Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Rarest Seen Type of My Blogs

Here's one for you Mr. Anonymity.

I woke up today. Is that enough good for you? No? Fine.

After work yesterday I went to Auto Zone to get something to patch a cracked hose in my car's engine bay. It's a rubber hose that runs from the side of the exhaust manifold, to the boost control module, and it has a crack in the first bend in it. Not good. VW tried to tell me it'd cost $500 for them to fix. I found the hose from a VW/AUDI parts warehouse retailer, for only $43.95, online. So the only thing I can figure VW wanted to charge me $500 to replace it, is that they were going to charge me $125 an hour in labor to let my engine cool down before they took it out , and put a new hose in. Screw that, I'm handy enough to just do it myself. However, this being the pay period for rent, it was either buy the hose (oh, it is a specialty hose with all kinds of bends and special functions, not just a straight hose), or go grocery shopping. I'm going with food! So anyway, I bought a repair kit at Auto Zone for $3. When I got it home, I found out it wasn't gonna work for this application. So this morning, after waking up and having a bit of breakfast, I went back to the store, and made a exact cost swap out (what are the odds of that?!) for a different product, super duper heat resistant black duct tape. So far it seems to be holding just fine, YAY! I will get the new hose next pay period, when I have a little more expendable cash flow. Take that VW!

On to other news. Ever since my work switched payroll companies there have been the occasional screw up at their end. So when I checked my bank account yesterday morning, and saw that I had an extra $20, I figured it was just another flub on their part, and that they'd realize the mistake and, well, correct it. However, I actually checked the pay stub today, and compared it to the last couple (oh, I've had direct deposit for years, and rarely check the pay stub, I just file them away), and holy guacamole batman! I forgot that thanks to our new most excellent president, we aren't getting raped so badly by the feds on our federal income tax, so I actually am getting an extra $20 per check! That's almost an extra tank of gas for my car!!! YAY!!! Thank You Mr. President, rock on with your bad self!!!!! (I never thought I'd be saying that in my lifetime, but there you all go!)

Anyway, after getting the tape for my car today, I headed to the local Family Video, and rented a movie. I haven't watched it yet, but when I do, I'm sure I'll post my opinion of it right here. It's some kinda chick flick, involving swords and fighting. I hadn't heard of it before today. It's called Two Tigers. Not my normal kinda movie (I really didn't like the Kill Bill movies), but I went out on a limb and rented it anyway. From there I headed to the grocery store, and picked up the necessary ingredients to make myself some guacamole, and some Cool Ranch Doritos with which to eat it! I even remembered something from way back when, and threw one of the avocado seeds into the finished product, as to keep it fresher a little longer. Even though I figure there won't be much left to go bad after tonight. Oh, handy tip for any foodies out there that make use of avocados, if you leave the pit in the unused portion, the fruit (flesh?) won't go bad!

Before I made some delicious snack food, I happened to turn on my television and caught the last half of today's Bulls game, against Indiana, and the Bulls rocked!!! That was an amazing game to watch, and I whooped and hollered, and scared the hell outta my poor cat, Marley, and possibly some of my neighbors, but whatever, I may not be the most avid Bulls fan out there, but I still love the game! The Bulls WON! And it's good to see the home team play so damn well, regardless of the sport, um, except football, the american kind that is. I love soccer (real football, as it's played with your feet, and a ball, duh!), and think that this country has too many sports to watch, and soccer won't fully catch on for a while, if ever. Oh well, It is one of the better sports around, and it just so happens to be the worlds sport. Anyway, GO BULLS!!!

I hope that satisfies the anonymous commenter's desire for me to write a more upbeat post for once! Now to sit back and listen to some good music, have a couple of beers, and wait for the sun to go down just enough for me to turn on my projector, and watch the movie I rented (stupid western facing windows) . Until the next time, good music for all, and good eats as well!

Peace out y'all!


Lisa said...

Yeah! Go Bulls! Did you know I still have the Benny the Bull bobble head figure that I got from Kellogg's with box tops back in the early nineties? He sits on my dresser and every now and then I give his head a tap to give his bobble a chance to work out. It's awesome. :)

stong: when you're only feeling mostly strong.

alternately, what a bong SHOULD be called, since one uses a bong to get stoned.

Dave said...

Benny the Bull looked great at the game today as well, ha ha ha!

The movie Two Tigers kinda sucked. Independent film, horrible script, and actors that may or may not be good, but I'll most likely never find out, unless they are given a second chance by somebody that knows how to put a proper movie together. Oh well, at least I only rented it :)

eristar said...

Hey, no fair. I want guacamole - didn't your mother teach you to share??? Oh, wait...
MUTAC - Throwing your walkman at the enemy.

Anonymous said...

im still a bears and cubs fan no matter what. the bulls, well, im not too interested in basketball but i'll watch a bulls game.

sounds like you had an excellent day, dave.


Anonymous said...

p.s. thanks for the avocado tip.

-crisaida (again)