Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday ? Sunday

Hey y'all! I know it's been a few days since I've blogged. I really haven't had much of anything important to say. It's cold outside, and there's snow and ice, and once again so many people have forgotten how to drive in it since last winter. The people I do feel bad for are all of the transplants coming out of the volatile flooding in the south in the last couple of years. Most of those people had never been to the midwest before, or if they had it was just for vacation. Now that they've escaped the mass flooding, they were welcomed by midwestern values. However, this year we experienced severe flooding of our own, and now for the first time for the majority of the recently moved, they are dealing with the loveliness that is winter in the midwest. Sorry folks, but hey, you came from an ocean or gulf zone to the land of the Great Lakes. Instead of hurricanes, we have tornadoes and the flooding remains the same. Oh, and the water comes out of the sky in a few different forms up here.

Back to those of us who were born and raised in this climate. What the hell is wrong with you people!? Four wheel drive means nothing on ice people!!! Anyway...I attempted to get my x-mas shopping done a few weeks earlier this year. For once I had money before getting my holiday bonus at work, and go figure, everything I had in mind for people was gone! I have made a decision to not get anything train, flame or music related for my various family members. Now however, I'm thrown for a loop! What to do, what to do? I did find a present for my neighbor, Erin, but she's not home now, so I can't give it to her yet, boo. And I did get marley one of those "dremel" nail groomers, however he hasn't come out of the cabinet yet, so too bad for him!

Side note: Cross Country Skiing is another "sport" that should not be broadcast on television, right up there with golf.

On a whim I got a computer camera at Walgreens. I haven't hooked it up yet. I'm not even sure why I got it, because I think only one of my friends has one. But it's made by GE, and it was only $20, so I figured I couldn't go wrong. They also had my favorite juice on sale for $3 each! Yay!!! I also had a $5 Walgreens coupon from the other day, when I restocked my first aid supplies, and got a whole new kit to keep in my car (it even came with a glow stick!).

Last night after work I watched M. Night not gonna try spelling his last name, The Happening. What a f'd up movie. I am surprised I didn't have even one nightmare. I've seen most of his movies, but that was the darkest, gruesomest by far. Today I rented Kung Fu Panda, just for a change of pace. Oh crap, I forgot to check the time when i started my laundry, I should probably go check on it now! Then I think I'm going to get into lazy Sunday mode, watch a movie or two and enjoy the rest of my day off. I hope you are all doing well! Love to all! Peace out homeys!

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eristar said...

Hi and good morning! I guess there is no point in my answering this since I am currently talking to you on line! But I want you to be assured that I do in fact read your blog!!!
Happy Monday!
BOLOGI (bologna without the seasonings)