Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Daemon Infiri Inquery

Hello, all.  This will be very brief.

As I am gathering my thoughts for Mike's Eye, I am still wondering what everybody thought about Daemon Infiri (aka, New Life?)

     Daemon Infiri came to me in one night, where as Mike's Eye has been a long time coming.  The difference is that some inspirations come fast and short, where as others come fast, then slowly simmer.  I have had a million thoughts on where to go with Mike's Eye (of which some of you got a tiny peek at the first chapter, when I thought I was going to finish it, many, many months ago,) yet I am crafting it very slowly.

     I hope everybody is doing well, and I that you enjoy your family/friends, and take time to enjoy your favorite beverage, music, and food!  Peace out, y'all!  Take care of yourselves!

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