Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Great Wall of My Crap (...Stuff)

Hey Y'all

I am sitting here listening to the radio. Yes, you read the right, the radio. As static crackles just behind the signal, I am reminded of how important music is to me. At the same time as the F.M. signal fills my ears, I am sitting in my computer chair with my legs propped up on the box that will soon be housing the stereo that is giving me some relaxation right now.

A short distance from me is a wall of boxes, pieced together as only a Tetris pro can stack them. Those boxes are filled with most of my worldly crap. Oh wait...I meant to say worldly possessions. Right. As moving goes, I think this is about as well packed as I've ever been. That is to say, there are never enough boxes to fit all of the things I use to make my daily life manageable. But for once, almost everything has a box.

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions for me. I feel peculiarly sad about leaving this building. Not because I have loved being here, but more because I once again learned how to be humble in this building. I learned some major life lessons, and suffered some of those lessons alone, within the walls of this structure. I had been living at the other end of this building for nearly two and a half years. When at that side, I learned how to become an introvert again. I rarely had any visitors, nobody ever called, and I never really went out (except for the walks to the gas station to get smokes). I have so many stories I could share about my time spent down the hall, but I won't do that now. What I will say is that I moved to this apartment #, and one random knock on my door started me back towards the path of being an extrovert. Although that reversal may have gotten me into more trouble than I wanted, and caused a few people to scratch their heads in confusion, it was still a good knock. I have one person to thank for that, and her name is Jessica (aka, my crazy neighbor). I have a few mixed emotions about having met Jessica, and for good reason, but I still need to give her credit for forcing me out of my self constructed shell. I know for a fact that she doesn't read this, but I am still giving her a shout out regardless.

Back to the here and now: The weather prediction has changed since this morning, and it's not cool! For some reason I always seem to have the great fortune of moving during some kind of storm. But, on the bright side, at least this go around it's just some rain and lightning instead of snow and hail and subzero temps! Oh the other hand, tomorrow is going to be a crazy morning at work. Everybody and their cousins decided to order a mother load of supplies today. Which is great for job security, but not good for my drivers' moral, especially on a Friday. But hopefully when they depart, I will be able to secure a mere half day of work. I don't normally request such a thing, but as I need to take care of a small amount of last minute things that can't be taken care of until tomorrow, I'd be mildly pleased to catch a break in time restriction.

I wasn't planning on this night being my last night in this apartment. However, my assistance has been called on, to help with the preparation of the house, so that I can move into it in a better condition. As confusing as that may be, even to me, it needs to be done. Hey, somebody needs to do it, right? Right. Wait...RIGHT! Okay, I guess I should get myself some sleep soon. I'm going to need all the rest I can get before the madness begins once again...

This may be my last post for a few days. It is, however, my last posting from this location. It feels kind of surreal actually. I started this blog, right here in this apartment after all. I don't know how my next set of walls will affect me, or my writings, but I plan to find out, and then to share with all of you! Until then, I continue to wish everybody good eats, good tunes, great laughs, and overall well being! Have yourselves a great weekend!!!

Peace and love y'all!

(All communications from this position are here by ceased. Over and out)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Hey y'all

Oh wow, has it been a wonderful day. Last night, during a conversation with a new friend, I found out something about an old "friend". The information obtained was not of the warm and fuzzy variety, but more the swallow a sword and take a shot of salt kind. I know how blackouts can be a bit of a problem at times, and a worry at that, but how I missed all my actions last year is beyond me. It seems that at some point last year, I spent quite a while obsessing over a certain woman, and on top of that, I was stalking her. Now I know, this comes as no surprise to anybody...........oh wait! Yes it does! Most of all, ME!!!!!!!!!!! What, in all of the gibbletygook out there, is that about?! I remember the conversing with said woman fairly well, and it seems to me that she was the one trying to hang out with me... But hey, I guess it's every woman's prerogative to change her mind about events, and how those events transpired. Right? Oh, hold on, no! Not like that! I mean come on! This reminds me of the time I spent in high school, and why I was unable to get a girlfriend that attended the same school after the start of my sophomore year. Rumors, lies, and weak minds. That girl told me that she was breaking up with me because I wouldn't quit smoking, when instead, she told everybody else that I was a chauvinistic bastard, who wanted nothing but sex. Now normally, in a spot like this i would simply say "people. I tell ya". But in this case, I will risk a few castrations, and say: Women, I tell ya!

Okay then. With that off my chest (almost), I will move on. So today started off alright, excluding the first memory I had of last night, upon waking this morning. I was able to sleep in a bit, shower at a leisurely pace, and prepare myself for the work day for a little longer than usual. However, about the time I pulled out of my parking lot, a sudden cluster headache attacked my head and neck. For those of you unaware of what a cluster headache is, imagine a migraine (or if you're lucky enough to have never felt one of those, just a really really bad noggin splitter), and then focus that migraine into small spots in your head. Then, that small spot of blinding pain moves around from one hemisphere to the other, as well as front to back. It effects everything from the top of the neck, to the sinus', to the eyes, and everything in between, in no particular order or expectancy. It's a blast, let me tell you. At least the phone didn't ring too much today. However, there was a meeting with one of our supply reps, and I kept wincing my eyes (trying not to grunt from the discomfort) which got me some funny looks from the account rep. I lasted the duration of the work day, and had a fairly good lunch at the midway point, yay! As I was driving home my phone started ringing. Thinking it would be one of a few people, i answered it in a somewhat happy manner. It turned out to be a woman from my current management co., asking me if it would be okay with me to let them show another person my apartment. I wanted soooo badly to snap at her, and say "NO! NO IT"S NOT!!!!!" in a resounding fashion. But I bit my tongue, and said instead "Yeah, I guess." Thinking she would end the conversing there, I discovered I was wrong. Instead, she told me that another guy had mentioned to her that I have a cat. She then proceeded to inform me that this building has a no pet policy. Really? I didn't f'ing know that. Then she asked how long I've had him here, and I did something I despise doing. I twisted the flow of time, and told a bit of a lie. I told her that my ex had just moved in with somebody that is allergic to cats, and I got my cat back from her just a short time ago. I've probably just cursed myself for repeating that. Oh well, what's another curse in my life going to do? Make me more unhappy? Ha! That'll be the day... Now I just wonder if I'll get any less of my security deposit, which originally was way more than what I pay for rent at this apartment. I guess time will tell.

In happier news, I've just ordered a pizza from Lou Mal's (Malnatis), yay!!! It should be here in a little while (again, YAY!!!), so I should wrap this up now, as to not be smearing tomato sauce on this keyboard when said pie arrives. I hope everybody had a better time of their day today, than I did! My good eats are on the way, and I hope everybody else has/had some good eats today as well! Good music for all, and have a laugh or two for me!

Peace out y'all!

Monday, 25 May 2009

One Week More

Hey y'all!

