Friday, 19 September 2008

I'm sorry, WHAT??!!

Hello there, how the hell are y'all doing? It's now 3 days from my last post, my apologies, I now have two jobs, and I don't feel like blogging when I get home. But tonight is different. It's Friday, the usual suspect in bustling pizza joints. The night for an almost suspected good take to any pizza driver driving. Then came this fateful night. Things were going well, there were three drivers there. Then after the last visit from a supervisor, who was bringing in new furniture for the "conference room"...

Side Note: It seems I am currently employed by a company that holds a thing called national rally gatherings (or something like that, sounds horrible to me)

...All the drivers had taken a run already, and it was only 5 pm. Then it all stopped. Just ended. The phones stopped ringing. Not good, at all, in the least, almost horrible in fact. I mean seriously, it's Friday! Then, while I'm in the office, eating dinner around 8 o'clock, I heard some guy come in and say "I've been trying to call you guys for about an hour now, and I figured I'd just stop in. Can I order here?" I stopped chewing, and just listened. He placed his order, but I couldn't hear what my manager, Monica, was saying to said guy. This went on for a bit, I finished eating my sandwich. A few moments later I heard my Monica approaching the office, from the front. I stopped her as she was passing the office door, and asked about the current situation. She confirmed what I had heard, and went to check on the phone line switchboard. It would seem that when the supervisor had been in the "conference room", he knocked a cubicle panel into the call catcher, and turned it off. Um, insert frustration here...

We all missed the dinner rush on a Friday night. As soon as the phone was turned on, I immediately looked at the office's computer hub monitor to see a call show up on line 1, and then line 2, and so on. Unfortunately nobody up front knew that because the call catcher sends all callers to a 45 second "welcome, here's our specials tonight" recording. Then the phone rings. May I say here, how much it sucks to be a driver, depending on the tips of a busy Friday night, when the phones are dead?

On the plus side, I did get to see another early autumn moon, in its full (well, more waning actually) glory tonight. It's nice to be able to see the moon again, call me crazy if you want to.

Did anybody else think it was odd that the Cardinals blew out the Cubs like that? I for one, think that it was peculiar. On the other hand, the Brewers got trounced too. What that means, is that if the Cubs can pull off a win tomorrow, they can still clinch the division. Go Cubs!!!

I'm now going to watch some CSI episodes before going to bed. Oh yeah, I can sleep in tomorrow!!! So I figure this is a good time to stop tonight's rant. To all I love, I love you, and to all the rest, I''ll see some of you tomorrow. Oh yeah, go Volkswagen!!!


eristar said...

Wow, did you guys ever catch up from that phone mess up?? I hope you didn't lose all sorts of customers permenantly!!!
I'll add my "go Cubs!" from up here in cheesehead land...(I almost said "packerland" but my typing fingers wouldn't let me go there!) Talk to you soon! "irlwf"!

Lisa said...

Sometimes supervisors are lame lameheads.



Saying that one out loud makes me laugh. :)