amazed my cell phone works. Anyway, back to the title of this post, I have started fully talking to myself, and out loud at that. Not cool, not cool at all. I need somebody to start talking back to me, before I start taking care of that myself too...

Well, none of the TV channels seem to be coming in tonight, so I think I'm just gonna hang out online for a little bit, then get some reading in before I hit the sack. I hope you all have/had a good night! Until next time, peace and good dreams!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What a whacky Tuesday

What a hell of a last 36 hours or so! First, yesterday, I was driving home between jobs, and I got a whole series of scathing text messages from my neighbor. On Sunday, she'd stopped by, before heading to meet her "boyfriend" at a birthday party. She just bitched about what he'd been like the last few days, and how she was confused, and asked what she should do, and so on. Well, after all she told me, she still decided it would be a good idea to go to the party anyway. After she left, I went onto Facebook, and updated my "what am I doing now" status. I wrote this, "I'm tired of my neighbor coming over to bitch about her messed up relationship with her boyfriend, and me playing the consultant." That was it. Well she read that yesterday, and flipped the bleep out!!! I got soooo many texts from her, just ripping me a new one. I tried to chill her a out a little bit, but she'd have none of that! Her anger just kept escalating. Then she wrapped the whole thing up with "Grow up Dave." I responded, simply, with "Wow." Yeah, she's younger than me, and she was the one flipping the fuck out over one sentence that didn't mention names or details, and the only person who would know who I talking about with said sentence, was out other neighbor. But hey, I somehow managed to publicly humiliate her none the less. Go figure, I guess I'm just a giant childish jackass after all, right? Then, to follow that fun filled intermission between jobs, my second job was slower than slow can be! And I had to close too. Sure, i enjoyed the time with Monica, but the work was not so much fun.

Then, this morning, I checked my bank account before work, but after breakfast, and to my surprise, I was $117 overdrawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the money games that banks play???!!! I mean, really, I knew I'd be overdrawn, but damn! They took transactions that had cleared last a week and a half ago, and "uncleared" them, and then put them back once I was overdrawn by about $2. How messed up is that, and when i talked to them today, I was told that it was my own fault, and that I should keep better track of my money... I hate banks. Then job number one was not to thrilling. Domino's was a mad house between 6:30 and 8:30, and the manager, not Monica, had gone home for a couple hours, and the other driver had done the same. Go figure. Then, after everything was taken care of, and I did the job of three other people, taking orders, serving people, ringing them up (which technically I'm not supposed to do), and so on, once all the madness was over, the owner, Steve, came in. I made the mistake of telling him that I had taught myself how to answer the phones, and take an order, oops... Pop quiz time, crap, I don't have the specials memorized. He seemed impressed anyway, and he gave me pointers, and was generally cool. Yay me! So I had a good end to my working day, and that is always a good thing!

Lisa, it was great to see that you posted something! I love you!

Mom, you'll probably read this while we're chatting in the morning, so I'll talk with you then, and I love you too!

To everyone else, good night and good dreams!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday Lazy Sunday...

Here it is Sunday, and I am trying to be lazy, but have yet to properly achieve lazy status. I'm almost there though! Let's see, first I woke up earlier than I was expecting to. Or, more accurately, I was woken up. Jenny called me at about 9:30 this morning, just to see how I as doing, and make sure I was okay. Oddly enough, I have become comfortable getting those phone calls from her. I guess that just means that enough time has passed for my mind to stop telling my synapse's' to fire off signals of "DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE OR I'LL MAKE YOUR DAY HELL!!!", and now they just say, "hey somebody, other than family and money vampires, cares enough to call!" After we hung up, I went to the washroom, then back into bed. I didn't really want to sleep again, but I also didn't want to start the day proper just yet, so I picked up the book on my bedside table. I hadn't gotten two pages into a new chapter when my phone rang again. It was a money vampire, go figure. This time though, after I was informed that the people that were calling me were too busy to talk right now, and to hold on, I didn't swear up a storm at the person (as is usual protocol for me these days when they call), and I actually explained why I didn't, can't, and won't be making the absurd payment they want, for several months. That was enough to get me out of bed, after finishing the chapter I was reading that is...

I wanted so bad to go out and let somebody else cook me breakfast this morning. The thought of going alone once again though was enough to deter me from doing such a thing. So I settled for a bowl of cereal, and some juice. Not nearly as satisfying as some eggs and bacon and toast, but cheaper. Just as lonely, but hey, at least I didn't have to tip myself, or my fridge! After eating, I called my parents house, and my Dad heard AND answered the phone! I talked with him for a while, and then went to rent a movie. Most people would spend this sunday watching crappy american football (there is a good band with that name, minus the "crappy" part :) I asked the guy at Family Video why they never carried Lewis Black in there stand-up section, and he told me that they just got "Root Of All Evil" in, and was in the new releases section. YAY!!! When I'm done blogging here, and I go gather my laundry from the laundry drying thingies in the basement (where I have to duck to do my laundry:( ), I am going to settle in, and watch it, officially beginning my Lazy Sunday!