Sorry to leave everyone hanging like that! As most of you know, I started to move this weekend. It started off well enough, until I went into the basement that is. It needs work, lots of work. More than just hole patching and paint. Yippee! I started flipping out (internally, as in, in my head), and had to make a bit of an adjustment to my pride. And don't even get me started on the backyard. Today, Brent and I pulled the remains of what was once a full size couch, from the fire pit!!! It had burned completely down to the springs. I was awed by the audacity of people. Or, as I usually say...people, I tell ya! In good news, the 3 of us (well the two full time residents, and one part time resident) went out for breakfast yesterday, and afterward headed to a local dollar store. It was the best dollar store I've ever been too! Granted, not everything was a dollar, but almost everything was brand name, and for about 1/16 the price of going to a big box store! Whoo hoo! Being a guy, I shop like a guy. Have list, know exactly what I want, and where to get it, and then: go-gather-get the hell out. However, even I can be happy about saving boatloads of money on everyday household stuff!

Now, as I write this, I am sitting back at my apartment, staring at everything left to pack, and how much there is to throw out. Have I ever told you how much I just love the process of moving?! To top that all off, it's Memorial Day, and there's nothing on TV that I want to watch! Stupid holiday weekend marathons...grumble grumble... That's okay though, as I should continue packing and cleaning, oh joy.

I will try to keep up with this blog as often as I can over the next week. There may be a bit of a delay come then end of this week, as I don't have a new email address yet, and I fear that once my current DSL is disconnected I won't be able to log in to my blog... I will work that out as soon as I can figure out how! Until then, I hope everybody had a great weekend!

Peace out y'all!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Another One Bites the Dust (sad day)

Hey y'all

Today started off crappy, and the got worse as it went along. I woke up a few minutes late, grabbed a quick shower, then forgot I didn't have any clean dishes (cereal bowl or glass specifically). I decided to grab breakfast at McD's instead of taking the 30 seconds it would have taken me to wash 1 bowl and one cup. Silly me. But it's payday, and I do, from time to time, treat myself to breakfast prepared by somebody else. I didn't have enough time to go to a proper sit down joint this morning, so I hit the Donald. Bad decision, because when I got my food, and pulled around to park I discovered that the hash browns were burnt pretty much black, and the sandwich tasted like it had been sitting somewhere other than a heating rack, and not re-microwaved. So I forwent eating more than two bites. A large amount of the populous go's without breakfast, but with my stupid metabolism I cannot do that without suffering. But I sucked it up, and just drank the coffee instead, which also sucked. So after I got my drivers on the road, and a last minute return processed, I went online to check my email. As I opened up the email I got from the Kathy and Judy Show, the clock hit 9 a.m., when the Kathy and Judy Show starts on WGN Radio. Before I could read the first sentence, they started reading what it contained, live on the air. They have been deemed canceled, by the newer management at that station. So today was their last show. Their producer of the last 8 years or so, put together an amazing tribute, which they played in segments throughout the 3 hour slot they've held for nearly 20 years. It was funny as hell, but then when Beth introduced the personal tribute she had made for them, she started crying on the air. That was it, I started tearing up, but restrained myself, as it's never a good thing to answer the phone while blubbering like an idiot. (That's right, men do cry on occasion) When I started working in the office years ago, and was forced to listen to WGN Radio all day long, I couldn't stand them. For the first few days, and then the first Sex Thursday I'd heard came around, and I started liking them a little bit more. They have grown on me considerably since then, always finding ways to make me laugh, even on my darkest down and out days. Anyway, as the morning dragged by, and my stomach became more and more displeased with me, I couldn't bring myself to go get an early lunch, as I didn't want to miss a second of their final show. So when noon finally came, I went to get lunch, one costing more than $3. But by the time I got back to the office, the fries were cold, and the ribeye steak sandwich was rather fatty through and through. So I've barely eaten anything to day, my favorite show on the radio is no more, and I felt like complete ass all day. On a plus side, it was so quiet at work today that I got to go home an hour early. My sister got a kick ass tattoo today, and she sent me a pic on my phone. That is a wicked awesome, baddass, cool tatt Lisa!!! You are the first person I know that has a comedy/tragedy ink job, so rock on! Okay, I need to find some food now, hopefully more palatable than my first two attempts went today!

Peace out y'all! For those of you that get to enjoy a 3 day weekend, have some fun with it (and don't drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Good music and eats and laughs to all!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mental Race, Me VS Me

Hey y'all

Riddle me this: Why won't my mind just slow down on it's own? The last few days have been difficult, in my head that is. The stress I feel before a move is always hard, but I haven't felt this way since I broke up with Jenny. That experience was much more understandable, even for me, but why I'm feeling the same way now is peculiar to me. I guess it's just the fear of losing my independence, and forcing myself to engulf myself in other peoples issues. I just hope this synapse relay stops when I actually make the move. I can smile now, but I'd love it to be closer to genuine...

Yesterday I was in the presence of a man twice my age, who was trying to explain multicultural living to me, but was coming off as more as a man trying to justify it for himself. I just don't get that anymore. Most likely because I never thought twice about my neighbors being of different ethnicity's when I was a wee one. But still, it's 2009, and there are still people within 20 miles of Chicago that feel that way?! Let me put it this way, for all the mildly racist mofo's out there: Everybody acts the same, we just have different languages, different accents, and different belief systems. But we all know how to laugh, and cry, and sing, and sit in silence, and everything else. Everybody has the potential to be a jackass, just as everybody has the ability to be nice. Enough with the fear and prejudice already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today went alright, I guess. Upon waking, I noticed that my phone's alarm seems to have made it's own decision to work silently. But as I woke up on my own, it was no big deal. I didn't get much sleep, as I was IMing with somebody until a few minutes after midnight. I may not be a spring chicken anymore, but it was nice to know that I can still operate on only a few hours of sleep. I may have done so in a slightly dazed haze, but I still managed! I did feel quite a bit of guilt over a discussion I got into earlier last night. It took most of the day to shake the feeling, and I'm still not quite over it. I hope to make amends soon. I really need to shed some of the stress I've been putting on myself about this whole moving thing. I've been picking more fights than I like to, and my dark side has been coming out with much more regularity. Not cool! I may not always be the happy guy, but I'm not normally this mental for so many days in succession either. Somethings gotta give!!!

I did pack up the majority of my kitchen today, sans the coffee maker and the dishes. Marley was so surprised by the lack of blockage in the cabinets that he fell off the counter! Yes, he's okay... I've finally made peace with my mind over one thing. I will keep most of my kitchen appliances, and some of my dishes. The table is going to go, as are the stupid chairs I have for it, but everything else will be boxed up and stored. I just wish that this weekend wasn't a holiday weekend, as it will be rather rude to start taking up space with all my boxed up things during a party. Once again, when I need to get something done it turns out to be some kind of holiday weekend, when things are closed or otherwise encumbered with the general population celebrating something that they know very little about! That, as I've said too often, is just my kind of luck! Ha ha on me! The curse lives on...

One of these days I will have more amusing things to write about, as well as having a slightly less self absorbed mind. Soon I tell you, soon! For now I am just going to listen to some music, sip my beverage, try to relax a little, and prepare for the redo tomorrow morning.

Peace out y'all! Turn on a good song, of your choice, regardless of it's intended emotion inducing intent, and just enjoy it for a few minutes in what ever way you feel is best! 'Til next time, I bid you all adieu.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Moving Pundit Speak

Hey y'all

The delay in posting was due to my computer acting more disgruntled than me. So on it's behalf, I will extend apologies to you, the reader. Sorry.

