Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh What a Night, Afternoon, second job...

It's Tuesday. It was a decent enough day at job one. Some things happened, or rather didn't happen, but for once it wasn't my fault even a little bit!!! Then came the last hour, when the snow started coming down in earnest. By the time I got home from that job, which took me 45 minutes (usually takes 20), there was already about an inch and a half on the ground, and people had already forgotten how to drive in the winter wonderland that is the Greater Chicagoland Metropolis. By the time I got inside, changed and went back out to my car to go to my second job, I had to completely re brush my car. Then I got to Dominos. It wasn't nearly as busy as I had expected to be. My first delivery however took 40 minutes to get to, and it usually only takes about 3 minutes, 5 if I get caught by the stop light. So that was super fun! But hey, at least the people I did deliver to seemed sympathetic for us drivers, and they all tipped me $5, so thank you! And, as you may all have guessed, I made it home in one piece, and so did my car! I get the next two nights off, so that's cool. On the other hand, it's not supposed to snow again until Friday, when i do work again, go figure, hee hee. Tomorrow I get to fill in for my driver, Jorge, at my full time job. I really must say, I don't miss driving a Ford E150 in this crap, but at least I get to be out of the office for a while, and if I take my sweet ass time getting back I have a good excuse! On that note, I'm going to enjoy watching the Blackhawks game that is actually on WGN tonight!!! I can't remember the last time I saw a Blackhawks game on the boob tube, but I'm excited about it!

Lisa I hope you're doing better, and if you're not, then get better damnit!!! What does everyone want for x-mass? I don't have too much money to spread around, but if we're only doing one gift per person, then some clues might be nice, wink wink... I only have the new Doctor Who season 4...

Peace out, and drive safe y'all!


Lisa said...

I do feel better, thanks for asking! And hooray for tips!


And I love you!

eristar said...

Glad you made it home in one piece!

I have no hints/tips to give you. There is nothing I really want/need. Not helpful, huh??