Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chairs, chairs and more chairs...

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't had much I wanted to say lately. I've just been working, and working some more. No news on the relationship front. My tips have been fairly lousy as per usual, and I paid taxes on $1,000 in tips that I never actually made. So I've just been hanging in there, finding happiness where I can, even if it is just small little tidbits.

Two weekends ago I was invited to a party at my friend Brent's house. That was a great time. Most of us were up all night, and some of us saw the sun come up before we went to sleep. I hadn't done that is soooooooooo many years. Unfortunately the few women who were there were seeing people already, so no luck there, but it was still cool hanging out with them. I know that most of you who read this blog have heard all about that party, so I'll now move on to more recent happenings.

This last weekend I went to Jewel to get, well, food. It was rather busy there, but I spotted a girl from across the store, and she spotted me. We held eye contact for a few seconds, and in that time a slight smile came to her face. In that same moment, my mind decided that she was under the age of 22, so I paid her no attention after that, even as we came closer, and she kept looking at me. You see, I have personal rules for how young of a woman I want to date anymore, and 24 years is my low limit right now (5 years younger maximum). Here's the real kicker though, I had shaved my head (not completely bald, just really short) that morning, and when I do that I look like I'm 19 years old. It dawned on me later that she may have thought I was younger than I am, and it also dawned on me that she may have been older than she looked. So I kicked myself in my own ass for not having acknowledged her as we passed. As it happens, I've had a feeling in my gut for the last week or so that I am going to meet a girl very soon, and that may have been my one shot. Damn, damn, double damn!

Yesterday, as I got home from my full time job, my crazy neighbor was coming out of her apartment. We talked for a bit, and we are now at peace, issue resolved. So that's good! Even though she's still crazy, and dating that "guy", but hey, there is something to be said for mending bridges (even rickety ones).

And now to the title of this post.One of our biggest customers ordered 180 folding chairs yesterday, and 3 chair racks to hold them. Me and my drivers had to get to work at 6:30 (well me and my older driver were on time anyway), load up there vans, and get to the customer by 7. We brought everything up to the 3rd floor, and then I sent my drivers back to the office so they could get on with their regular routes. That left me, and me alone to put everything together. I was there until 11:20. So all in all, between the chairs and the racks, I installed over 2,000 lbs of seating. My shoulders are a little sore right now, and I got a nasty scratch on the bottom of my right wrist, which hurts while I'm typing right now, and will feel even better tomorrow when I have to put on a long sleeve shirt again. Yay.

I guess that's about all I have to share for now, other than there is a whole lot of police activity flying by my apartment for the last 2 hours, sirens blaring. It's kind of annoying, and it's making it kinda hard to concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes at a time (that's right, some of us Americans have attention spans that last for more than 3 minutes!)! So I will end this here. Until next time, whenever that may be, I bid you all peace, tranquility, good food and great tunes! Peace out y'all!!!

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eristar said...

Thaks for that last - especially the great tunes! (As I told you, they played Monster Mash on the radion this morning...ALl right, it may not be GREAT - but it's fun!) Hope your sore muscles relax soon!
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