Sunday, 19 July 2009

Whacky Monday, and a Past Weekend

Hey Y'all

It's been a while since I last posted, my sincere apologies to those who might have missed me. All too many little things have happened since that post. First off, one week removed, I'd like to pat myself on the back once again (ha ha ha) for fixing my own car. Nothing quite like saving a decent chunk o' money. You see, I had a broken hose (never a good thing), and VW wanted to charge me a whole lot to replace it. I opted to do it myself.

This is the problem I had with the old hose:

This is what it's supposed to look like:

The hose is upside down in the first picture (in case you were confused).

Since I swapped it out, I haven't really noticed an upswing in MPG, but it runs a whole lot smoother, and quieter, so YAY! And all in all it only cost me $55, and 10 minutes of my time (most of which was spent trying to get the original hose clamps off, as they weren't designed to be removed. I also found out that a service some dick, I mean VW Employee that I didn't know, told me I needed, I didn't really need. I was informed of that when I talked to John Paul, who I always try to work with, told me that I did not need that service, so again...YAY! Okay, enough on cars.

That same weekend I started my Friday evening by paying off a long (really really long) overdue late fee. That alone made me feel way better about things. I can pay my bills now, and eat, and still have money left when I get paid again, which is a great feeling that I had forgotten all about. I over paid my Dell account, and felt pretty good about that too. However, today I got another bill from them, and it turns out that they have closed my account, as of 4 days after my recent payment! I called. They based it off of something on my credit report, and my "past" with them. However, my interest rate is now ridiculously high! They tell me that a letter had been mailed to me, at my current address, last month...I never got that letter... So now I am waiting on said letter via e-mail. I haven't gotten that either, although I did get an email confirming that they have my current email address! The perfect thing to happen, just when I start thinking that things are looking much better, and I was planning to apply for a regular credit card.

After I was finished dealing with a computer company rep on the other side of the planet, I heard voices upstairs. When I went up, there was nobody home. I thought that was a bit odd. I came back downstairs, and a short while later I heard another person talking upstairs. Again, I went to investigate, only to find no other humans around. I checked all of the stereos to make sure nothing was on, and they weren't. Odd. If it persists, I'll just add to the list of things to do around here. It's been a fun Monday since I got home from work. Now I'm going to try relaxing.

I hope everybody had a great last couple of weekends, and that everyone heard some awesome music, and had good times and good eats :) Peace out y'all!


eristar said...

Okay - I'm confused...your new post is dated Sunday, July 19...And yet I am pretty sure it just appeared and ought to be dated Monday July 27. (Especially since I talked to you about the very thing you wrote about last night!!!) I think Blogspot missed a whole week!
LIGAG - a new product designed to make youi tell the truth...

Dave said...

Yeah, the date is wrong because I started posting the weekend before last, and after posting the pictures you see in this post I hit a nasty bout of writers block. I'm still trying to recover...

eristar said...

Ah, that explains everything. Thanks! Happy Wednesday!