Lisa, you haven't posted in a bit, I keeps checking, and yet there is nothing. I know you're feeling a bit blah for obvious reasons, but a little shout out to your peeps would be nice! Love ya!

Mom, you can do it, you can do it, YOU CAN! I love you too!

To everybody else, good day and good luck!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Thursday night off...

It's Thursday night, and I'm not working...odd. Okay, so I've only been working for Dominos for about a month now, but it still feels strange not to be working right now. I'm not really bitching, but the tips would be handy. I did have an interesting day at job #1 today though. As you know, I've been driving my old route at work this week. Today I was privy to a truck engine explosion, down in Downers Grove. That only held me up for a little less than an hour, stuck on an off ramp with nothing to do but watch the craziness (as none of the other drivers on the off ramp could go anywhere at all...) I met a couple of customers that I'd only ever talked to on the phone before today. One of them was a total cutie, so that was nice. Sue me, I've been single for two years, and I have not had so much as a date in that long either... Hell, Monica grabbed my shirt in a demonstration of an event she'd recently had, and I almost thought it was a "come on", how sad is that??? (or desperate, even worse...)

So yesterday I saw a photo of a lion perched on the back of a horse, and the horse was running a track in a circus in southern China. It was a bizarre photo for me to see. I brought it up to my boss Matt this morning, and he said I was, in so many words, stupid, because tigers ride on the backs of horses all the time at the circus. I went to the circus for many years on my birthday, when I was a hyperactive little punk, and although the clowns kinda scared me, I remember most of the rest of the experiences, and I don't recall ever seeing a tiger riding a horse...am I crazy? Maybe blocking out a memory that I needn't? Or is my boss crazy? He also made it sound like he had to do a whole lotta work in my warehouse to make room for a new skid of copy paper we got this morning. Yeah, he moved 1, count 'em 1 case of paper, and the skid it was on too. Ooh, soooo hard to do. Oh the things I wanted to say to him about sensationalizing things so dramatically, but as I think I may get fired soon, and I don't know what I'd do if/when that happens, I bit my tongue and scowled to myself. I hate my job. Whoops, did I just say that out loud? yes, yes I did. I hate my stupid bloody job. It's so damn repetitive, and I can't stand it. I try to be proactive, and I get shit, I be complacent and I get shit, somebody else does something stupid and I take the shit for it. But what can I do without a degree in something, when what I want to do doesn't take a degree, but my stupid spine is all messed up? And the job I have offers freedoms that most office jobs don't, and I still hate it?! If delivering pizzas offered more money per hour (not including tips) I would take that up full time, but that isn't an option.

Maybe I should just say "screw everything", and pick up and move somewhere cheaper to live. But wait, I have too many bills to do such a thing. Or, I could find a girlfriend, or at the very least, a roommate, but as I have no money to ever go out and do anything to meet people, I guess that won't happen terribly soon either. I wish i could stop blogging about my woes so often, but, I write about what I know, and this is what I have known for a while now, so damn.

I wish i had something happy to end this with, but, I can't think of much at the moment. Hey, Fall is officially here, YAY!!! It was sunny today! Um...okay, that's all I've got. I guess I'll take what I can.

Peace out y'all! Until I blog again I wish you all a great day, and a great night!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What ? part 2

Let me start off by bitching about "big brother" creeping into every little aspect of our lives, and nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it. Red Light Cameras, thumb print payments at the grocery store, government spyware (like we really believe that they don't use spyware), the DMV sending all your info to the feds (even though you have to have documentation of proof of citizenship to get an ID, so why do the feds need that info again anyway? and don't try telling me that the feds aren't aware of the people crossing our borders with not-so-nice intentions.) Digital conversion boxes for broadcast tv (digital receivers can be tracked to intimately private locations.) Camera "sensors" at controlled and lighted street intersections to "know when there's a car approaching" (I'm sorry, but when I'm the only one on a road, and there is no cross traffic, why would such a sensor turn my light to red? Pictures much??!) "No Call" lists mean nothing anymore, I get spam crap on my cell phone. Not right!... (It's the only phone I have, and I've registered it on every no-call list to date...) Etc...

To paraphrase Mambo #9 "a little bit of big bro in my life, a little bit of socialism on my right, a little bit of communism on my left, a little..." lack of freedom wrapped in smoke...let's all dance now...on our way to get rid of the defunct an inadequate people running every little faction of our individual lives. Every last one of them I used to think that Pink Floyd"s "The Wall" was just a great rebellious album that stoner teenagers listened to, and later in life that it made sense to listen to it in a nostalgic manner. Nowadays it seems all too clear that they were on to something quite significant in our current state of so-called democracy in this brave new world of freedom. Free? Really? I, um, wait...wait, oh, but um...war is...we're fighting to keep our independence...um, wait...hold on, let me wrap my mind around this...ow....................... I have many memories of many men telling me that if they hadn't fought for us, we'd all be speaking German...when did the Germans all become Spanish?

