Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Money and Stuff

The fact that my current bank has stopped taking customers coins in bulk quantity has really put me off. The main reason is because that simple action has absolutely ruined my top reason for saving all of that change; road trip gas money. You see, there was a time in my life, not all that long ago, that I would take at least one actual road trip per year. Between those road trips, I would save all of the coins. Then, on the day of departure the next year/time, I would take all of that moola to my bank and cash it in. It usually came to anywhere from $70 to $120, which I would use for gas money. But now I can't do that. What the bleep!?

Today, when I got my mail after work there was a brochure from another local bank, so I called them. Guess what? They'll take my change! So I'll be changing banks. They also offer free service to handle changing over your current account with another bank. I'm curious as to how far they will go to do that. But I can take care of anything I need to, so no worries there.

I haven't changed banks in 9 years, and I have a goal for the new bank. I don't want to ever find out how much they charge for being overdraft. I have a feeling that even if all the people who have and are able to cross their fingers did so, I might still find out. However, I really need to be smart about my money all the time, so I really am going to attempt managing my money from here on out.

In other news, I just got a confirmation phone call from work. It started off just to reiterate a 7:30 start time tomorrow morning. I heard the "but" coming. You must understand something first... the building I work in is a typical office complex building. Our front door neighbors come over all the time. My bosses and I also go next door to talk all the time. Today, at 3, just before I was leaving work, I went next door to see George. He was in one of the offices, and I could tell that the particular office's resident was on the phone, and George was in there too. just on the other side of the window. I ever so gently tapped on the window to get his attention. George opened the door and said he couldn't talk because he was helping with an order being placed over the phone. No problem, I just left, quietly. After I left, Matt, the guy who was on the phone, who I know and talk to on a regular basis, went over to our office and started yelling at my bosses that I was no longer allowed to some over there. Just because. I didn't lose them any business or anything like that, he just flipped out. I'm sorry, but if I did something to upset you that much, yell at me, not my bosses, who had nothing to do with it either. I'm really pissed about this. Fine, I'll respect his wishes, but damn, where the hell did that come from? Does he not realize that his boss comes into our office and interrupts stuff all the time? I mean seriously?!

I have something to end this on a good note! The current mini wine bottle style of my beer bottle makes for an awesome basso sound, when it's used as a wind instrument!!!

Peace out y'all, and remember that you shouldn't yell at people who are undeserving.

P.S.: I have removed the snapfish link, as that link sucked!

Saturday, 24 January 2009


I thought it was a little odd yesterday when I stopped at my bank during my lunch break, and they told me the no longer had a change counter. About half an hour ago I went to the bank near my apartment, and was informed that the whole of Bank of America no longer takes change. What the hell is that? A bank handles money, my change is legal tender. Why won't they take my change? If a business, or a person that pays for laundry can still go to that bank to get rolls of change, why can't I supply them with change for that purpose? Monica told me that I could bring my change in to work. However, I have a whole lot of change. I have way more than the "keep the change" program my bank has. I purchase way more with actual cash then I do with my debit card. I know I could go to any supermarket with a change machine, but I really don't want to lose $0.08 on the dollar, as I would be losing a few dollars that way. Money I'd much rather spend on a couple extra gallons of gas, or dish soap or milk, ya know? If anybody can suggest a place where I can go for an even exchange of my coins to paper, will you please let me know?

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Okay the photos I mentioned can be found under the Blog Archive. There are a couple of double pictures in there as I can't seem to delete them. Also, the funny captions i had for all the pictures were lost somewhere along the way, and I can't seem to add them back. See why I don't like this snapfish program very much?

Anyway, enjoy.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

V-Dub Rocks (and so does Obama!)