So the move is approaching rapidly, and my boxes are filling at a sloths pace. I just don't know what I can, or rather should, just throw away. I'm not sure what to do about my bed. Most things I own should probably be taken to the dump, but I have ethical issues with that. Goodwill is an option, but when it comes to everything in my kitchen, I just don't know. The microwave is not needed, or the toaster, or any of the silverware (albeit it not actual silver) or my dishes. As most of my dishes has been handled by me and my occasionally clumsy ex for the duration of their use, most everything is cracked, or just plain gone. So as much as I may think it wise to pack it, and store it, I may be better off just buying new table wares whenever I move out on my own again (or maybe even not alone, depending on what the future holds for me). I can't stand walmart, but Super Target is my newer shopping destination. Then there is always my poor computer desk. I got that desk when I got my first apartment, and through several moves since, it's time may have come. Again, I hate to do it, but since it was purchased at IKEA, I'm fairly certain I can find a new one on the cheap when the time comes. One thing I'd love to discard of is Marley's chair. The indestructible IKEA chair (you know the one), that turns out is not so solid, as my forearm found out several months ago. So it's not so much good for human use these days, but for feline relaxation it works just dandy! Enough about my indecisiveness...

There have been some stories in the news of late that have gotten my blood simmering. I really need to stop watching the news, and turn off all the speakers on the office phones that sit in clear audible proximity to my desk there. In the warehouse my MP3 sound blaster takes care of that, but it's not for use up in the office. Oh well. I do find it all too amusing though, that the politicians are now starting to once again talk about raising taxes, while others are talking about reform in the system, and don't even get me started on Chicago's current mayor! Stop raising taxes, and fire all the redundant employees!!! If they really want to save millions of dollars, just the firing of pointless jobs would take care of that. I have many other ideas as well, but this is not a political blog, so I won't pretend it is! One last comment on that: Why the hell do we keep sending hundreds of millions of dollars to countries that don't care about us, nor will ever pay us back?! We have problems here, give us our money back damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, there was in fact a long lapse in time since I wrote that last paragraph and now. You can all thank my crazy neighbor for that one! But since my mindset has gone way off course, and I've lost the rhythm with which I was writing, I guess I'll end this now. Sorry, I didn't even want to end this on a pundit vibe. So I guess I'll drag this out a bit more! I just turned on that stupid massive talent show (of which I usually only watch the auditions), and some guy just said "peace out", causing me not to want to use that word combo anymore! Son of a bitch! Eh, screw that, I've been using that for a long time, and as I can actually claim that I have experience with both ghetto punks and hippie freaks, I have every right to use it! So on that note, peace out y'all!!! Go listen to some music!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Mindsets, Hard Drives, and Life

Hey y'all!

I'm gonna have to keep this short, as this computer's hard drive is working mad overtime for some reason. I can only figure that it's been compromised by some malevolent person, or maybe by me spouting off about things that certain people would say I have no right to talk about.

This past weekend had some weird moments. mainly concerning my crazy neighbor. In the interest of fairness, some of the moments were with my soon to be house mates. In any case, my mind has been flipping out on more axles than usual. I am here though, and I am trying to remain stable, though some might say I am not doing so hot at it... For instance, I have once again been abusing a social website by sharing personal revelations best kept here, where random people who have no understanding of who I am have no ability to read about topics that I find myself dabbling in. This time, it's not such a heated debate, just debate plain and simple. I can't seem to stop myself from such things. I have no training, and no degree stating I should be able to talk about any of the things I tend to dwell on. Yet random people have started telling me that I write almost too well. I need to remember that I can't let that get to me! I am not anybody's hero, or a great debater, or a philosopher...I am just a simple man barely getting by. That is all I want to be. I'd rather just slip by, and do my thing, and go unnoticed. Why do I keep screwing that up??!!!! Oh wait... I need to break out of my inner hell, and remember how to be social! Hold on a second, the reason I am so antisocial is because of my brain, and that I can't seem to do much but go on about shit that doesn't really matter to almost anybody I've ever talked with! Right!

Okay, this computer is about to crash, so I must end this now, which is definitely a good thing for anybody reading this! Go listen to some good music, chill out, laugh, eat something good, and generally be yourself!

Peace out y'all!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Moving, Marley, Thievery and the Cubs

Hey y'all

Okay, done bitching about dreading moving! Although it will still cause quite literal pain in my back (thought I was gonna say ass didn't you?!), and the move is a hassle and a half, I now now that it will indeed be happening. Aren't they gonna be in for a shock though! While I made an appearance there earlier today (as to avoid being home when the new potential renter was looking at all my stuff), I discovered that I will be living with an incessant matchmaker. Although I did start telling her that I am not down with the one night stand, or really even flings for that matter, it's not gonna stop. It seems that in my absence, operation "Get Dave a girlfriend (aka: Get Dave laid)" has commenced. Silly them I say! All I know is I don't get along well with people trying to hook me up with random unknown women all the time. I will let that be known, and should soft words of discouragement be listened to with deaf ears, I will try to keep the subtle and suppressed rage in check... Me getting upset about things? Um, yes, yes I do. One of a few faults I have. I may be a proponent of paying it forward, though without expectation or want of personal gain. I also don't like people telling me what I need.

Okay, going back a few hours... After departing my future home I drove to my office to see just how long it's gong to take to get there in the morning. Having added time for the sake of knowing there is always more traffic on weekday morning, than say on a beautiful Saturday mid afternoon. It should be about 40 minutes, which isn't that bad, considering it takes me about 30 minutes to get there currently. Going from an 11 mile trip, to a 24 mile trip at that!

After leaving the office, I headed back home. Arriving, I found my bedroom door open, the ceiling fan on in the dining area, the interior bathroom door open, and clumps of Marley's hair in random spots. I can only assume that he let his presence be known in the company of total strangers, and he was rewarded with heavy petting for his braveness. All I know is whoever it was left with his hair all over them. Plainly they weren't allergic (phew!). Marley is such an attention whore. Also, none of my items were missing, yay! I know, I know, most people aren't thieves or cleptos. I still concern myself over such things though. The most odd thing ever stolen from me, was a tape adapter for a discman I owned in Oshkosh. My Sister's fiance at the time sold me his old car, for $1, may he rest in peace. The drivers side window had a tendency to fall off its track at random times. One morning I got into my car, and noticed the adapter was gone. About $23 in change, a nice(r) wrist watch, the discman, and everything else was still there though! Ha, talk about crimes of necessity!

Well I'm done for today. I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I found out an old acquaintance is going through a bit of a rough patch, and though she probably doesn't read this, I'd still like to extend my good wishes to Theresa. Okay then, off to other things!

Peace out y'all! Oh, and the Cubs came back in the bottom of the 9th, and won!!!!! I was singing Go Cubs Go quite loudly, and got some funny looks from the neighborhood kids as I drove past them :) Now it's your turn to sing something as loud as you can!!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bartender please.....

