Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Monday Blues and Late Tuesdays

Yesterday was Monday, and it went by like most Mondays do. However, when I left work, I headed over to Dominos, to pick up my paycheck. My heart was lifted a bit when I saw Monica's car in the parking lot. I went in and she was up front, wearing no hat. It's a rare thing for me to see her without her Dominos hat, but it was nice to see her red hair laying unencumbered. She asked me why I was still standing around after my check was handed to me by somebody else. Then she a got a glint in her eye, and she asked if I was hanging around so we could talk one last time before she heads up the Gurnee store. I let the corner of my mouth turn up slightly, and said "Yes, that is indeed why." Then she smiled, and we got to talking, sharing stories with each other that we hadn't ever brought up before together. After about half an hour, she had to get going, and I needed to head to the bank, so we left together, but got into our separate cars, and turned right. As soon as she had started her car, my heart sank again. That was one of the last few times I will probably ever see her again. Then, as I was waiting in the bank drive through, I started thinking about how odd it is to lose contact with both the red heads in my life, so close to each other. April, being the other one, was a bit of a punch to the gut, but we only talked online. Monica, however, I got to chill with, so in a way it is kinda harder to know that friendship is almost gone. Needless to say, I was a bit saddened by this, and still am today. However the Georges came over for a couple hours last night, so that was cool.

After they left, I watched the episode of House that I had recorded earlier, listened to some music, made what I believe will be my final "status" comment on Facebook, and then went to bed at the reasonable hour of 11 p.m.. Yesterday, I was feeling kinda crappy, presumably from some cashews I had picked up at Aldi on Sunday. I didn't drink any more than usual last night, or stay up later than usual, but somehow I managed to sleep right through an hour and a half of WGN Radio blasting right next to my head, and my phones alarms, and my Mom calling me. I was finally awakened by my boss Joe calling me at 8:11 this morning, of crap!!! I hate being late, really really really hate being late. I am rarely ever late to work in the morning, but I still beat myself up over it when I am. I still feel guilty, even though I am home from work now. I'm wondering if my phone is going to ring in about an hour, asking me if I'm coming in to drive tonight. My answer will be no, like it was last week. However I did check the schedule when i stopped at Dominos yesterday, and nobody had been written in for tonight. The normal driver had his license suspended because he forgot to pay a ticket. Oops. However, feeling kinda depressed and lonely, I have started drinking, so I wouldn't be willing to drive anyway, even though I haven't even finished one beer yet. Oh well, it's not like I plan on working there for much longer anyway, so nanner nanner nanner, ha!

Sometimes I hate when I get out of work at 3 p.m., as it tends to spark a daily depression. Most days, as soon as I get home, and close my apartment door, I know that I can expect not hearing from anybody at all until the next day. Which is fine every once in a while, but not so much when it's that way 365 (or 366) days a year, for 3 years. It's enough to make me a bit crazy, and it leads me to post super long blogs, even though I'm still pretty sure I can count the number of people that read this using only half the fingers on one hand. Oh well, whatever, that's what music is for. YAY MUSIC!!! On that cheery note, I'll shut up now, for a while anyway.

Peace out y'all!


Lisa said...

Yeah, nanner, nanner, nanner, Dominos! Stupid pizza. Oh, wait. I love pizza. I just don't love Dominos pizza. I recently discovered personal frozen pizzas by Bellatoria. Yummy! My personal favorite is to get a cheese one and slice up mushroom and green onion. Fantastic. You should try it.

Holy long comment, Batman!

delikers: A step below delicious, but still pretty good.

Love you!

eristar said...

As I'm chatting with you at the same time as this attempt to answer your most recent post, I find my brain, such as it is, on hiatus...hope today is better!

PREPE - somebody forgot the "i"!