To worked up to continue, as I'm not a public speaker, and only a few read this anyway. Goodnight, and good luck!

Monday, 13 October 2008

What a Monday Indeed

What an incredibly slow Monday! I didn't think 11 pm would ever arrive! Job one was DEAD!!! I'm filling in for my driver Jorge this week, so technically speaking I'm working three jobs all week. Driving the route at job 1, then doing all my regular duties at job 1, then driving again for job 2 (3). yay... Work was dead at job 2 tonight as well. It was a strange flipflop for the drivers. Usually the day driver has 3 deliveries, and I get eight or nine, but today it was the exact opposite. Monica kept making sure the phones were working, and lo and behold, they were... Where was everybody? Maybe they were all channeling the spirits of the people sailing with Columbus, all hungry and broke (but hopefully they weren't as smelly). Oh well, I get to do it all over again tomorrow, but at least I don't have to close the store then! I think I'm gonna cut this one short tonight, and watch some shitty network tv (of which I only get about 3 out of the 25 "digital" channels) until my mind is as tired as my body.

Love and Peace to all of you!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Another night with the Pizzas

Well tonight went alright, all things considered. It would have been nice during the 6-8 rush, if the late day driver hadn't walked off the job in the middle of his shift! Leaving just me and Stan to cover everything! But hey, my tip count was the highest it's been so far (although my highest tip night is still held at Gino's, when i took home $83 in tips), so I can't complain too much...

On one of my first double delivery runs, two deer were keeping pace with my car on a side street, around a bend and everything, and at only about a distance of 5 feet from my passenger side door. That was an AWESOME sight to see! After that delivery, i got to the second half of that run, and a whole gaggle of children cheered when I showed up, and then gave me a very loud standing ovation when I was walking back down the driveway! Then, one of the girls, maybe about 13 or 14 asked me if my car "was mine?" I of course told her it was, and she said "That's a Pimp My Ride car, isn't it?" I got a kick outta that, and jokingly said yes, yes it is...kinda :) Then, skipping everything in the middle of the evening, on my last run, was a rare one indeed. Very rare, and I'll tell you why. First off, for the first time I can ever remember, I made all of the stop lights between Rte. 45 (aka Lake St.), and Rte. 21 (aka Milwaukee Ave), including the light at 21, and the light just south of 21, on my way to Indigo Hotel. Anybody who has ever driven that way (east or west) knows just how incredibly rare that is! I've driven that way in the middle of the night, when I was the only driver on the road, and hadn't pulled that one off until tonight, so YAY! Then I got to the hotel. On the way to the elevators, you walk kinda "through" the bar on the first floor. When I got into the elevator, I heard a woman yell "wait! hold the elevator!" So I did. It was a rather attractive 30 something woman, holding a beer. She was going up to the 6th floor, I was only going to the 5th. Anyway, she hit on me the whole way up. Another rarity for me. I never get hit on, so yay me again! Then after completing my delivery on the 5th floor, two 50 something women got in the car, and they hit on me the whole way down...that was kinda weird, but hey, no need for me to be rude, right? When I got back to the store, and shared my experience with everybody, they all told me I should buy a lottery ticket, so I did, but it seems my luck had already run out by then... Oh well...

Well now I'm home, as you might have guessed, as I am posting this here blog :) I'm gonna have a few beers, watch some crappy late night tv, and revel in the fact that I can sleep all the way through tomorrow if I want to, because I DON'T have to WORK, YAY ME!!! I won't sleep all day, but maybe til around noon, as I have to return a rented movie anyway. In any case, I'm going to stop typing now. I hope you all have/had a good night, and I love some of y'all! Peace out, and good night!

P.S. I typed all of that, and the only thing I misspelled was "passenger" (passanger, oops)

Friday Night Wishes and Ramblings

Another Friday night alone. I am so tired of these nights. Not tired for lack of sleep, although I am lacking "sleepful" nights, but more along the lines of being tired for lack of companionship.

Mom, if you're reading this, I am about to talk about drinking, so you might want to stop reading here. Lisa, if you're reading this, you know how I feel, probably amplified by about 10,000.

I had a decent Friday night at work. One guy gave me a $15 tip. I should preface that by telling you that the driveway was packed with tricked out cars, and I think that might have something to do with the tip. For those who don't know, my car ain't exactly "stock". He asked me what kind of tip I wanted. I told him that that was completely up to him, and I had no say. He asked again, and I told him again that it was his choice. Then I told him that some people give me no tip, and in the last week I got a 1 cent tip, and one exact change delivery, again. So whatever prompted him to give me $15, I don't know, but I say THANKYOU! Not that I expect that kind of tip for slinging pizzas', but I didn't mind all that much (except for a little guilt, not sure why). Then there was always my attraction to my manager, maybe one day that will fade, but today is not that day.

