Friday, 12 September 2008

The Doctor LIVES!

Hey, it's me. Hello and hi! After over a year of searching for a show I lost, I finally found it! I found all (or at lest almost all) of the episodes of Doctor Who online! For free!!! I will post a link on this blogs home page, for all of you Doctor Who fans (who people, whodicts, T.A.R.Dfans, etc.)

In other news, no news yet... Having just the kind of luck that my life has thrown me. Found an ad in a local paper for a different Dominos location, and when I went there, it was closed for construction, go figure.

To all I love, I love you too! For all those I don't love, yet like, safe journeys through this world to you all! To those all I dislike, well, so be it, these things happen. :-D Good night y'all!

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