Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Last Minute!

Hello, friends and followers!  I can't tell you how difficult it's been trying to re-edit my own book.  It's an ongoing process that I may stop one day.  I tried to send it to my sister for editing, but there was a programming conflict, and the file ended up as read only on her computer.  I've changed some of the errors I've made, but I've gotten a whole whopping one fifth of the way through it.  Amazon will let me edit it, but with the pricing promotion starting tomorrow, those of you who buy it will just have to deal with the typos!  I would tell you to suck it up, buttercup, but really it's me that needs to do that.  You have a one time pass to call me buttercup, but only once.  I've made some good progress on the new book I'm working on, and my personal editor is telling me that it should end up on bookshelves with way better sales, but that may be biased.  I am, however, feeling much better about this new work, which is why I'm taking a lot longer to write it.  That, and a new temporary job that has me getting up dark and early at 4:30 a.m..  Anyway, I thought I'd remind you all that the countdown sale starts tomorrow, on turkey day!  So put your bird in the oven, or be like me and put it on the grill, then buy Daemon Infiri for only $0.99!!!  Probably the cheapest thing you have ever, or will ever buy on the last Thursday of November (assuming you reside in the only country that celebrates Thanksgiving anyway)!  In case you missed it before, here's the link:

Enjoy your meals, and peace out!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Book Sale News!

I want to let all of you know that starting on November 28th, Daemon Infiri will be on sale at for $0.99!!!  That price will last for 36 hours, and only go up by a dollar every 36 hours after that for one week!  So don't miss out!  Tell your friends!  Well tell them if they actually enjoy reading anyway.  So mark that date if you haven't bought it yet!

November 28th
Daemon Infiri $0.99

With any luck, all punctuation errors will have been removed by then.  My apologies to anybody who has read it and wondered 'does this guy know how to use an apostrophe?'  Yeah, I fudged that one up a few times.  Anyway, if you haven't bought it yet, wait until it's only $0.99!

In other news, the new book is underway.  No, it's not a sequel to Daemon Infiri.  It's a whole new book, with all new characters.  When I near completion I will share the first chapter for free, right here!  That's not going to be tomorrow, or next week, or even before Christmas (unless I write this new book as fast as I pumped out the first one,) but it'll be yours to preview here first!

Take care of yourselves, enjoy the company you keep, have some good eats, your favorite beverage, and don't forget to have yourself a few laughs while you're at it!  Peace out for now, y'all!  And stay safe this upcoming holiday season! 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Daemon Infiri Information

Hello readers of this rarely maintained blog!  As I've mentioned before, I've lost my personal space in which to write my blog posts, so I rarely have uninterrupted time to fashion a decently written and edited post these last three years.  The book I wrote on here, formerly known as New Life, now known as Daemon Infiri, was a way for me to get off the job listing websites, and do something I enjoy instead.  As the month it took me to write what became 32 chapters went by, I applied for at least one job every day.  I got a mere two responses, and ended up with neither job.  So I used my free time to find a good freeware program, do a fairly thorough edit and partial rewrite of the book, before sending it back off into cyberspace to find a new home at

After getting a few requests from real friends and facebook friends to make it available in print, I did.  It took a bit of hunting down, but I found another Amazon owned website that allows new writers to get published in print, on a print to order basis.  So that is now available, although Amazon's main website only listed the print version for a single day.  I don't know quite why, but maybe both versions will be available again in the near future.  All I know is that when I get a paying job again, and I have a few hundred dollars to spend on marketing for my first book, I'm going to give it a shot.  In the interim, I have to rely solely on advertising through my limited social networking ability.  With that in mind, here are the respective links for the ebook version, and now the printed version of my best selling (by a margin of 8 books sold!) book, Daemon Infiri!   Daemon Infiri print edition

Daemon Infiri

So there you go.  Please help an unemployed artist out, and consider purchasing either version of the book, as it's not quite the same as it was when it was known as New Life!  I hope you all have yourself a good day, some good eats, a few good laughs, and don't forget to smile!  Peace out y'all!