Now for post work speak. I wanted soooo desperately to have somebody to call to join me for a drink at a local bar. I was damn near despondent, I could barely try to explain to Monica how I felt, without talking her ear off. But why would I do that to a woman who seems perfectly happy with her relationship with her boyfriend? I wouldn't, that's why. When i got in my car, I rifled through my phone, for digits that would get me trough to anybody awake and willing to go out with me. I found jack shit. When I finally arrived back at my apartment, I knocked on my neighbor Erin's door, just trying to have a drinking buddy. However, she was waiting for a friend who'd had a rough night to come spend the night. So all we did was go outside for a smoke. Not quite the same. Smoking a cig only takes a short few minutes, and that simply amounts to bs small talk. No help there. I kinda want a drinking buddy again. I know I shouldn't drink so much. However, having two jobs again has certainly quelled that bad habit, and it's now Friday night, and all I want is somebody(s) to go out or sit in with, and have a few drinks together, get the week off our chests, and have a jolly good time. But here I am, posting a blog about it, alone, once again. I know when, where, and even venture a guess at why I lack the skills/drive to go out and meet new people. It's something I try to change, but the fact of the matter is that I feel like my friend Brent, in that there seems to be nobody to; a. actually listen to me when I ramble, b. batches fewer to understand what I mean when I do, c. care all that much either. I guess that's why I write such long blogs. I don't apologize for them being so long. I need to get things off my chest from time to time. It would be ever so much better if I had somebody to listen to me face to face, you know? Companionship when I need it, not just when it's available.

I digress. You want to hear some crap about insurance? Here goes... So I switched over to a different insurance company today, during job #1, and then called my previous carrier to cancel that policy. When I called the previous provider, I was informed that with my driving record, and the duration that i was with them, I had gained a status of Accident Forgiveness. Funny thing there, they never told me that before... Then I was told that it would take four years with any new insurance issuer to grant me that, as long as in the next four years my record remained spotless. Go fucking figure. But I had to do it for job #2. Fu#%!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy sweet mother of loneliness do I feel single! I miss having someone to get up before, offering me the chance to kiss them on the cheek and wish them a good day before I leave. I miss knowing that there will be a loved one coming through the door and saying "hello" or, "hey there, I missed you", etc... Hell, part of me almost misses somebody getting home and merely complaining about how shitty her day was. I guess it's entirely my fault that i don't try harder to meet somebody new. The women I meet are always taken, or totally psycho for that matter. Sometimes both!!! :)

I could go on for so much longer, as my mind is racing like a puma on crack, but I have had a few beers now, and it's getting harder for me to remember what I am typing versus what I am thinking. So I guess I'll give my fingers a break, and go back to giving them the job of holding a can, and then raising them to almost quench my thirst. On that note, I hope you all have a good day! I love some of you, and currently feel rather indifferent about the rest of you. Peace out y'all!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Working a night scheduled off...

It's Thursday, and I wasn't supposed to work tonight. I discovered this on Monday, and questioned Monica (my favorite manager) about it. She told me that the computer makes the initial schedule, per "corporates" rules. It would seem that they only wanted me to work 15 hours this week. Though it was nice to get two nights off in a row, only working 15 hours in a week at a whopping rate of $4.65 an hour doesn't amount to much. Especially when almost nobody knows how to tip you. Anyway, when I talked with Monica on Monday, she said I could come in tonight, and wrote it in for me :) What can I say, not only do I want the hours, and the measley tips, but it's also nice to work with her... When I arrived in the parking lot and exited my car, one of the other drivers, Stan, approached me. He had worked the day shift, and had a grand total of 4 deliveries, and made a whole $6 in tips. Poor guy. When I went in, I walked back to see how many hours Monica had written in for me. That's when I met the "new" driver, Vladamir. Strange guy, who stands too close when he talks to you, smells odd, has a difficult accent to figure out, has oddly gray eyes and is of an indeterminate age..... Who in their right mind, in the last two centuries, names their kid Vladimir???!! Assuming I don't go missing mysteriously, I will keep you all updated on what I learn about him, if any of it is pertinent anyway...

Work did go surprisingly well though, after the first hour and a half of deadness. I only had four deliveries myself, but I did pull in $22 in tips, so hey, I can't really complain. And I got to hang out with Monica for the first time since Monday. I can't help it, she is cool as hell, has a sense of humor, understands sarcasm, and is a good manager to boot. She's cute as heck as well... Go figure though, she has a boyfriend, and she lives with him. Why can't I meet anybody like her, that isn't in a steady relationship already???!! I mean seriously, come on! I haven't done anything all that wrong in several years, any accumulated bad karma should have dissipated by now. Maybe the forces that are, really do have it in for me after all...

Or maybe I just need to get out more...

