Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I Miss My Hooptie Mobile (Whip, Ride, Car)

Okay, so it's not a Hooptie (hoopty?) mobile, as only one girl has ever been in it since I've owned my current V Dub, and she was my best friend's girl, so that doesn't really count. Go figure, as soon as I started posting about missing my VW, a VW commercial came on the television :(

My V Dub has it's heart ripped out right now, and some of it's arteries too. On the plus side, I was able to get the price down from nearly $2,000 for the repair it needs, to much closer to $1,000. Still a ridiculous cost for just a clutch (well it's actually the flywheel and the throw-out bearing. Not that anybody but me, and any random VW enthusiasts, or gear heads, know what the throw-out bearing, or a flywheel is, but they are very important to a manual car)!!! But I need my car. I really really need my car. No public trans for me. Even though one of my bosses tells me that the train stops at the station near my work 3 times before he leaves for work himself. Guess what, not from where I live. Maybe if I moved back to Cook County, specifically Chi Town, I could catch an early train and get to work on time. However, here in Libertyville, Metra doesn't think the upper crust folk need to start work at 7 a.m.. Guess what Metra? I share the road, sometimes at 6:30 a.m., and sometimes at 7 a.m., with thousands of other people coming from this here town, heading south!!!

In other news, it's raining, and that makes me feel a bit better. Hey Booger Brain, the only reason your text depressed me even more than I already was last night, is because it wasn't raining here at all, and I miss having a dog very very much (or immensely if you'd like)! I miss my grill too, but at least I can go downstairs, to storage, and look at my grill, pet it, scratch it behind the ears, and watch it chase it's own tail...oh wait, those are dog things, not grill things. But I wouldn't mind throwing it a bone now and again, with some muscle still connected to it of course. Oh fine, flesh. Not good enough? Okay then, with some meat still connected to the bone. What would be even better would be having 2 bones to throw my grills way, because that would mean that I once again have somebody else to cook for! But alas, my grill just sits there in the dark, locked away, like a dog at the pound :(

Now I'm sad, lonely AND hungry. Damn. One of these days I will have something good to post about, I promise! I just don't have a time line for you guys and gals. Oh, wait, I do have something to look forward to right now. Easter weekend! Not so much for that holiday, but I will be spending it with my family up north, eating some wonderful foods, and laughing (and maybe even singing and laughing, and generally being goofy!), and sharing life with my fam and a friend or two! Yay! Oh, and it is the same weekend as my parents anniversary, and my sister's birth anniversary (aka, birthday)! So that's holidayish enough for me!

I think I'll end it here, while I've got a smile in my mind.

Peace out y'all, and good music and food to all! I wish I could provide it for everyone, but I've gotta work on that second half for a bit before I can, he he he...


Lisa said...

Notice how I didn't send you any depressing texts today? I'm glad to hear you'll be up here for all the festivities. That will be a silly good time, I'm sure! Love you, Ugly Butt.

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eristar said...

Looking forward to Easter/birthday/anniversary silliness. Yay!
EMASTA - Every Married Adult Should Take Aspirin...(I like Lisa's word a lot better!)

Anonymous said...

oh, good! a somewhat positive blog. like i said, i dont have much to say but, i do read it. im kind of nosey like that. blogging is definitely great, its cathartic and no holds barred. sucks to hear about your car. see, i live in the bay area. after i moved out here in 97, i never needed one up till about a few years ago. now i NEED the car. i freak out if something goes wrong because its usually pricey. but you do what you gotta do to survive and if its dropping money on something that you need, then so be it.

i love grilling too. thank god for spring.