Sunday, 18 July 2010

New work, New Worries

Hello Again,

Once again it's been a while. Life had been pretty humdrum for the last few weeks. Suddenly laid off from the job I'd held for ten years, still single, still living with the unhinged one upstairs. After one week attempting to pretend that I was simply on vacation, I started looking for a new job. I had applied for unemployment on the Monday following the layoff, and it paid off about as well as I knew it wouldn't. That's the problem with getting alternate forms of payment with the paychecks I'd been receiving for years. I was left unable to even make my car payment with the first check I got from the IDES (formerly known as the unemployment office, now renamed as the Illinois Department of Employment Security), and that just added to the list off bills I could not pay. I signed up for the IDES' employment search/match site, as well as renewing my info with another website that I have used in the past to find part time work. The state offered job site gave me nothing whatsoever to help me. The other site sent me constant emails about job openings, but none of them were anything worth my while. Yes, I can be picky, both from knowing what will drive me mad, and what my spine and knees can handle. I also scoured other online job postings, and wasted about $10 buying daily newspapers. On one of the random 'I need to get out of the house for a while' drives, during which I looked for help wanted signs, I saw a sign in front of a car collision repair shop here in town. I inquired, found out about an apprenticeship opportunity they offer. I sent an email, and got a response, and then another call back, and now I'm working at one of the other locations. Yay! It took me less than a month to find a new job, for which I am happy. Go me! However, the hours are insane, and it took quite a toll on my body in the first two days of work. I will eventually get overtime pay, which is great. I just hope I last that long, without my body quitting on me. I was offered to get training on the mechanical aspect, and on body work, which is something I've wanted for several years now. Again, great! Or so I thought. After thinking about it more realistically, and then seeing what it would take to get that training, I has to rethink the whole thing. I enjoy working on my own car, as I find it rewarding. But even a few hours of that, and my back is in pain for days. I forgot to think about what it would be like to be hunched over, bending past, and crawling under cars day in and day out would be like on my body. Damn back of mine!!! So, I'd like to stay on as a porter for now, but without the crazy amount of car washing and detailing that I'm asked to do when I don't have cars to move, people to drive around, or cars to transport to specialist locations. Oh well, work is work for now, and I really need the money! Bill collectors are becoming worse than the mosquito's are this time of year.

Okay, done with that topic, for now. What do you think of when you hear the names Keanu Reaves and Sandra Bullock in the same sentence? Nope, I'm not talking about illegally rigged bus's or boats. There's another movie out there, that most of you probably aren't familiar with. It's called The Lakehouse. It's kind of the predecessor for some of the blockbusters that came out in years to follow, with out being a huge money maker itself. It's well made though. It deals with a time mishap, plays a little with time travel (more a time portal object), and in my opinion a much better pairing of the leads than Speed managed. It's a love story (shocking, I know), but written more as a pleaser for both men and women alike. Anyway, the last time I watched it, it was with my most recent (if five years since the split is recent) girlfriend. I spent so much time trying to explain it, and the theory of time travel, time paradox theory, and how it works in the movie in a much more realistic way (albeit a way that would still destroy the fabric of time), that I got lost in the explanation and never got to enjoy the movie. Well that has changed now, because I rented it again, and watched it alone. It succeeded in reminding me of how alone I am, which is a recurring topic in the movie, and how much that sucks. I really need to remember how to say simple things, like 'hello' for example, to some of the women I see around town. I get some genuine smiles from them, sometimes. As well as the half smile, and the wink. Sometimes I even get the blatant double take. But for some reason, I have decided that isolation/seclusion is the better route for me. What the hell was I thinking? Earlier this year I decided that this was the year for me to find a new job, and a woman. Well I've found a new job, not for the reason I was planning on, but a new job none the less. Now I need to work on the second part, and soon!

So many little things I could go into, but I think complaining about a new job already, and covering my part time role as a movie columnist should take care of my need to write. Well, for tonight anyway!

Usual shout outs now. Well for one person, it's not that usual. Mom, hang in there! I've told you that already today, and yesterday, and a few times before. But still! You had quite the ordeal with your back and knee, and leg, and foot, before the surgery, and now you've had the surgery, so a little more time healing, and rehabing is not going to be that bad! Lisa, I hope you and dad finish that puzzle, and that you can complete it before mom get's out, so that she can see it in full while she's still in the hospital! Maybe you can mat it, and frame it, or something! Rachel, I hope things are getting better, and that you enjoy(ed) your vacation! To my new "follower", I don't know who you are, but please don't hack my identity! Not that it would get you very far anyway.

To everyone I say don't stop listening to some good music, have some great food, and surround yourself with some good company!

Peace out y'all!