Hey Booger Brain, I won't be able to meet Dad at the train fest in Milwaukee, or you, if you're accompanying him. I have to work. Sorry!!! I will be coming up the weekend before my birthday though, so I hope to see you then! Mom, the same goes for you! Let me know your work schedule for that weekend, please. Dad, if you read this, HI! I hope you're doing well, and I'll talk with you soon! Insert family hug here [ ]

It's now 11:18 pm, and I have to work dark and early in the morning. Is it me, or does November 2nd seem rather late for daylight savings time to end? Anyway, it hasn't ended yet, and it will be dark and early when I have to wake up tomorrow, so I will close this blog now. To all I know and allow into my mind, I love you! To those who I feel somewhat indifferent about, well it's up to you to change that. To those I dislike, maybe you should try acceptance and patience once in a while...

Peace out y'all!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

I was only supposed to work until 10 last night. That didn't work out so well. You see, one of our other drivers was sent home by the owners because he hadn't switched his car insurance carrier yet. Unfortunately, I have the same insurance company as him. However, the owners don't know that I haven't switched yet either. The reality of the matter is that I don't have the money to switch insurance providers yet. I digress... So I worked until 12:15 last night. That kinda sucked. It was good for the tips (more or less), but still, I ran out of gas again last night. On my way home from work. Well, I didn't actually run outta gas, but the light came on again, followed by that pleasant "ding", just to let me know.

Yesterday, before work (alternately: all my troubles seemed so far away...) I was watching some clips from Top Gear, a BBC production that I like. One segment was about a 2007 Audi A8 Turbo Diesel. The "challenge" was to see if it could go 800 km (approximately 650 miles) on one tank of gas (18 gallons). It did. I wasn't at all surprised by this, because I once got 720 miles on one tank of diesel in my last car, a 2004 VW Jetta TDI, while on a solo road trip out to Salem, Mass.. What the segment of Top Gear did, though, was make me miss my last car something fierce! I want a diesel powered VW again!!! (manual transmission, of course)

Oddly enough, I didn't dream about cars last night (aka: this morning). Although I did sleep until noon. Come on now, I was up until 4 am! I ate some breakfast, and then headed out to get a new case of cat litter. Unfortunately, I only have a petco card, and I didn't go to petco. I went to Pet Supply Plus, and the litter was labeled as $8.99, but since I don't have their card, I paid $17.00, BOO!!! Then I decided to go rent a movie, so I did. Two movies actually. After that, I decided to make one last trip before heading home again. I happened to pass some kind of rally on the way. A whole bunch of men and women holding signs along the street, in the rain, on Milwaukee Rd north. When I first passed them, I read on of the signs, and I swear it read "Adoption Kills Kids." I thought that was a rather odd statement, and was rather confused. Then, on the way back, I looked at another woman's sign, and it read "Abortion Kills Kids!" That made a bit more sense to me. My next thought was to pull into the parking lot behind them, some how procure a megaphone, and start bitching about how judgmental they were allowing themselves to be. Or how it should be every individuals choice in the matter, and that not everyone can manage any means to rear a child. But, I really didn't want to be arrested today, or lynch mobbed... I could go on for quite a bit on all the intricacies of my feeling on that, but I won't. If any of you want to know, actually want to know, you can probably find a way to ask me. Be prepared though, it has a little to do with the economy... and not just "right and wrong"

Big Picture stuff


There was a business card tucked into the driver-side door of my car this afternoon. It was for an autoshop in Libertyville. The entire thing was written in spanish, but amazingly, I was able to read the whole thing! I would be proud of that, but the spanish words for auto work, are essentially that same as when their written in english. In any case, let me just say once again, that to own a TDI again! There are two simple ways to get phenomenal mileage out of a VW/Audi TDI, and if I'm going to continue slinging pizzas, I could really use the extra mpg... Speaking of, I saw a woman putting some diesel into her Golf TDI a couple weeks ago. She was fairly attractive. I was at the pump right behind her car, putting premium gasoline into my Golf, and yet I couldn't think of any way to start a conversation with her. She had even looked over and half smiled at me! I suck at that game!!! Damn...

I read a bit about the oil spillage in Texas and Louisiana today. That sucks. All that oil back to where it came from. Although it will potentially kills off the plant life where is washed up, so that will not help oil prices either. Arrgg!!! When are we going to have vehicles that don't rely on some kind of fuel? Even electric cars mostly depend on the burning of the fossil fuels that allow for the electricity to be produced, so that doesn't help either. Why hasn't solar power been perfected yet? I mean come on, it's been around since at least 1970. It's now 2008, almost two thousand nine "a.d.". We've made such amazing things work. Although I don't always feel that most of them really help us, there are a few things that make sense to utilize for the betterment of the planet. Solar Power is one of those things. I heard a news report that some school, Harvard maybe, had figured out how to turn a parking lot into a solar energy collector, and when tested in "real life situations" it worked wonderfully. Now why can't we implement that kind of technology into our everyday lifes? I mean really!!!?? It's been around for over 30 years now, you'd think the price would have dropped by now!

I so want to go on, and ramble about all of the other things bouncing around in my synopsis' but I need to feed myself before I get so worked up that I pass out. I am already sick of pizza. That happened once before, when I was 14, and working as a cook at Pizza Hut. It's so wrong to get sick of pizza. At least if you eat the kind of pizza that I do, with all kinds of toppings on in. A proper pizza can be a full serving of recommended fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats if you make it right. On that note, I'm going to go preheat my oven, and reheat some mostly good pizza!

