Saturday, 21 February 2009

It hasn't been full week since I last blogged, yay!

I woke up this morning around 9:30, and turned on the stereo in my bedroom. After the last few seconds of the commercial that had been playing ended, a Kings of Leon song came on. I dug it, and then remembered that I'd purchased a Kings of Leon CD, Only By the Night, a couple of months back, and hadn't added it to my computer, meaning it also wasn't on my IPod, silly me. It's a good album, and I'm listening to it for the 3rd time today right now.

I didn't even clear what I made in tips last Saturday night, working this weekend starting on Thursday night. I got to go home early tonight though, but still. Oh well, life could be worse. There is a possibility that I might be taking a road trip in the near future, and if am thrilled at the chance. I really am feeling that really distracting itch to hit the road, and it seems I might have a good traveling companion to go with me this time, and possibly a dog too! My current VW has never had a dog in it before, I think it could work though, assuming he's not the size of Dent. Oh wait, snapfish sucks, and none of you have ever seen pictures of Dent, but he's a big dog.

Damn, now all I can think about is a road trip, and I suddenly can't think of anything else to blog about.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I'd like to wish a good lazy sunday to everyone.

Peace out y'all

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eristar said...

Hey, good for you for not making us wait a whole week for your next installment!!!
No, I don't think I ever saw a picture of Dent, but I did get to see the actual article! You're right; he was a pretty big boy. Not quite as big as Chance, a dog we have at work right now, who is a Great Dane mix (with lab? Pit bull? Something like that...) In any event, he is quite the enormous lap dog!)
Happy Sunday! We are heading to Madison for the day...should be nice! Mom