Hey y'all

I'm not sure if the weather made my mood, or if my mood made the weather today. I had yet another night of horrible dreams, woke up late, didn't have time to eat breakfast, spent the entire morning starving, work was dull as hell, got an ear full of yelling for asking a question, the Cub's game was rained out (before it even started), I had no mail of any kind waiting for me when i got home, and I got a sobering email on top of all that. Oh, and it's been raining all day long, again. Oh right, I forgot that we're now under a flash flood warning... I just payed a bill, online, that I tried to set up to clear on the 23rd, but they wouldn't let me do that, so it'll go through on the 22nd instead, and probably before my payroll clears. yay. It's been almost worthy of the quote "It's been a horrible, no good, very bad day." But at least I know where my towel is, but I don't have a Babel fish in my ear... (although one would be handy from time to time)

On the so called bright side, I had amazing luck with green lights today. People seemed oddly willing to allow other people to change lanes, walk across the street without a crosswalk, turn left out of parking lots, and other random acts of kindness on the roads today! How peculiar... But hey, as somebody pointed out to me today (while I was sleeping) I seem to be sad sometimes. I do try to see all aspects of any given situation, including the ever elusive silver lining. For example, I may be dealing with a shitload of drama and other fun when it comes to my upcoming move, but it will be worth it, if only for the ability to use real fire to cook meats and the company I will have once again! The BS I'm dealing with at the moment will cease and desist soon enough. How's that for positive thinking? Oh damn, I may have just cursed myself by saying/typing that out loud, oh well! In the words of O.A.R "....Give me one shot at my life today. I don't want to be a stranger. I don't want to be just a passerby." Interpret that any way you want to, I just find that song to be inspirational to me. As low as my mind goes regularly, I do still have trace amounts of hope and aspirations. So there!

Maybe I should stop consideration for other bipeds. I am struggling to figure out what I should pack away before the new renter prospect shows up tomorrow. In my experiences hunting for non-homesteads, most of the time nobody was living there at the time. I hate feeling like I should do everything I can to make the potential renter feel at home when they show up. It's not as though I'm trying to impress them, or to welcome them into a warm place. I may be somewhat lazy when it comes to keeping my surroundings pristine, and neither is my place is a dump. I am not trying to sell this place, or rent it out to somebody. I am simply evacuating myself and my belongings in a couple weeks. I merely don't want anybody to be discouraged from renting this apartment for petty reasons, such as what hangs next to my door, or the fact that being a single and non metro sexual male means that I don't have this place set up to impress. Yet, still I care. I just know this wouldn't be such a big issue for me, if where I was moving wasn't currently occupied by bigger procrastinators. That said, I am still looking past that, and trying to focus more on the good things I will be able to realize once again.

All day I've been rough drafting this post, in my head. Amazingly, only a tiny bit of what I had composed actually made it's way into this! That's probably a good thing for you readers of my ramblings... Now that I brought that up I feel inspired to go there, but instead I will keep my insanity to myself. I hope that brings some kind of smile to you face!

Peace out y'all, and go have some fun for me! Drink (what ever you choose to), laugh, eat and be merry! I will turn on some music now, and try not to drink myself into a stooper on this Friday night.....

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Packing and Allergies

Hey y'all!

I received a phone call this afternoon which informed me that my apartment will begin to be shown...this Saturday! Crap! I guess it's not that bad. When I moved into this apartment, I only moved from all the way down the.........hall. That time however, I had already vacuumed thoroughly, and was able to move Marley, his water and food bowls, and his litter box down the hall. This time however, as I am not only moving out of this building, but out of town, and out of this county for that matter. Hiding Marley will not be a realistic option this go around. My management company already knows I have a cat (although this is technically a "no animals allowed" building). So what is the concern? The fear is that I don't know the allergy status of the woman coming to check out my apartment this Saturday at lunch time. But, there isn't much I can do to prevent any potential allergy reaction at this point. Even if I remove Marley, and his things from sight, the fact of the matter is that his hair is embedded everywhere! So in the meantime, I've officially started packing, slowly...

There has been something in the recent news that has been pissing me off this week. Some kid at a highschool, in Lockport, pulled an end of year prank, and is now in facing some extraordinary discipline. The prank he pulled has been overdone for the last few decades, and rarely resulted in what this poor kid is facing. For those who haven't heard about this, I'll now explain (although this will most likely send up red flags with big bro). A kid, aged 15, concocted a home made stink bomb. He set it off in the hallway of his school, causing only minor damage, in the form of mild skin irritation, and possibly one asthma trigger. Nobody died, or was injured severely, or was maimed, etc.. Now he is being charged with detonating a chemical bomb in a public area. What the $#^&?!!!!!!!!! When I was in attendance at Hersey, there wasn't a year that passed without somebody setting off a stink bomb near the end of the year, or many times in between summers. Not all of those stenches were store bought either! By the age of 15, a large amount of hooligans have learned how to create such a device. The anarchist's cookbook is not the only way either. Chemistry, physics, biology, history, home ec., and so on, teach such things as well. Not everybody has the mental capacity to decipher the potential applications of such chemical mixes, but a large gaggle of kids do. Hell, the home made "volcano" is nothing more than a chemical reaction. Although setting off a chemical reaction that creates more stink than lava flow is more annoying, this poor kid is facing possible jail time for his action! Acts of brutal violence happen every damn day, usually resulting in murder of one kind or another. A stink bomb may, well, stink, but it ain't gonna kill you! This damned post 9/11 society we live in has brought big brother out for all to see, and now a kid is facing damnation for an innocent prank, which twenty, thirty, or even just 10 years ago would have resulted in nothing more than a slap on the wrist! This has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to get that off my chest for a few days now, but have been more concerned with keeping people content lately. But enough is enough! Okay, now I'm all pissed off, so I will end this here.

Love, Peace, Music, Laughter, Food, Freedom, and Good Times to all!!!!!!

Peace out!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More Trees, Less People Please.

Hey y'all!

Another beautiful day brought to us by Mother Nature! If you're a puddle anyway, or a drought stricken field. I've always felt connected to the world around me, excluding most humans that is. I'll admit, and my family can confirm, that when I was a "little" kid, I would run up to trees and hug them, and talk to them! I haven't done that in somewhere around 23-24 years now, nor have I really had the urge to do so either! I do, however, mentally extend my apologies to the tree I wrapped a car around on Palatine Rd., and nod to it every time I drive past it. It was only a few years old when that happened, and today it stands tall and proud, displaying the scar I gave it, albeit several feet higher up it's trunk these days. Ironically, it was the trunk of my car that inflicted the carnage to that innocent tree. That accident was brought to you by the amazing impatience of man kind. Why people feel the need to speed up to block you from merging, after you've engaged the proper signaling device, and checked your blind spot, boggles my noodle!!! And then to watch the effect of their actions unfold in front of them, while I did everything I could to correct my car (too bad I had only been licensed for about a year and 3 months at the time, and therefor had a small piece of a fraction of the knowledge I now retain about the physics of large metal objects careening faster than all the horses in an engine can go), and then not even stop to see if I was okay after colliding with said tree at slightly elevated speeds. No one did for that matter. People, I tell ya.