To those I love, I haven't changed my mind. Those of you I have met, yet don't like, that's why I don't talk to you ever! To all of those I haven't met face to face, hopefully you are the type that knows how to laugh in the face of adversity, and not take up arms. If not, then you suck, and leave me alone! Lisa, I hope my analysis of your crazy violin dream was helpful!

Friday, 3 October 2008


Okay, I'm not really that excited that it's Friday. Friday's just another day for me once again. It used to be another day that was boring as hell, and all I could do was stay up late, and sleep late the next day. Now, I work two jobs on Friday, but at least I can stay up late, and sleep in the next morning. The bigger difference being that I also work on Saturdays now, so that kills it just a little.

Guess what everybody!? I paid less than $4.00 a gallon today, and for premium fuel at that!!! I paid only $3.99!!! How sad is that? But hey, prices have been well over $4 per gallon for how long now? I got that gas, right after my Low Fuel light/picture illuminated in front of me, and the speakers let out a pleasant "ding" to let me know as well. That was a first for me in my current ride, so I know it works! The funny part is that the alarm for low washer fluid is a screeching "bleep" from the speakers when the washer fluid becomes low. Glad VW got their alert sounds, um, straight. As though running out of windshield washer fluid becomes low is somehow worse than running out of gas all together...? I suppose when it's winter, and salt is coating your windshield like the evil cousin of snow, the washer fluid is rather important. However, running out of gas in those conditions is really not much better. And if you can't tell when the washer fluid is running low, without the aid of a audio-visual gauge, you probably shouldn't be driving alone yet...

On the way home from Domino's, I noticed a change in the speed limit on Butterfield road. Heading north, approaching 176, it used to drop from 40, sown to 35, and then down to 30 mph right before reaching 176, allowing for a prime speed trap for the cops. Now that's all over! It is now officially 40 the whole way to, and past 176 on Butterfield!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a good end to my last trip on the road today!

It was finally busy at work tonight! That goodness! It actually felt like a Friday night slinging pizzas. Additionally, a few people even tipped me more than the $00.1 tip I got from a guy last night as well! Now if only gas prices can some how continue to keep falling, things would be super fantastic...

It's now 11:30, and I just want to kick back, listen to some good music, and have a beer. Good evening to you all! I hope you are all doing swimmingly!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hello Again!

Ahh, another Thursday night closing at Dominos. Luckily we close at 11 on weeknights, 1 om weekends. And although it's after 11 p.m., and I just got home from my second job of the day, I'm not really tired. So I'll be up for a while longer, and pay for it tomorrow. But I'm up, and I figured I'd post here. So how've y'all been?

I've just been working a lot. I'm starting to pull in slightly better tips, so that's good. On the other hand, I have to hide tips, because the computer keeps track of your tips if you don't. I thought one was allowed up to a $500 "gift" before the IRS got involved. However, what pathetically small "gifts" us waitstaff, servers, and drivers make our money on, gets taxed, on top of getting taxed for the measly $4.65 we get paid per hour, already.

That irks me!

What is going on with the Cubs??!!! I'm listening to the end of the game right now, and it's amazing how they've seemingly laid down in the last two games of this post season. NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, now I'm all flustered about the Cubs, and I can't think of anything else to say here. They are down 10-1 heading into the bottom of the 9th. 10-1!!!

Alright, I should stop before I break this keyboard. I will talk with some of you soon, and not so much with you others. I hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Pretty Good Wednesday

Hello All!

I know it's been a couple of days (sorry to anybody who checks in daily...), but I finally feel like posting something somewhat positive for once!

Today started off normal (well normal for the last couple years) enough. I woke up a few minutes late, so no shower. I made my own coffee, which is alright, because it's already paid for, and it saves me a couple minutes and some gas on my commute to work. Although, the gas station I usually stop at gives you either a free doughnut (made daily), or a copy of the Daily Herald (local Chi Town paper, for those of us who don't want to lug around the Tribune) for free with the purchase of any cup o' joe. I prefer the glazed chocolate doughnut, it tastes better than the news paper, although it doesn't offer the fiber that the paper does... Then, after arriving at work, I discovered that one of our supply companies had a problem with the communication lines between their warehouses, so we only got about a quarter of our order, which meant that every single one of our customers was missing part of their order with us, and one customer didn't get their order at all! Stupid phone lines! I am surprised that the supplier in question uses DSL, and not a cable line for their internet. Then, while sitting up front, separating invoices for my drivers, line 1 rang, and Matt and Joe were busy. So I answered, it was HSBC. Now yesterday I discovered that Care One Credit had sent the proposal, and that HSBC had accepted the payment. Now I found out that HSBC denied the proposal, and they want av$237 minimum payment! They denied the payment proposal, but took the money anyway?! That's bad business, if you ask me!

