Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Darn, damn and drat

So much for driving for Dominos. I finally got to talk with the manager today. He told me that he wasn't really looking to hire anybody until the weather takes a turn for the worse (as that's when business picks up for pizza places, if you didn't know). Go figure, because I need that job while the weather is still kinda nice, so that I can properly winterize my car before, well...the weather takes a turn for the worse. I had a feeling that I had been misinformed by whoever had answered the phone the day I called all the pizza joints in town.

Dell is now really threatening me. It amazes me how these companies have no regard for financial hardships. No remorse, no understanding, no care for anything except getting absurd amounts of money. Especially a company like Dell. I mean really, is a nonpayment of $114.11 really going to cause them to go under?! I really highly doubt that, as they pull in upwards of $30,000,000 a year on ink for their crappy printers alone. Let alone the fact that I have paid, in full, two computers, accessories, peripherals and a few other things over the years. A couple times I've paid my entire balance in one fell swoop. And they're doing this to me now for a measly $114? I tell ya, not cool.

At work we finally picked up the whole rest of the locations nationwide for a company called Utilities, Inc.. They are a waterworks company, plumbing for houses, corporation buildings, fountains, and all that stuff. The local office (which is just the local headquarters for planning and financing) has been a customer of ours for a whole lot longer than I've been working for Tricomm, just now okayed us to supply all their other locations. 90 more locations in total. Good for us, bad for me. If I am actually expected to handle all the shipping, receiving, and order placement/fulfilment...I'm going to need another raise! Oy!!! I'm getting a cluster headache just thinking about it. Last week I got a call on the work phone. It was some guy telling me that he went over my "qualifications" as a warehouse manager, and was wanting to know if I would be interested in becoming the warehouse manager for a new branch opening in NW Chicago. Although I don't have any forklift experience, I'm sure I could pick it up pretty darn quick, so I told him he could go ahead and email me all the info. When I got home that day, the email was in my inbox. As I've been thinking about finding a new, more lucrative full time job, I figured why not? I went to open it, but my computer shot me down, saying that the email AND the attachment BOTH contained a virus! Not just spyware or bad cookies, but an actual virus. I'm starting to think that one of these days I'm going to wake up and find that not only has my life been full of misfortune, but that somebod(ies) have simply erased all record of me, and I won't be able to do anything with any company again. Maybe that's more wishful thinking than anything :) At least then I could live out my childhood dreams from the book My Side of the Mountain!

In the meantime, I will continue to toil along, and hope for the best. I need a girlfriend in the worst way right now!

To all I love, I love you. To all I know, may luck and good fortune be with you. To all I know, yet strongly dislike, go screw yourself :) Peace out y'all!

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