Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gas and Stuff...

Hey Y'all!

One of these days I might get back to posting on a regular basis. The main issue regarding the lack of writing (and chatting, sorry to you guys too!) is that my computer is in the basement, and I tend to spend most of my time where the sun shines, or rain falls as the recent situation with the wonderful world of weather has provided us midwesterners of late. In short this means that I am not in front of my keyboard non stop like I used to be. This is not a bad thing for me, but I fear I may be losing readers :( Okay, on with the blogging!

I hate Comcast. I could just leave it at that I suppose, but why would I do a thing like that? I wouldn't, ha!!! Here's the low down. I like having my own network, see? I have my own 'puters, my own modem, and my own router. But, as it is, there's some bull hockey regulation in IL that disallows me, and everyone else, from having 2 modems operating in one house at any given time. Put simply that means I can't have my own network. Now, that wouldn't be too bad, except every time the other modem, or router, or Brent's computer has an issue, it knocks out my connection. If his computer is off, I have no connection. If something happens, and he's still doing something online, I have to wait for him to finish before I can reset everything. See, I was cruising along just fine with my own network, but then Comcast had to stick their big nose into things, and killed the good thing I had going. I could get my own account, but not another modem. How wacky is that???! It also means that I can't use my printer, which is not a good thing either (No, my printer is not compatible with Vista :( ) That affects my ability to print out confirmation's. It also means that I can't scan any photos to post online either here or on FB!!! Not cool at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I was looking forward to reading a "letter" from a certain lady (you know who you are...) today, as she told me that she'd devote her Friday night to doing just that. Oh well, I suppose I'll survive. The Cubs won today!!! The sun is shining for once today :) And after I'm finished here, I believe I'll go bask in it for a while. Also I got 34+ mpg from my last tank of gas! I went out for a drive today, just for the sake of burning fossil goo. I was going to get gas shortly after heading out, as my fuel reserves were running low. Instead, I decided to just cruise around until the gas light beeped at me. I kept driving and driving and driving, listened to almost the entire Cubs game on the radio. Side note : During which I heard them say that two huge Cubs fans were watching on their 17th anniversary, Matt and Patty Berardi! Matt's my boss, see. So I called him, wondering if it was indeed him and it was. I had no idea why Matt was taking a long weekend, but now I know, and I congratulated them. Back to the drive, I drove for a very long time until the light finally turned on. When I pulled into a nearby gas station, another VW pulled up to the pump behind me. I was kind of giddy about how many miles I had gotten, I told the other V Dub driver about it. He was rather shocked when he assumed it was a TDI, and I informed him that it was in fact a regular '02 GTI, not a diesel! Here's a picture...

Hee hee hee! And it's only a 13 gallon tank :)

On that note, I'm going to head back to ground level.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and that good music and good foods and laughter is a large part of it!

Peace out y'all.


eristar said...

Yay, Dave! Glad to see you back!!!

eristar said...

Hey, Dave - You vanished again! I miss you!
NESSI - maybe I'll see her when we're in Scotland next month...?