Now for the turn around. I was sitting at my desk, again, playing Free Cell, again, when my cell phone rang. I figured it would be HSBC, or some other bill collector. I swiveled around in my chair to grab my phone in the manner I use to prep myself to deal with bill collectors. I glanced at the caller ID, and it read Brent's Cell... My heart skipped a beat, expecting the worse, and then I answered. It was Brent!!! For those of you who know my relationship with Brent, and all of it's trials and tribulations, you will appreciate this. He started out by saying hello, as per usual. Then he asked how I was doing, I didn't give him an entirely forthcoming response. That's when he informed me that he was currently checking himself into a hospital, on his own admission. He was tired of feeling the way he does, and figured he could find a hospital that might actually be able to help him. Then he told me that he just wanted to let me know that he was doing this on his own, for himself. I almost broke down crying right then, but I held it back. We talked a bit more, and he let me know that even when he ignored me, and wouldn't respond when I would give him bits of advice to deal with himself, he really was listening, and finally decided that it was time to listen, and take my advice. Once again, I held the tears back. I could hear the hospital admission intercom in the background, so I knew he was already there, and wasn't calling to tell be that he was going, but that he was already there, and he just wanted to let me know that he was finally taking care of himself, before anybody could intervene. Then I heard his name called for his initial meeting with his new doctor, and he told me goodbye. I told him that I look forward to hear from him again when he is doing better. I closed my phone, and then I cried. I was so happy to get that call from Brent, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Hell, I'm tearing up now just writing about it!

Then i went to my second job, and made $23 in tips. That was nice, but Brent's call trumps everything!

Yay, the Cub's just won again!!! Go CUBS, and Go Brent!!!!!

To all I love, I love you. To everybody else, well, try to lead a good life. To my family, I'll make it up there one of these days, hopefully at lest once before Thanksgiving! Good night, and good dreams to everyone!

Friday, 19 September 2008

I'm sorry, WHAT??!!

Hello there, how the hell are y'all doing? It's now 3 days from my last post, my apologies, I now have two jobs, and I don't feel like blogging when I get home. But tonight is different. It's Friday, the usual suspect in bustling pizza joints. The night for an almost suspected good take to any pizza driver driving. Then came this fateful night. Things were going well, there were three drivers there. Then after the last visit from a supervisor, who was bringing in new furniture for the "conference room"...

Side Note: It seems I am currently employed by a company that holds a thing called national rally gatherings (or something like that, sounds horrible to me)

...All the drivers had taken a run already, and it was only 5 pm. Then it all stopped. Just ended. The phones stopped ringing. Not good, at all, in the least, almost horrible in fact. I mean seriously, it's Friday! Then, while I'm in the office, eating dinner around 8 o'clock, I heard some guy come in and say "I've been trying to call you guys for about an hour now, and I figured I'd just stop in. Can I order here?" I stopped chewing, and just listened. He placed his order, but I couldn't hear what my manager, Monica, was saying to said guy. This went on for a bit, I finished eating my sandwich. A few moments later I heard my Monica approaching the office, from the front. I stopped her as she was passing the office door, and asked about the current situation. She confirmed what I had heard, and went to check on the phone line switchboard. It would seem that when the supervisor had been in the "conference room", he knocked a cubicle panel into the call catcher, and turned it off. Um, insert frustration here...

We all missed the dinner rush on a Friday night. As soon as the phone was turned on, I immediately looked at the office's computer hub monitor to see a call show up on line 1, and then line 2, and so on. Unfortunately nobody up front knew that because the call catcher sends all callers to a 45 second "welcome, here's our specials tonight" recording. Then the phone rings. May I say here, how much it sucks to be a driver, depending on the tips of a busy Friday night, when the phones are dead?

On the plus side, I did get to see another early autumn moon, in its full (well, more waning actually) glory tonight. It's nice to be able to see the moon again, call me crazy if you want to.

Did anybody else think it was odd that the Cardinals blew out the Cubs like that? I for one, think that it was peculiar. On the other hand, the Brewers got trounced too. What that means, is that if the Cubs can pull off a win tomorrow, they can still clinch the division. Go Cubs!!!

I'm now going to watch some CSI episodes before going to bed. Oh yeah, I can sleep in tomorrow!!! So I figure this is a good time to stop tonight's rant. To all I love, I love you, and to all the rest, I''ll see some of you tomorrow. Oh yeah, go Volkswagen!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

First night at the new job...

