Friday, 13 February 2009

Another Friday (on the 13th)

Another Friday night, and I ain't got nobody, oh wait, I've started posts with that line before...

take 2

Here it is Friday and I'm alone once again...damn...

take 3


Hey y'all, not trying to bring you down, nor am I looking for a sympathy party, just doing what the header of my blog says, venting and doing it online, yay technology. It is in fact Friday night, and it's a Friday the 13th. All in all it wasn't that bad of a day. I made it through my full time job with no incidents. My part time job went alright, although I found it difficult to keep my emotions in check for a bit. I didn't really flip out at anybody, but I came close. Not that any of them read my blog, but I'll apologize here anyway, sorry guys and gal. I made somewhat decent tips tonight, so that's cool.

You know what stinks? Skunk scent glands. Somebody scared a skunk near the Dominos parking lot tonight, and WOW was it potent!

Speaking of smelly things, I really want to smoke that funny green stuff right now. My nerves are on edge, my thoughts are all scrambled, and I feel too aware of what feels like everything. The beer I'm currently ingesting isn't helping any of those symptoms. Pot, the most natural of all the drugs is the one thing that calms me. It doesn't directly solve my problems, but it's the only thing I've tried over all these years that can actually slow my thoughts down to a tolerable rate. It's almost like an antidepressant for me. It calms me down enough to get my thoughts in order, in my own head anyway, not always when talking out loud, but I spend so much time alone that my head is my only companion. So it helps me get along with myself better. If only the government would allow the sale of it, WITHOUT having to tax it. Unlike other banned drugs, pot is the most harmless. If they allowed open trade of that one drug it may actually help a small part of this country's economical problem. Not going into the specifics of that right now. All I know is that if I had some to smoke right now I wouldn't be rambling like this!

I need to get out more, I'm so tired of sitting here alone night after night. I've been talking with an old acquaintance for a while now, online of course. And I wish like hell I'd known how similar we are a long time ago. Hey April, that's right, I'm talking about you, ha ha ha. If there was an easy way to take the train out to AH from here, I totally would have come over to talk to your dog the other night. I am still waiting for you to tell me about the current status of your license...

I want to go on about so much stuff, but I'm guessing that anybody that has read everything I've written so far tonight would really prefer I stop. Sorry y'all, I don't use my digital camera very often, so I rarely have pics to post. I rarely get out much, so I don't have cool or interesting events to talk about here. Most of the time I feel more like I'm writing for myself, and that nobody but my immediate family even reads this here blog.

On that happy note, the Beatles "I'm So Tired" just came up on the shuffle, so I'm going to piss off my neighbors right now and blast it, while at the same time end this post.

Good night, and good luck to all! Love ya, and hope everyone has good dreams!


eristar said...

Well, I'm not sure how to respond, so I'll just say "good morning" - and I hope you have a pleasant Saturday. I'll talk to you later! Love, Mom
Oh, and NEMINTOP!!!

Lisa said...

Right? Why is pot illegal? Is it more harmful than, say, alchohol? NO! It's dumb.