Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Pretty Good Wednesday

Hello All!

I know it's been a couple of days (sorry to anybody who checks in daily...), but I finally feel like posting something somewhat positive for once!

Today started off normal (well normal for the last couple years) enough. I woke up a few minutes late, so no shower. I made my own coffee, which is alright, because it's already paid for, and it saves me a couple minutes and some gas on my commute to work. Although, the gas station I usually stop at gives you either a free doughnut (made daily), or a copy of the Daily Herald (local Chi Town paper, for those of us who don't want to lug around the Tribune) for free with the purchase of any cup o' joe. I prefer the glazed chocolate doughnut, it tastes better than the news paper, although it doesn't offer the fiber that the paper does... Then, after arriving at work, I discovered that one of our supply companies had a problem with the communication lines between their warehouses, so we only got about a quarter of our order, which meant that every single one of our customers was missing part of their order with us, and one customer didn't get their order at all! Stupid phone lines! I am surprised that the supplier in question uses DSL, and not a cable line for their internet. Then, while sitting up front, separating invoices for my drivers, line 1 rang, and Matt and Joe were busy. So I answered, it was HSBC. Now yesterday I discovered that Care One Credit had sent the proposal, and that HSBC had accepted the payment. Now I found out that HSBC denied the proposal, and they want av$237 minimum payment! They denied the payment proposal, but took the money anyway?! That's bad business, if you ask me!

Now for the turn around. I was sitting at my desk, again, playing Free Cell, again, when my cell phone rang. I figured it would be HSBC, or some other bill collector. I swiveled around in my chair to grab my phone in the manner I use to prep myself to deal with bill collectors. I glanced at the caller ID, and it read Brent's Cell... My heart skipped a beat, expecting the worse, and then I answered. It was Brent!!! For those of you who know my relationship with Brent, and all of it's trials and tribulations, you will appreciate this. He started out by saying hello, as per usual. Then he asked how I was doing, I didn't give him an entirely forthcoming response. That's when he informed me that he was currently checking himself into a hospital, on his own admission. He was tired of feeling the way he does, and figured he could find a hospital that might actually be able to help him. Then he told me that he just wanted to let me know that he was doing this on his own, for himself. I almost broke down crying right then, but I held it back. We talked a bit more, and he let me know that even when he ignored me, and wouldn't respond when I would give him bits of advice to deal with himself, he really was listening, and finally decided that it was time to listen, and take my advice. Once again, I held the tears back. I could hear the hospital admission intercom in the background, so I knew he was already there, and wasn't calling to tell be that he was going, but that he was already there, and he just wanted to let me know that he was finally taking care of himself, before anybody could intervene. Then I heard his name called for his initial meeting with his new doctor, and he told me goodbye. I told him that I look forward to hear from him again when he is doing better. I closed my phone, and then I cried. I was so happy to get that call from Brent, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Hell, I'm tearing up now just writing about it!

Then i went to my second job, and made $23 in tips. That was nice, but Brent's call trumps everything!

Yay, the Cub's just won again!!! Go CUBS, and Go Brent!!!!!

To all I love, I love you. To everybody else, well, try to lead a good life. To my family, I'll make it up there one of these days, hopefully at lest once before Thanksgiving! Good night, and good dreams to everyone!


eristar said...

That's great about Brent. Hopefully this will be a helpful turn-around for him. Making that first commitment is a huge step. Good for him!
Good luck with the whole credit protection thing. How irritating (to put it politely!)
Looking forward to seeing you one of these days. Happy Thursday and dqpalvf!!! Mom

Lisa said...