Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lazy Necromancer Sunday

Hello You Few,

For the record, it is Easter Sunday. I have wanted, but resisted, to start preaching about the inaccuracy of this holiday to the people on facebook. On Friday, I resisted calling in to WGN Radio, to reply to caller who said that the sanctity of Easter has been lost to social correctness. I say that true meaning of the holiday was lost the day the Christian church took it over, and made it their own. I mean seriously, why do people think a dead guy was brought back to life? I mean really, after a few days of decomposing in a desert, cave or no cave, there would be a bit of a funk. And besides, Where exactly did he go? I can only figure that a necromancer got involved, and used zombie man for some nefarious act. Or, it was the only way the christians could take something out of, say, a goddess bringing life back to the planet, and use it as their own thing. Hmmm.

This weekend has been alright so far, all things considered. Today, however, I find myself rather bored. The upstairs folk have left for the evening, leaving me alone with the house. Once again, alone = odd noises coming out to play. I think I'll survive though. In other news, I talked with my sister earlier, and she mentioned that my family is enjoying some grilled steak tonight. Oh, how I miss grilled anything right now. I went upstairs shortly there after, hoping to find a forgotten frozen pizza in the freezer (there wasn't one), and instead found a pack of tip pan steaks. They are horribly freezer burned, and have been in there for four months. Oh well. I suppose I could try defrosting them, and cooking them, but I don't really want freezer burned meat, when I'm dreaming of fresh, never frozen steak. Call me crazy.

Okay, topic change. I am sick of seeing the reappearance of so many people using the wrong version of words! Most commonly misused words in the last month; loose, instead of lose (and the reverse), and there, instead of their. I can understand the occasional mistype, but complete word use neglect burns my buttons! Speaking of word abuse, I fear I may be emailing somebody a little too much. It's unwarranted, and perhaps, a little inappropriate. I don't know why I can't stop myself, but I can't. In fact, I was tempted to a very short while ago, but was able to persuade myself to take out my urge to write here instead. So if you were wondering why this blog seems a little disjointed, and even more half-assed than usual, that's why. Okay, on that note I'm gonna end this pointless ramble.

Until next time, when I might have something more substantial to post, I hope you all find some good company, good food, good music, and plenty of laughter!

Peace out y'all!