Moving on, I almost witnessed yet another accident on my way home today, and this time it was me that was about to be t-boned!!! By another Golf driver!!! Doesn't anybody read, and comprehend the Rules of the Road these days? Or know how a four way, controlled intersection works, and who gets the right of way in all possible scenarios for that matter?! Anyway, collision was avoided, and the proper right of passage was achieved. This is why I don't like to talk on my phone while driving, as the other driver was when they blew off the stop sign today. Well I guess I shouldn't say that they blew it off per say, more like slowed down from 40, to about 15 mph (in a neighborhood school zone at that). I had been waiting patiently, at a complete stop in the left hand turn lane, for the rest of the people to remember how a four-way stop sign works (when there are turn lanes involved) before I made my turn. I don't even think the other guy saw me, at all. In a similar vein, I had to run out to get some toner from one of our vendors today, and while meandering up Rte 21, I saw a woman who was driving a manual car. I don't know why I always find that so peculiar, as I'm not sexist against female drivers (I am equally prejudice towards all that act like bloody morons on the roadways, regardless of hormonal predisposition). I have often wondered though, why, when women tend to be way better at multitasking, almost every woman, of any age, has told me that changing gears is just too complicated a task. Weird.

My cat is now giving me his "feed me NOW, or I'll hurt you" look. Okay, now he doesn't have to anymore. I wonder how fast Brent will regret telling me that he has no problem with my bringing Marley with me? I once used to try to "keep up" with brushing him, but it is an endless endeavor. I can brush him for an hour, create hair sculptures with, continue to brush him, and five minutes after I'm done, it's like I never picked up a brush!!! On a side note, the attachment "mini vac" head for my vacuum has decided to quit, it's a sad day. I can't figure it out either. It's not clogged, nor tangled, the belt isn't cracked or broken, or stretched, or worn. The suction from the hose is just fine as well. It just doesn't want to work anymore. Perhaps it is protesting the insane amounts of white hair it's picked up over the last couple of years that I've had it. Who knows. I will be searching for a replacement part soon enough!

Okay, enough of the ramblings for today. I'm going to get off my ass, and take a walk, in the rain and the mud. I find it soothing. That and, I'm almost outta smokes. I know Aji, I should quit right now! Not gonna happen today, sorry. I hope you all had a fabulous hump day, and that everyone smiled a least once! (Regardless of the rains that may have fallen in your area!)
Oh, Julia, you now reserve the right to smack me upside the back of my head, not once, or twice, but three times! Hee hee...

Peace out y'all!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Who Needs a Title?

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone is having a good day/night so far, on this Tuesday! I'd love to say that I am, but for the most part it has been absurdly standard. Until about 5 minutes before I left work that is. I answered a phone call from a guy who had heavy southern accent, who wanted to know how he was supposed to share the Famous Amos cookies I'd shipped with his last order with the 200 people he had working for him? It's been a while since I've talked first hand with a person with a drawl, and at first I thought he was saying the actual name of the cookie makers, but I soon figured out that he was saying famous anus! Now normally I don't find such crude humor the least amusing, at work anyway, but I ran with it. Suddenly I could hear people in the background laughing their asses off at my responses, and discovered I was on speaker phone! Luckily, when he requested one of my bosses, he started off the conversation the same way, and Matt ran with it too (not unexpectedly)! Whew! A short time later, I was in my car traveling home. I got about a block away from my apartment, and noticed that there had been an accident just in front of the entrance to my building. Yes, day two of seeing an accident on my way home from work! This one wasn't nearly as severe, but it did involve one of my neighbors. Luckily, the entrance was accessible, but more luckily there were no serious injuries involved today. Anyway, I made my way inside, and proceeded to write another "letter" to a certain short/cute/witty/smart somebody that has been taking up some considerable real estate where concern over moving should be in my mind of late, and that made me feel......well...happy! (I think you know who you are, the Beatles even wrote a song to your namesake...)

Speaking of happiness, I can barely start to imagine the mind boggling thrill that my old friend, Chantelle, must be experiencing! She just found out yesterday that the paranormal investigation group she started, P.E.G., was chosen by Pilgrim Productions and SciFi to be the group for the next version of Ghost Hunters!!! Hell yeah Chantelle, you rock on with your bad self!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?! It's so awesome in fact, that I kinda feel bad about continuing on with my blog!

Begrudgingly, I digress.

On WGN Radio today, the topic of injuries sustained around the house which caused you to consider making your house a safer dwelling came up. I had flashbacks of all the injuries attained in the house I grew up in, by all the family members, and a smile came to my face. The memory of the oven shooting fireballs at us, and the odd looks we were given at the ER waiting room while I was waiting for any number of stitches. Oh, those were the days... Luckily everybody involved survived, my parents didn't get imprisoned for abuse, and we can all laugh about everything now! To my dismay, however, one of the next topics was about pesky insects. The first caller was a woman who had been covered in ticks. Been there, done that! Not fun!!!!!! That was about 8 years ago, and to this day, anytime somebody brings up ticks or chiggers, my skin starts reliving the sensations! Arrrgg, stupid sensory recall!!!!!! (Marley has discretely positioned himself just under my legs, and I damn near squashed him, stupid cats! I tell ya!) You'd think that Marley would have sensory recall, from every time I didn't look down before removing my legs from resting on my coffee table, and ended up crushing him with my deceivingly heavy feet and legs! Again, cats, I tell ya!

Well I think that does it for now. I'm going to now crank up the Flogging Molly that just came on my stereo, and sing and dance like an idiot, until my spine says otherwise! Have yourselves a great night, and take care of yourselves, laughing along the way!

Peace out y'all!

Monday, 11 May 2009

The Bank, The Fuzz, and Other Stuff

Hey Y'all!

Although my recent drought of posts is only one day long, I'd like to extend my apologies to everyone who was saddened yesterday (or this morning) when they checked here for more of my irrelevant ramblings, only to find none here. Now imagine whatever apology you'd deem acceptable for such inconsideration, and insert it here. Okay, now that that's taken care of, I'll commence with the ramblings.

On Saturday, when I gathered my mail, there was an envelope from my bank. Figuring it was just a statement for the one account I still cause the death of innocent trees for, I tossed it aside. Yesterday, while straightening things up a bit, I decided to open it, just to see what was what. It turns out that I've broken the law. A Federal law at that! Now, not to give away what bank it is in regard to my Keep the Change account (aka, shitty "savings account"). Okay, let me explain. I used to only have one checking account, well really, that was the only account I had at all. When I got my last car (and how I miss that TDI), and found out how much it was going to cost for an oil change and other routine maintenance (once the new car warranty expired) on a diesel would cost, I opened a second checking account, and started having a small chunk of my direct deposit get routed into the second account every pay period. Things were going well, and then life happened, and I ended up living alone, losing that car, and living paycheck to paycheck. Then, of all things, my bank at the time got bought out by my current bank. Suddenly the keep the change program was available to me, and I figured, why not? Things were going along well for a while, and then I hit hard times once again. So, with that said, for the last few months, I've been juggling around monies from my three accounts, online. Mainly to help avoid becoming overdrawn. It seems that last month, I exceeded the Federal limit on withdrawals, from the "savings" account. Funny. No really, I'm laughing... Hardy har har... I could see if I was moving around large amounts of finances, between various banks, and off shore accounts and the like. That is obviously not the case. I'm moving my own "change" around internally, in the same damn bank where all my accounts are held! Chump change! I'm not in trouble yet, but should I do that again, there will be problems. What a bunch of crap! Mess with actual money launderers people! I'm just trying to save myself $33 for going overdrawn for an hour before my payroll hits!!! And it's not even like my "savings" account bears any interest!!! Bull hockey I tell you, bull hockey! Stupid banks and laws (grumble grumble grumble...).

