Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Holy Crap (Oh Crap! Part II)

Holy guacamole snowman! What a night slinging pizzas. I made it out alive, with no damage to me or my car, or anybody else's either. Which is way more than i can say about soooo many of the other drivers out there tonight.Not hat I expect anybody who doesn't know me to read this blog, but my sympathies to those homes that will be getting a phone call of the most devastating nature tonight.

I got to my first job today only about 45 minutes late. And of course, as soon as I sit down, Matt unloads everything that went wrong this morning, and it was amazingly all my fault. But he was nice to me the whole rest of the day, so that was good. It was pretty quiet at my first job, as it usually is this time of year. SO I got to spend a lot of time staring out at the constant rain falling down to the planet, and daydreaming of how nightmarish work would be tonight. And I wasn't wrong. You see, at about 10:30 this morning the rain turned to sleet, and then a while later turned back to rain. Then, at around 3 pm, the temp dropped below freezing, so all the rain to a solid sheet of ice, and then it snowed for the next several hours. As anybody whose driven in the kind of winters we get around here knows, snow is bad for driving, but snow on top of ice is the worst!!! The first delivery I took tonight, happened to be in one of those private rich neighborhoods, that are all pretty, and hilly. Well I couldn't get up the hill. Nor could the BMW Z4 in front of me, or the pickup truck behind me, or the Mazda behind him, and so on and so on. Me and the bimmer both started sliding backwards down the hill, and we both ended up having to angle ourselves into packed snow banks backwards just so we could stop, as are brakes were acting like they weren't there at all. That was exciting. I called the customer and told her I couldn't get to her house. She was nice enough to come to me though, and even gave me a $7 tip, so thankyou Lady! Anyway, I counted 19 cars that couldn't make it up the stupid bloody hill, and couldn't reverse off of it either, before a salt truck FINALLY SHOWED UP!!! The rest of the night was just as bad, but luckily that was the only hill I couldn't get up. You see, when it snows first, and then rains, driving is fine, but when it's a smooth sheet of ice underneath the slippery frozen and beautiful water it's a whole other ball game. But as I said before, me and my car made it out in one piece, so yay! The drive to work in the morning tomorrow oughtta be super fun, as the only reason it's stopped snowing is because it dropped below 20 degrees, so now all the melted snow will slowing slip it's way back into the street, and then become a nice blanket of ice just in time for the morning rush, whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna stop thinking that far ahead for the time being, and watch a movie or something before crawling into my nice cozy, yet no longer comfy, but lumpy and springy bed to get some shut eye, and hopefully make it to work on time in the morning! Peace out y'all, and safe travels to you! Love ya!


eristar said...

So glad you made it with out damage to life, limb, or car!

TALSTORI (a child with an accent asking for verbal entertainment?)

Lisa said...

Isn't it fun driving a little matchbox car in this weather?

ingro- sounds painful!