Hey there y'all, it's been a while. So I can't post without stating a couple of things first. Yesterday was not only one of the most historic days in all of North American history, but it was the day that I became proud to be an American citizen. The last time was about in 3rd grade, the days before I took my first US history class. I can't put into words how I truly feel about Barack Obama (spell check says I've spelled his name wrong) becoming president. Today was his first day fully in office, and he already did two things I've been bitching about for years now, but nobody else had the balls or foresight to do. He's put in motion the plan to bring all our troops home from Iraq. Amazingly, when the Iraqi government heard this, they agreed that they could fully protect their own people, and are happy to do so. Secondly, he officially put a cap on the salary that any, let me say that again, ANY White House employee could not make more than $100,000 (for those who don't make that much yet anyway)! Whooooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time that we have a leader that can think like an everyday person, and has the intelligence to put everything into perspective.

Okay, so today, in my immediate world, didn't start off all that well. My boss, Matt, misheard me yesterday, and didn't call me to tell me it was a 7:30 start, and I got there at the usual time of 7 am. Then, at around 8, I attempted to skip a track on my I-Pod, only to have it completely freeze up on me. I took it out of it's dock, and for four hours it thought it was still being charged. I thought it was done for, and was really pissed because the warranty expired many moons ago, and 30 gig I-Pods are still really bloody expensive. Okay, so that was really all that was bad this morning, but losing my I-Pod would have been really really shitty! I am a music freak, and going one day without music is not a good thing for me, or the people around me. So you might understand why that would have been so devastating. But then, about 10 minutes before 3 pm, the battery finally crapped out on it, and I tried plugging it in again, and foop, it worked again! YAY! Then, at 3, I left work and headed towards Mt Prospect to take my car to the VW Autobarn. See, the temp control lights had gone out a little over a month ago, and then 2 weeks ago, it went out again, arrg. But guess what, since I paid the $33 once, it was covered for a full year, so that was great. It only took me 20 minutes to get there, all while rocking out to my music, so that was really cool. While I was there I had them do an oil change as well.

While I was waiting, I had a chance to put Cash Cab on the tv, and suddenly all the people in the waiting area wandered over to the tv, and really got into it, so that was cool too. About an hour and 20 minutes later my car was ready. They washed it, vacuumed it, topped off all the fluids, and adjusted a couple things in the engine, all at no cost to me, AND they gave me a 20% discount on top of all that! Whoo hoo again! I love Volkswagen! Remember how I told you it only took me 20 minutes to get there? Well it took me over an hour to get home, but my car ran smoothly, and my I-Pod picked out some great tunes for me to rock out to again, and all in all it was great!!!

Now I'm going to cringe to some American Idol auditions before a new Episode of GHI. I wish i could think of everything I wanted to blog about for the last few days, but darn it, I just can't. Oh, and about the pictures I wanted to post, I can't. i had to scan the photos, and when i tried to share them, the stupid Snapfish program won't let me do anything but post a link to view the pics on their stupid site. If only I'd had a digital camera way back before they existed, there wouldn't be a problem. So sorry to those who's hopes I may have gotten up, but no new old pics here :(

Peace out y'all, and I hope your all having a great time!

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Hello all, and welcome to Lazy Sunday. No flash photography please, and keep your feet and hands out of the aisles per the order of management. All violators will be instantaneously transported to a Vogon poetry boot camp. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a good day.

I wasted quite a bit of petrol today (I've gotten my BBC America back, thanks Mom!) just to get some food. and holy mackerel was it worth it. See below...

mmm mmm good eating!

Anyway, I haven't been up to too much. Same things, different days. I may have made history for the Dominos Corp. on Friday night. I took 2 deliveries, both totaling $20.31, and amazingly, both people gave me $20.35. Giving me a total of $0.08 in tips for the evening. Once again I'd like to take the opportunity to say this: If you can't afford to tip the pizza driver, DON'T ORDER FOR DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, with that said, I'm off to properly enjoy this lazy Sunday, and veg out in front of the boob tube. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and that nobody was forced to try and survive Vogon poetry!

P.S.: I discovered that they are building a second Super Dawg's on Rte 21, just south of Dundee Rd, in Wheeling! I hope to have a Dabrowski clan get together when it opens this summer! I'll try to keep you all posted on the progress!