Okay enough about the bank and the fuzz. Yesterday I went to a local super market, and when I emerged from the mass mayhem, I got back to my car and found a business card tucked between my windshield and one of my wiper blades. It read "I saw your headlights! It looks like they could use some work..." Talk about innuendos. Of course, it was in reference to my cars headlights, which are slightly scratched and faded, but luckily not sagging (despite it's age). I will not be calling the number on the card. I will take care of my own headlights, thank you very much! I'm slightly more concerned with the fact that I can't buy color matched paint for my car! Speaking of cars, I saw yet another nasty accident, and once again, before the emergency crew made an appearance. I saw this one on my drive home from work today. 3 cars, 0. Brick wall, 3. Bad odds for the passengers involved.

On a bit more of a positive beat, I went to bed with a towel at the foot of it on Saturday night (almost wrote "with gum in my mouth"). Not only did I have good dreams of travels and new adventures, but I found out, yesterday, that one of my old friends has actually read most of the Hitchhikers books! I really didn't expect that, but then she put up a link on FB, and it seems a whole lot of people are slowly reading the first book, online, one chapter at a time! Talk about coincidence! So that was wicked cool for me to see, hee hee.

Well there's no Cubs game tonight, so I'm not sure what to watch. I have the one show I watch on Monday, House, set to record (as I can't stand the commercial breaks, when I can avoid them anyway). Other than that, I've got nothing planned, shocking I know. However, instead of boring everybody reading this by going off about other things for the next few hours, I will find something else to do now!

Mom, the library didn't have the book in, and it's not due back until after I move. I will find a way to get my hands on it though! :)

Lisa, I was glad to see that you are sharing your Cubs blanket, and that you aren't hogging it all for yourself :)

Julia, how the heck are ya? I look forward to future talks, as per usual :)

Aji, there, I worked on my blog :)

Peace, music, food and love to all! Oh, and don't forget to laugh!

Peace out y'all

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hey y'all

I just met my quota for the year on something! What might that thing be you ask? I ate a hotdog! It was a true Chicago style dog, but whoever prepared it seems to have gone a little crazy with the celery salt, boo. Now I have that taste stuck in my mouth. On the other hand, the cheese fries were pretty good! Okay, enough about what I ate for dinner tonight. Now begins the worry about moving, and who I'm going to be living with. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't care much about the mood swings, and the drama that comes through the front door from time to time, but at this point there are unfortunate consequences involving the potential denial of a drug regiment. Should that happen, I would be struggling with finances more so than I am now. I don't want it to come to that, but that's just the way my mind works. Expect the worst possible situation first. I guess you could say that I never see the glass half full, or half empty, but instead see the rock coming outta nowhere and shattering said glass. I'm not the one with the drug regiment, but most people don't know what will happen if the drug controlled individual stops taking those drugs. It would be extraordinarily bad, for them more than me. But as I've already started the proverbial ball rolling, I can't/won't back out now. Opportunity knocks rarely, and cold feet only last so long. (Hey Julia, how's that for phrase use? :)) Oh, right, missed one, I guess I'll just have to cross those bridges when they come, wait...and remember how to swim should one break... Okay, that should do it! Nope, I'll remember to keep my chin up, head above the water, roll with the punches, and try to be the best (friend) that I can be!!!

In the mean time, I'm watching the Cubs game, and hoping they can pull this one out, which isn't looking too good at the moment. I went to the bank today, and got the last, or maybe the second to last, roll of quarters that I'll need to wash my clothes! Hey, I'm trying to see the small things in a positive light, so pardon me for getting excited about that. I had kind of a weird start to my day, and without going into much detail here, it included a feeling of guilt. I had nothing to feel guilty about, I just did. I guess it was for feeling nervous about moving. Or possibly because of the drama I tried to stop last night. Or maybe it was just because I woke up with back pain, and didn't even tell anybody I was leaving this morning. In any case, I got home, wrote a quick message to Julia, and then crawled into my own bed, and got myself some rather relieving comfortable sleep. Since then, my back has felt better, my guilty feeling has faded, but my brain is still running in circles. So I'm just going to watch the rest of the Cubs game, have a couple beers, maybe watch a movie, and then start the whole sleep cycle over again.

Until next time, peace out y'all!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Hey y'all

I just felt like taking this when I got home. It seems I am the only person with nothing to do today. The Passat you can see in the background belongs to a guy, who I think is deployed somewhere. That poor VW has been without it's owner for about a year now. I saw it's owner get picked up last by some guys in a massive pickup truck, registered to the NAVY, he got in with his larger than average duffel bag, and he hasn't been back. So I figure I have nothing to really bitch about.

Have yourselves wonderful weekends!

It's Friday, crank some good tunes and find something to laugh about!

Peace out!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sex Thursday!

Hey y'all!

####DISCLAIMER: This post contains content of an adult variety, and nobody uncomfortable with talk of sex should read this. You have been warned!

It's Thursday, which means it's Sex Thursday...on WGN Radio that is (ha, gotcha!). As most of you know already, at work we listen to WGN radio all day, it plays through the speakers on the phones, as well as being the "hold music" for our customers. I wasn't looking forward to that when I got out of the van, and into the office, hmmm, nearly five years ago. But it's grown on me. Anyway, Kathy and Judy (the mid morning hosts) have a bit they do every Thursday, when they have listeners call in and give a tale about a wide variety of topics regarding, you got it, sex. Now I've been sex free for (I didn't want to think about this, but it's too late) approximately 160 consecutive Thursdays, and mondays and tuesdays and so on. However, I kinda sorta remember what it's like. Usually I just get a kick out of listening to that part of the program, but today, I could have been a caller. I was busy though, and really couldn't take the time to do so. Anyway, the topic today was injuries suffered during. They immediately excluded carpet burn and other common injuries. A couple of guys called in with having broken their, um, manhood. Then there was a poison oak incident, a ripped tongue (on a female, go figure, and no, not incurred while kissing either), but nobody called in with what I wanted to share! So I'm taking the liberty of my blog to do so. No names. It was the summer after highschool, and my girlfriend then, and I were taking advantage of a parent free condo. In the middle of a position change, I, being the tall, long legged guy I am, was just bring my leg up in order to, well change position. She, at the exact wrong moment, stopped moving, and turned around to look at me, and whack! My knee smacked right into her nose, and broke it! The amazing thing was that she just laughed, while the blood started gushing! It wasn't a bad break, like disfigured for life break, just enough to crack the cartilage a little. That taught me a valuable lesson though...make sure to keep your knees away while in the throws of passion! Oh, that is an image I will never lose. Oh, and in case anybody was wondering, my knee came away unscathed :)

Okay, now that you know why I included a disclaimer at the beginning of this post, I'll move on to non-sex topics. I got a coupon in the mail today, and I can get a mani-pedi for only $35! Wow! I'm all over that! Ooh, or I could get a full set of "gel" (assuming also for my nails) for only $36! Oh damn, they are closed on Mondays, and that's the only day I could possibly get in before the coupons expire. Oh well. Work went alright today. I am still mystified that a math teacher, working off a pre-approved order list (with pricing), can't get the grand total of their order correct. Yes, you read that right, math teacher! Sheesh, they don't even have to deal with taxes or anything! No wonder that kid at the drive thru window at the local BK couldn't figure out the proper change for me! Speaking of kids, man oh man are the Libertyville HS kids being loud and ruckus this afternoon! And it seems that half of them are driving old muscle cars right now too! Why in the hell would any parent get their kid a damn muscle car?! Do they not realize that although little or no damage will come to the passengers (assuming they use their seatbelts) when said muscle car mysteriously veers into a tree, or another car, but still! Hell, most adults don't know how to handle the amount of horsepower some of those cars have lurking under the hoods. Huh, I've been sitting here staring at my computer screen for about 7 minutes now, and nothing else is coming to mind. I think that may be a sign for me to end this post...

