Saturday, 24 January 2009


I thought it was a little odd yesterday when I stopped at my bank during my lunch break, and they told me the no longer had a change counter. About half an hour ago I went to the bank near my apartment, and was informed that the whole of Bank of America no longer takes change. What the hell is that? A bank handles money, my change is legal tender. Why won't they take my change? If a business, or a person that pays for laundry can still go to that bank to get rolls of change, why can't I supply them with change for that purpose? Monica told me that I could bring my change in to work. However, I have a whole lot of change. I have way more than the "keep the change" program my bank has. I purchase way more with actual cash then I do with my debit card. I know I could go to any supermarket with a change machine, but I really don't want to lose $0.08 on the dollar, as I would be losing a few dollars that way. Money I'd much rather spend on a couple extra gallons of gas, or dish soap or milk, ya know? If anybody can suggest a place where I can go for an even exchange of my coins to paper, will you please let me know?


Lisa said...

Did you try US Bank?

Scalias- the family of Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

That might have been too easy.

eristar said...

Can you say "annoying"? I can! Silly banks...and keeping change under your matress would be noisy...and uncomfortable!
UNSTERSI - I've got nothing...sorry!