Saturday, 16 November 2013

Book Sale News!

I want to let all of you know that starting on November 28th, Daemon Infiri will be on sale at for $0.99!!!  That price will last for 36 hours, and only go up by a dollar every 36 hours after that for one week!  So don't miss out!  Tell your friends!  Well tell them if they actually enjoy reading anyway.  So mark that date if you haven't bought it yet!

November 28th
Daemon Infiri $0.99

With any luck, all punctuation errors will have been removed by then.  My apologies to anybody who has read it and wondered 'does this guy know how to use an apostrophe?'  Yeah, I fudged that one up a few times.  Anyway, if you haven't bought it yet, wait until it's only $0.99!

In other news, the new book is underway.  No, it's not a sequel to Daemon Infiri.  It's a whole new book, with all new characters.  When I near completion I will share the first chapter for free, right here!  That's not going to be tomorrow, or next week, or even before Christmas (unless I write this new book as fast as I pumped out the first one,) but it'll be yours to preview here first!

Take care of yourselves, enjoy the company you keep, have some good eats, your favorite beverage, and don't forget to have yourself a few laughs while you're at it!  Peace out for now, y'all!  And stay safe this upcoming holiday season! 

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eristar said...

Having read the first couple of chapters, I can promise you that the new book is going to be a good read, too - stay tuned, everyone!