Well I hope I didn't offend anybody with the first half of this. Oh, screw that, if you were offended, you are an adult, get over it! I have absolutely no reason to believe that the girl (woman now) that story involved reads this, or even knows that I maintain a blog, but just in case, I hope your nose is doing alright today!

Okay, peace out y'all, and go enjoy a good meal and some good music! And if you haven't laughed yet today, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Shortest Blog to Date

Hey y'all

I went to the Red Bobbin restaurant down the block form my work today, to get a bowl of clam chowdah for lunch. I'd noticed this in the past, but today totally seemed to confirm my theory; All of the girls/women that work there are all the exact same height, 5'2". It's the weirdest thing. Almost as though every person that applies to work there is only doing so because of their height. Oh, and the guys all seem to be 5'7". What the hell is up with that?! Maybe it's just a phenomenon at that only occurs at the intersection of 21 and Aptakisic...almost like it's a twilight zone...........

Oh, Julia, I think you might be close the that height, no offence intended (unless you secretly work at that particular food stop :) ).

Peace out y'all!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hey y'all,

I just don't know how to blog tonight. I tried once already, but decided to spare everybody from my mind, and what it wants so badly to scream out. Let's just pretend that it was something good, and not anything else. I didn't have to be at work when my drivers did this morning, but as I was driving in, casually late, I got a phone call from one of them. They had both neglected to bring their work keys with them, so they were wondering why I wasn't there yet. Why the hell would we have given them a key to get in, if they aren't going to put them on their everyday key rings???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap that pissed me off!!! Then, of all things, I had yet another person exclaim how great my voice is, and how I should get into radio or something! I don't need to be told that anymore, really!!!!!!!!!! I get it, I should be in radio, but I don't want to do that! I want to work with my hands, and feel like I've actually accomplished something by the time I head home for the day. Stupid scoliosis fucked all those dreams up though. Short of a spinal transplant, that won't change. If my insurance would cover the kind of chiropractic work I require, I would gladly go back, but the coverage runs out after a few months, and then the insurance company loves trying to screw me even more by asking for a shitload of money (which I plainly don't have). Oh well. Julia, thanks for finding what I said about that terrible tv show so amusing last night! I didn't get your response until this morning, but it was enough to get me rolling today! I think I'll stop now, before I really start going off about all the other things going on in my head right now. I really don't think any of you want to read about that crap. I know of one thing that would slow my mind down enough to calm me down to manageable levels, but it's not legal. Again I ask, why is pot illegal, yet alcohol legal?! Trust me, all of you who only know me, through this blog, or on FB only, if I could strictly tok, and not ever drink again, I would be a way more manageable person to deal with. I know you probably don't believe that, but hey, on that one topic I know better than you do as to what works for me.

Peace out, and good music for all of you.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Good Ridance to the Past

Hey y'all

I had mixed emotions about posting what I did yesterday. But I heard the voices of all those who have read at least most of all the things I wrote in those old art books, and how many times they told me to share it. Though most of them weren't privy to those particular entries, I couldn't help but feel they may have been right. Not all of those voices are still alive today, some of what they taught me still holds true. I was going to delete said posting, but I think I'll leave it up, regardless of how bad it may make me look, and how poorly written both "poems" may be...
Oddly enough, the person my "poem" was inspired by (at the start of the verse), is the same person I am moving in with at the end of this month! Brent! I was absolved of all suspicion a few days after I wrote that. He, and another of my old friends found me walking east bound on Camp McDonald Rd.. He whipped his car around, came to a screeching halt, and they both got out of the car and rushed me from behind. I thought I was still being blamed for robbing his house, so I was preparing myself to get the crap kicked outta me, but to my surprise, he just grabbed me and hugged me, and told me that he knew it wasn't me, and took me to get some food. That meant a lot to me back then, and still brings a bit of a choke to my throat today. That was one of the defining moments, that let me know that I have a friend I can count on, through thick and thin. I will never act the way I did back then (well at least not on the legal front, and shush those of you who know one of my bad habits :), but I do need to remind myself of such times now and again. But that was then, and certainly not now!

With such a build up, I fear I must now let you down, as I can't really think of anything positive to talk about from recent times... Okay, well I made a new (online only, currently) friend, Julia, by a totally freak random argument I got into with somebody else online, and a slight case of mistaken identity. So that's cool. I made a woman's afternoon today, by bringing her her order, which she had been previously told she wouldn't get until tomorrow. That was cool, but then she brought up what everyone voice, and how I should be on the radio or something (arrrrgggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW ALREADY!)... Sorry, I just hear that nearly every damn day! Okay, a few deep breathes and I'm better now. Let's see, what else...I walked into my warehouse today, and pumping out of my IPod was I Dreamed a Dream, not being performed by Susan Boile (boyle?)!!!!!!! But by a woman who actually sang it in the first recorded performance in London! Wow, imagine that! Not that I have the entirety of Les Miserable on my IPod, but a couple tracks did make it onto a compilation my friend Brent, made a few years back. Specifically, the Lazy Sunday Discs. Okay moving on, other good/happy things from today.........................................................................................okay, I got nothin'.

So I guess I'll stop here, as it seems like as good a time as any. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and had lots of laughing and otherwise good times, and had a good meal or two to boot!

Go listen to your favorite song! Right now! And crank it as loud as you can, without the police being called!!!!!!!

Peace out y'all!

(Julia, sorry, but I had to use the backspace key a few times here and there, but I'm not gonna proof read it, hope that works for you :))

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Old Things

Hey y'all

I'm going to take this in a different direction today. I went out for another cruise earlier, and today I cruised through my old hood. I drove into Boxwood as well, and past my old home. The small garden off the front porch is still in bloom, but plainly not tended to. It's just growing on it's own, which I put into motion all those years ago. Anyway, doing that put me into a nostalgic state of mind, once again. So I dusted off my old art books, and started flipping through them. In the second book (of 2 only), I came across something I wrote 10 years ago, come September (wake me up when September ends, ha ha ha). It's from a bad time in my life, that I rarely talk about, but remind myself of when shit hits the fan, it can always be worse. I was homeless when I wrote this (Mom, don't cry. I fully respect the choice you made back then, and it's okay), and something really coincidental happened, and not in a good way. I'm about to share this for all the people that told me I should share my writing more. So here goes...

late sept. 1999

By trial, and grave error, I end up on my own
facing the backs of friends I have known and loved for years
I became the most likely suspect in a crime I haven't committed
my position makes my apparent guilt more easily grasped by the victim
so as he looks down in disgust I turn and walk away in confusion
while countless streets go by I walk dazed and numbed by the absurd society
in which I unwantingly exist, I reflect on recent events.
Disowned by my parents for a mistake I made in a past moment of desperation,
not yet reimbursed, and unacceptable in the eyes of those from which I borrowed
without asking.
Now, with nearly all my material possessions stripped I search for the kindhearted,
a quite elusive type of person.
I find it bizarre that where I live it is illegal to sleep anywhere other than a house
and that my College believes that being outside is a privilege.
I'm glad I don't remember much of my life
though unfortunately the times which I can recall are mainly bad ones
for the general rule that governs my life is that anything good that happens to me
is soon followed by something twice as bad
I will go on until my time here ends
and though I feel that my life will ultimately get better, eventually
it seems impossible to penetrate the fog that engulfs me now.

