Friday, 27 March 2009

Breaking Up With Friends

Hey y'all. I hope everyone is doing alright.

First things first, Sean, if I wrote a book based on any of the posts I've made on this blog nobody would think that everything in it was fact, and it would be published and placed in the fiction section. Chrisaida (aka Pich), you were the one person who kept me just sane enough to not completely flip out on our old biology teacher, Mrs. Woodlock, although I did get her fired. Lisa, I feel bad that you lost your husband, and I also feel bad for what I whispered to him after the conclusion of the ceremony and before the reception. Mom, I can't thank you enough for putting up with me, the son that has put you you through so much crap over the last 3 decades. Dad, I don't think you read this regularly, but if you read this one for any reason, I'm very sorry I ruined your Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record insert all those years ago (you might be a millionaire if I hadn't taken scissors and cut out the uniform pieces, really really really sorry about that!). April, (although I doubt you read this blog anymore than the couple of times you had, but if you you do, please let me know!) I miss chatting with you, a great deal as a matter of fact! To all others, sorry if I caused you any discomfort mentally or otherwise, for the most part anyway!

Okay, with all that said, back to the title of this post. I just broke up with a friend of mine, in a somewhat childish way. His name is George (in my cell phone it's George 1, just as to help keep the 3 Georges in my phone organized). He has the same kind of personality of my boss Matt. The difference is that my boss, as self important as he is, at least did get out in the world and make his own life. My newly divorced friend George, however, is 27 and hasn't done a damn thing to justify in any way shape or form the kind of attitude he cops. He gave me shit, nonstop, for being a non-optimist, when he has no idea why I'm not. Without going into the entire history we have, I'll just tell you about tonight's dealings with him.

I got a phone call from a 414 area code, at 7:27 this evening. I was thinking it might be Chantelle, but it wasn't. It turned out to be a courtesy call from VW, to ask me how happy I was about the service I got from them this week. I told the poor girl (who I have talked to many a time now, I think she intentionally takes my number to call, as it's always the same girl who has called me for the last several years), that I was very displeased with one specific thing that I was told. She told me that she thought it was crappy that I was told, and that she would have Brian call me. I told her to go ahead and do that, and at 7:34 my phone rang again, from a local area code number, without a name. I answered it assuming it would be Brian. I was wrong.

The call was from George. To put it simply, as to not get into the entirety of the dealings, he asked me to explain why I had been so harsh in a message I left him the other night. In said message, I had simply told him what I thought, without swearing or yelling, about blowing me off on this last Tuesday, when he knew damn well I was down and out. In any case, I started to give him the reason, and not even 5 seconds into it, he cut me off to tell me I was wrong. That was it. I argued with him for another minute or so, neither of us giving in, and I hung up the phone. I sent him one last message, stating simply, that you don't ask somebody to explain why they did what they did, and then cut them off before they can complete the explanation. That may be adolescent like, but as an adult I feel that one should wait for the answer to be given completely before disputing it, even if a retort is needed. Is that to much to ask?

I know I have shunned many of my old friends for being that way. They yell at me for being so immature for acting that way. However, I've found that in all adult dealings, and with my extraordinarily short list of close friends, while in a debate/discussion/Q&A or business dealing, the way to get through a dispute is to let one person speak until they are finished, and then respond. I have been guilty of not doing so in quite heated situations, I admit, however, this was not one of those situations. So I chose to end the "friendship" we'd "had". Is it wrong that I don't feel bad about doing such a thing?

Okay, once again, I digress. If any of you read all of that, without skipping sentences or entire paragraphs, I commend you.

It's Friday night, and I've had some beer now (it's currently 9:09 p.m. CST, USA), and I'm just sitting here listening to some good music and blogging. I so wish I had some good news to post about, instead of droning on and on about not so good shit. I did see a mallard when I got to work this morning. It was all alone, and I wondered who would find a girlfriend first. If I had any money to bet, I'd put it on the duck.

Okay, maybe tomorrow something grandeur and good will happen, but until I find out if that's true, I'm just gong to continue listening to music, and enjoy the fact that I have no alarm clock to worry about going off in the morning, YAY!!!!!!!!!

Peace out y'all, and good tunes and food for all! If I could supply both of those things to everybody, I sure as heck would! Until the next psycho blog, I bid you all adieu, goodnight all, and sleep well when you do.


Anonymous said...

You should really post a blog about good things every now and then. Granted your stories are interesting, but it would definatley be nice to hear about some of the good things that happen to you, even if its just something small.

Lisa said...

I wonder why Anonymous wouldn't post a name to go along with that comment. I also wonder if it's the same person who posts childish things on my blog with no facts to back them up.

I love you, brother. I know things are sucky right now, but it won't last forever. I don't know what you whispered to Blake, for the record. It can't have been that bad. He loved me anyway.

Well, it's been a long, long, interesting and long day and I'm going to shower and go to bed. I love you, Ugly Butt!

patespr: A spur used on the top of the head.

eristar said...

Good Saturday morning...I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend! FOer some strange reason, I love you! Mom
THONCRY - Sad thons are so pathetic...

Anonymous said...

anonymous is george 1, i bet you! just kidding. and what you got mrs woodlock fired? how the heck did you manage that?!

anyway, i dont think that you are in the wrong. HOWEVER, depending on how long you've known eachother and how close you were, and if it WAS a long time with a close friendship, then if i were in your situation, i wouldnt have "broken up" over this. but if it was an aquaintance kind of friendship, then its all good. you dont need people telling you that you're wrong, or to cut you off before you even make your point, or to nit pick at you for being a non-optimist.

a good friend would have called you to tell you that they couldnt make it or at least apologized after blowing you off.

meh, maybe you didnt need him anyway.