Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Prepare yourself Pish, or Pich if you'd prefer (even if nobody has called you that since JHHS), this isn't gonna start very happy, just flustered.

I am fed up with profit hungry companies, and the bull hockey practice of the one I just returned from, Game Stop. About 2 months ago I went there, and bought a used copy of Civilization Revolution for my PS3. Mind you it was USED, and I still paid $55 for it. Now that I haven't had a part time job to supplement my full time income, I figured that since I'm broke as a joke I would sell them the game back. Figuring I'd get about $20 for it, as it's a newer game, and it's a blue ray game for the PS3, I headed over there. Imagine the look on my face when the guy said "Okay, you get $9.60 for this." !!! I shook my head and said "You're telling me that I just paid $55 for the game, used, and I'm not even getting $10 back?!" He just looked at me, and responded with the ever so explanatory "yup." Then, the real kicker happened. The label printer, which prints the price labels for the games they buy, was right there. I looked at the labels it spit out. They are reselling the game, used (obviously) for ...............$55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(well, to be fair, $54.99)


So much for getting some dinner tonight AND a proper lunch at work tomorrow. Feeling a little flustered, and a bit befuddled, I took the money and left. On my way back (oh, mind you all, to do this I kinda sorta used the work van) I decided to stop at the local BK, to get a whopper w/cheese. In today's cost of things, just the burger came to $3.73. I drove up to the window, and waited for it to open. When it finally did, I handed the guy on the other side of it 4 singles, and the window closed again. When it reopened, he handed me the burger, and one lonely little, no longer even shiny, dime. I informed him that it wasn't the right change, and he looked at me blankly for a second, and then ACTUALLY ASKED ME HOW MUCH CHANGE I THOUGHT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET BACK?!!!! I stared at him for a few seconds, just waiting to see if the light bulb would even start to flicker in his head, but alas it did not. So I did the math for him. Then he stared at me some more, before finally opening the change drawer, and slowly counting out the remaining $0.17 cents he owed me. Sheesh. Way to go what ever math teachers that kid has had over the years, and to the manager who thinks he's qualified to work the drive through window. Maybe he should just work the make line, oh, but then he might make 1 hamburger, instead of 2 whopper juniors, with cheese.

Okay, now for something good to report.....ummm, oh right! It has been confirmed! More than my family reads my blog! Oh wait, I've already used that one. Okay, hold on, uhhhh (Mr. Moon would kill me for the use of filler words), alright got one. I found it a bit amusing today, when my boss, Matt, kept insisting that I have always told him that I'm Wiccan! I've never once, at all ever claimed that, as I'm not now, nor will I ever be that specific religion! I call myself paegan, but that is not at all the same as Wiccan! Okay, so that isn't really "good" news, but I did find it more amusing than the first two things I reported in this post, so you will all just have to live with it, ha!

Okay, back to watching Wheel of Fortune. If there are any other secret readers of my blog, feel free to comment on anything you read about, at least once in a while. Doing so might just cause me to blog on a more standard basis, and maybe even lift my spirits enough to find happier topics to ramble on about! That's all for now.

Peace out y'all, and happy midweek to you all. May you all have had at least one tasty meal today, and heard one song that made you smile and/or groove to!

P.S. Spellcheck (on top of telling me I've just spelled that wrong, even though that's how it's spelled by them), is trying to tell me that I misspelled Wiccan, and it's suggestion is the rarer male version of that faith called Wicca. Really?! (yes really, no joke)

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eristar said...

That reminds me of the long ago attempts we college students made to ry and sell back the (already used) text books to the college bookstore - same kind of "You paid 500 dollars for your books and get 60 back" mentality...Sigh...

As for the inept math whiz at BK - aren't the computers supposed to make up for lack of simple math ability by actually cheating and giving them the answer???

Well, hang in there - it's Thursday!

HAZOLI - really dangerous cannoli?