Okay, so I'm not really a poet, so shush. I just find it weird that in all my writing from then, and earlier, I always knew I would endure loneliness. Stupid foresight. Anyway, flipping through the back half of the book, which consists of blank pages, I came across a poem (I thought they might be lyrics, but upon multiple searches, I don't believe they are) written by a woman (or a guy with really girly handwriting), but I don't know who penned it, as I don't recognize the handwriting. It's not noted, or signed, or dated for that matter. I have no clue who wrote it, or when, but there it is...

And should I ever make my decision
I pray that I might never forget my previous stage of despair
Because from now on another door has opened
But just the same as the awkward feeling you feel sometimes,
hearing a secret you shouldn't have heard

I too believe that once the stage ends life can continue.
But you alone are the crack in my mind
in the essence that I can only tell time when you're there.
So ask yourself a question, you can say it's from me,
I'll sign the letter with a star-pointed pen, tell the answer
as to whether of not you've ever felt like me.


I sure as hell hope I didn't just plagiarize somebody by putting that here! I may feel somewhat nostalgic, but I'm not feeling like the scofflaw I once was. If those are lyrics, and anybody can tell me if they are, please do! Much thanks.

Okay, well that's enough show and tell for now. In other news, today I saw just about every Harley Davidson in the greater midwest, cruising down 176. I forget what the name of the event is, the Great Northern Ride, or something like that. They come through every year, and it's loud!!! Okay, that's all for today (I think)!

Peace, love, good food, great musics, and large smiles and laughter for all!

Peace out y'all

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Big Three Present Themselves...

Hey y'all!

It's Saturday here, and I got to sleep in today! Here's to the power of sleeping in! My spine feels much much better, and for once I didn't remember any of my dreams, which also means I didn't wake up feeling all weird and shit! Marley wasn't yelling at my door either, because I gave him food before I went to sleep last night. Good move on my part. His cry is usually not that bad, but he tends to reserve the worst of them for morning, when he's hungry and pissed that I cut him off from me for a few hours. Cats, I tell ya. I got up slowly, turned on a mix tape (that's right, an actual cassette tape), appropriately named after today, Saturday. I listened to a live version of No Sleep by Jane's Addiction, and loved it. I hadn't heard that song in quite a while, and it was good. After showering, dressing and eating a bowl of cereal, I took a walk down to one of the gas stations, to get some juice. As I left the gas depot, and cut back through the strip of forest, back to the walking path, I saw an amusing sight. An older guy, grey haired and sporting a ponytail, riding a ten speed that looked to be the same age as the guy, giving his two Jack Russell Terriers some exercise. The dogs were held by an elongated "Y" style leash, that the guy on the bike held rather precariously. And to top the whole picture off, on the rear luggage rack mounted on the bicycle, was a box from Dunkin' Donuts! I found it rather amusing :)

However, when I got home, I had an email waiting for me, that elicited quite the laugh from me! Julia, that was a hilarious image you put in my mind, of you running around looking for your cat, in such attire to boot! I wish I could have seen that in person :) ! Anyway, later this afternoon, I went to get some Pepsi, but when I got into my car and fired it up, I was more inspired to just go for a drive. I ran back in and grabbed my camera, just in case I came across anything worth photographing. I never left Lake County, but I did get to put my car's turbo to work for once, and I got to play my favorite of all games: Last Second Pothole Dodging! I found a section of Rte. 12 that seems to have been completely neglected after this last winter. After about an hour of cruising, instead of finding Pepsi, I wound up finding Taco Bell. But at least they have Pepsi, hee hee. After pulling my car around, and finding a parking spot suitable for me to park and eat, I was glad to have my camera with me.

Chevy, Ford and Chrysler, the big three, with Chrysler in the worst current state of affairs...

And for some reason, my shoe wanted to be randomly photographed as well...

After eating, I head towards home making one last stop, at Walgreens, to get the Pepsi I had initially set out to get. Upon arriving back home, I took the passenger door (of my car, of course) apart, to find the source of the buzzing during certain frequencies of bass. Turned out to just be some wiring, and with a piece of strategically placed electrical tape, I mended the buzzing, yay! Then I headed back inside, and proceeded to shave my head. I didn't just stop with the top of my head this time, I did something I usually reserve for having to stand in front of a judge (and no, that is not all that common of an occurance:)), I shaved my chin too. No really, I did! See?......

Off with the hair on my chinny chin chin!
(I hate razor burn on my neck!)

That has been my day so far. Julia, I'm still randomly giggling about that image you put in my head! Now I'm going to pick something to watch on tv, or maybe put in a movie. I've got some chicken defrosting right now, and in a couple of hours from now, I should be eating it! Cooked, of course...

Good food, music and laughs for those who deserve it!

Peace out y'all!

Oh, and the Cubs won today!!! Go Cubs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

One Month, and Counting

Hey y'all!

It's Friday, and I can sleep in tomorrow!!! Yay! Okay, that's about all I have to look forward to this weekend, that I am aware of at this point anyway. But sleeping in is way better than getting up before the sun does, so I repeat...YAY! Work went alright this week, no major catastrophes at least. With the exception of waiting for the paper guy to show up with the skid of paper this morning. I had to make my drivers wait around for an extra hour and a half, so that they could take the paper they needed to our customers. But hey, at least it happened on a Friday, and not on the flipside of the weekend. Right? Yesterday somebody had ordered one heavy mahogany desk, which I helped move on the dock to get it loaded, and I tweaked my upper back, in just the area I can't really stretch properly, and the vertebrae that likes to twist itself started moving, and it's been causing all kinds of rather unpleasant sensations since yesterday afternoon. I may have said this a few times before, but I really hate my spine!!!!! I could go for an adjustment, and a deep tissue massage right about now, or just the adjustment, of maybe even just the massage. It's been way to many years since either has happened for me.

CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to regularly scheduled blogging, and thank you for your patience.

In one month I will be moving! I hate moving, well I more dislike packing, but either way, it's a tedious process that I've done enough times to officially be sick of it! On the plus side, I'll be saving a pretty penny or three, so I suppose I shouldn't bitch too much about the actual event of moving. On the down side, I'll be even farther away from the conveniences of the city than I was when I lived in Lakemoor. But hey, again, I'll have money still available to me every time I get paid, and that hasn't really been the case for a few years now. I am slightly okay with that. That reminds me, I need to make some phone calls, and get some things taken care of. So I guess I should get a move on with that (no pun intended).

I hope everyone had a good day, and that it lasts through the weekend! And don't forget to smile at least once today! I already have, a few times at least. oh, and good music and eats for all!

Peace out