Saturday, 21 March 2009

Nothing Came to Mind

Hey y'all

For starters, I haven't really needed to use the term "y'all" when typing a blog post before. Maybe now that will change though.

Today started out not all that different than a whole lot of days have started in the past. I woke up feeling well, and a little bit hungry. However, once again, on the weekend between pay days, I didn't have any money to go grocery shopping. However, I did, and still do, have cereal and milk. No juice though (kinda like Smokey), but food is food, regardless of what you have to drink. So I had a bowl of cereal. While masticating, I remembered something I'd thought about last night, trying to find a way to get the back door of my old work van to open from the exterior again. You see, that van has seen a lot of stuff in it's existence, much like me, and about 6 months ago the door stopped opening by the exterior handle. Meaning that this last Friday, while I was filling in for one of my drivers (who is in the middle of the desert, that lucky s.o.b), I had to contort myself to get to the back of the van to open the door from the inside. This is not good for my back.

If you're a newbie to this blog, I have a bad spine, as it's twisted a bit, and I have a couple pinched nerves and a tailbone that fuses a bit more everyday.

Anyway, I went to work, and took a really close look at the release cable in the back door of the van. I had brought my full tool box with me, and I came up with an idea to get the door to work. I realized that the cable that releases the latch was intact, but that it lacked the tension to do it's job, when you pulled on the exterior handle. So I took a wall anchor, and modified it in such a way that it would create the needed tension. It worked! For a few pulls anyway. Then the lock failed, and I couldn't get the door to open from either side. After driving home again, and doing a lot of other things, including trying to get some money for food, it hit me. I headed back to work, but this time with a dremel tool and a washer. I did my thing, and it worked! The door now open from the outside, without the lock failing!!! I was ecstatic!!! Then, the kind of luck I have kicked in. I got back into my car to drive home, and the clutch started acting funky. It got worse and worse as I approached my apartment. Crap, I need a new clutch. So I called the dealership.

As it turns out, my car isn't all that standard, and to replace the clutch, I have to replace the entire transmission! Crap!!! Stupid collector edition cars! I didn't know that it was a collector's edition when I got the car, but I've been fully aware for a while now, but still, I didn't expect the clutch would be any different than any other 5-speed I've owned before. It turns out that it'll cost $1,900 to fix. I don't have that kinda money. I struggle to get by paycheck to paycheck. I've lived alone for a few years now, and I can't save any money because it all goes out the door as soon as I get payed. So now I'm left with quite the quandary. I can't afford to fix my car, taking public transportation to work is not an option for me (I found that out a couple of years ago, and it hasn't changed), I will lose my job if I can't get there, and I have so many bills that a pay cut will ruin me. I don't know what to do! I hate this feeling!

Okay. As I've written many times before (when I thought more people than my Mom and Sister were reading this blog), if you read this whole post you deserve an award! As most people just don't have the attention span to get through that many words in one sitting. That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have more cheery things to post in the next couple of days!

Good music for all, and good eating too! Peace out y'all!


eristar said...

Hey, there - It's Sunday! (Wow, isn't that a news flash?!) Hmmm - After I wrote that a little window opened up telling the "this document failed to print." Duh - I didn' ASK for it to print...Anyway, hopefully, this will all be resolved without any pain to your back, and that millions of people will start reading your blog. Well, maybe not millions!

PODYIN - still searching for podyang...

Lisa said...

While your situation suck lemur claws, I commend you on you stellar use of vocabulary. Here's hoping things start looking up for you very, very soon. Love you.

alise: Alice's know-it-all older sister.