Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire....or is there?

Hey y'all!

Today has been a long one for me. I got up at 5:30, got to work at 6:40, worked until 3:30, and got back home at 4:43. Of course all of that started in the a.m. and concluded in p.m., CST. The one real upside to the day was that I fit a box as long as my car into my car, and without having to stick either end out of a window OR the hatch! Essentially my car was acting the roll of a T.A.R.D.I.S. today, and I liked it, hee hee hee! Damn, now I really want to watch some Doctor Who, but all my stuff is still in the garage, double damn! Not for much longer though, as tomorrow the new carpeting for this basement gets installed!!! I just hope it can all be completed in one day. Crap, I haven't talked with Stephanie about making sure Marley stays upstairs tomorrow...remind me to do that after I finish this posting (oh, doesn't work that way).

Let's see, it's been 11 days since my last post, right? Right. A bunch o' crap has gone down in that time. I'm not sure where to start really. Here goes: the house has been painted on both floors (which of course involved all kinds of patching and sanding and cursing), the window trims have been stained, all the outlet/light switch covers stained or painted and replaced, floors scarped and painted, bathroom fixtures replaced, lots of shopping for supplies, the pool has been cleaned and shocked, and then cleaned again, about a half ton of garbage has been removed, tempers lost and then regained (partly thanks to Marley and his purr factor when held), light fixtures removed and replaced (involving time spent in the attic, squeezing into tight spots, and involving one split lip and some insulation fun), more patch work, and about a cumulative of 600 miles of gas burned for everything it took to get the house to the state it's in now. Then there was always the time spent not working on the house, and just relaxing and laughing, and having some good eats. I even busted out my grill this last weekend!!! I made Kabobs, with a side of potato salad (the potato salad was not grilled), and it was enjoyed by all but Brent, who it turns out doesn't like green pepper, onion, celery or pickles...go figure. But hey, at least he ate the meat from the kabobs, and liked it!

Some time after I got home today, I felt inspired to start a mini bonfire. However, the weather gods seem to have gotten together, and conspired against me, yet again. So the slightly dampened wood would not succumb to the power of tiny fire. I did get a whole lot lot of smoke, but no actual fire. Oh, and just so you know, I am not a proponent of using accelerates to start a recreational fire. So oh well, I'll have to wait for another day. Unfortunately, the forecast this week calls for storms all week. Speaking of storms, it's JUNE! What the hell is going on here??? Oh right, global warming. Wait wait wait, it makes sense. The melting of the northern ice fields will cause massive cold air masses, causing big storms, and lots of cooler weather patterns. But before anybody thinks I buy into this global warming conspiracy, let me just say that this planet has been going through drastic weather changes for many many millenia, long before any of us puny humans were even barely walking around on this rock. So ha!

Okay, there is a rumor of some food going on upstairs, and as I'm tired and hungry...scratch that, exhausted and famished, I am going to go investigate!

Peace out y'all! Until next time, make sure to laugh once in a while, and maybe smile from time to time as well!


eristar said...

Yay, a new post to read!

Good luck with the carpeting, and remember to remind Stephanie to keep Marley upstairs! ;)

The weekend fast approacheth - hope it's a good one! (I have tyo work and am on call, so you know what MY weekend will be like!!!)

SUPENDE - super and stupendous!

Lisa said...

Summer storms are pretty common. Remember 2001 when all the trees fell and on crushed my car? That was in June. Whee!

pundi: more than one pundit.