I officially have two jobs now! Boo, but , YAY MONEY! Even though I despise money so vehemently, it's still good to know that I can once again start to buy more than bread and pb&j at the store! Tonight was rather slow though. I had a whopping 2, count 'em 2 deliveries, but hey, I took home $11, and free food for my troubles. No real complaints here! My current manager, Monica, is officially part of the "Dorks United, ltd." group. She's cool, although I think Domino's may have slightly warped her mind, as she's worked for them for the last 14 years, and she's a little younger than me. She's managed most of the stores in northern IL, but hopefully she'll be at this location for a while, and she won't be leaving when the location is fully up and running (as today was only the second day after re-opening, hence it being so sllloooowwwww)
I suppose time will tell. It's still a bit of a skeleton crew right now, I'm the only driver, and the cook had his first day today, and then there's Monica, and another woman, who's name I have totally forgotten already ( have I mentioned how bad I am remembering names before?) I work again tomorrow, and maybe I'll have more than a mere two deliveries to take, fingers crossed, as my lower back is killing me from standing around in the kitchen for the better of 5 hours, boo!

One last thing to say tonight....CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!! I'm singing, go Cubs go, go Cubs go! Hey Chicago whaddyah say, Cubs are gonna win today! Take THAT Milwaukee (hee hee)

Peace and love to all who rock, and peace to the rest of y'all (yeah, getting the second job made me slightly more optimistic, I'm sure that will wear of soon enough, so enjoy it while you can :))

Sunday, 14 September 2008


For some odd reason, surf the channel.com lost all of the episodes of Dr Who, as though they were never really there. Very odd, very odd indeed. So I have removed the link, as to avoid anybodies future annoyance. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused any of you...

Oops Again

Sorry if anybody thied the new link, and got a bit confused! I've changed the link, it's actually surfthechannel.com, no "s" at the end of "channel", sorry for the goof up!

Friday, 12 September 2008

surfthechannels link info

If you use this link, you can find things such as Doctor Who. Otherwise, you can find a whole lotta shows that don't always have syndication on regular tv, or even cable stations. I recommend you check it out if there are any shows you are looking for, that aren't on tv all the time (good luck, and happy viewings!)

The Doctor LIVES!

Hey, it's me. Hello and hi! After over a year of searching for a show I lost, I finally found it! I found all (or at lest almost all) of the episodes of Doctor Who online! For free!!! I will post a link on this blogs home page, for all of you Doctor Who fans (who people, whodicts, T.A.R.Dfans, etc.)

In other news, no news yet... Having just the kind of luck that my life has thrown me. Found an ad in a local paper for a different Dominos location, and when I went there, it was closed for construction, go figure.

To all I love, I love you too! For all those I don't love, yet like, safe journeys through this world to you all! To those all I dislike, well, so be it, these things happen. :-D Good night y'all!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Darn, damn and drat

So much for driving for Dominos. I finally got to talk with the manager today. He told me that he wasn't really looking to hire anybody until the weather takes a turn for the worse (as that's when business picks up for pizza places, if you didn't know). Go figure, because I need that job while the weather is still kinda nice, so that I can properly winterize my car before, well...the weather takes a turn for the worse. I had a feeling that I had been misinformed by whoever had answered the phone the day I called all the pizza joints in town.

Dell is now really threatening me. It amazes me how these companies have no regard for financial hardships. No remorse, no understanding, no care for anything except getting absurd amounts of money. Especially a company like Dell. I mean really, is a nonpayment of $114.11 really going to cause them to go under?! I really highly doubt that, as they pull in upwards of $30,000,000 a year on ink for their crappy printers alone. Let alone the fact that I have paid, in full, two computers, accessories, peripherals and a few other things over the years. A couple times I've paid my entire balance in one fell swoop. And they're doing this to me now for a measly $114? I tell ya, not cool.

At work we finally picked up the whole rest of the locations nationwide for a company called Utilities, Inc.. They are a waterworks company, plumbing for houses, corporation buildings, fountains, and all that stuff. The local office (which is just the local headquarters for planning and financing) has been a customer of ours for a whole lot longer than I've been working for Tricomm, just now okayed us to supply all their other locations. 90 more locations in total. Good for us, bad for me. If I am actually expected to handle all the shipping, receiving, and order placement/fulfilment...I'm going to need another raise! Oy!!! I'm getting a cluster headache just thinking about it. Last week I got a call on the work phone. It was some guy telling me that he went over my "qualifications" as a warehouse manager, and was wanting to know if I would be interested in becoming the warehouse manager for a new branch opening in NW Chicago. Although I don't have any forklift experience, I'm sure I could pick it up pretty darn quick, so I told him he could go ahead and email me all the info. When I got home that day, the email was in my inbox. As I've been thinking about finding a new, more lucrative full time job, I figured why not? I went to open it, but my computer shot me down, saying that the email AND the attachment BOTH contained a virus! Not just spyware or bad cookies, but an actual virus. I'm starting to think that one of these days I'm going to wake up and find that not only has my life been full of misfortune, but that somebod(ies) have simply erased all record of me, and I won't be able to do anything with any company again. Maybe that's more wishful thinking than anything :) At least then I could live out my childhood dreams from the book My Side of the Mountain!

In the meantime, I will continue to toil along, and hope for the best. I need a girlfriend in the worst way right now!

To all I love, I love you. To all I know, may luck and good fortune be with you. To all I know, yet strongly dislike, go screw yourself :) Peace out y'all!