Sunday, 14 December 2008

Lazy Sunday

Another Lazy Sunday. The laundry room was wide open when I decided to do my laundry. How I long for the day when I have an in unit washer dryer again. It cost me $10 to wash four loads! Oh well. Other than that, I slept until noon, but I was up until after 3 am, so can you blame me? Nothing important, just insomnia. Anyway, I went and returned a movie, stopped at Walmart to get a bulk pack of TP, and that's about it. The excitement never ends here! Oh, WAIT! I waterproofed my jacket again!!! Talk about exciting! A new girl is working at Dominos as a driver. She's Russian, and kinda difficult to understand, but she seems cool. That's about all I have to report. I know sooo many people are just dying to read a new post from me! Now you have one! Peace out y'all, and a very merry Lazy Sunday too!

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eristar said...

Sounds like a thrilling Sunday! Especially the part where you waterproofed your jacket again! But shopping at the Evil Empire? I thought I tought you better than that!!!