Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Best Town Ever...?

Alright, so it wasn't voted "best" city. But some survey thinks that the northwestern Chicago suburb Mount Prospect is the best place to raise a family. I was slightly flabbergasted to hear this on WGN radio just after eating lunch today. How did this happen? I'm not trying to bash Mt Prospect, I mean I grew up there and all. The newer downtown area has been "upgraded" since then. The Library is nicer after that got renovated (they still don't have nearly as many chairs as they used to though), in a good way. I miss that library from the 80's and 90's, when they had reading and study areas, that were well planned out and comfortable. Then they eventually accumulated so many books that they put in more shelves and removed said reading areas. That was a sad day indeed. However, best town to raise a family? It should be said that there are many schools, even the dreaded Middle School phenomenon. But there wasn't any other town somewhere else in this massive country that could out rank Mt Prospect? I'll admit however, I feel kinda proud about this. Not that I've lived there is a few years, but come on, it was my home town for the majority of my life to date. Maybe I should take a drive back there and check out what it's all about these days.

I worked 14 hours today, and I'm tired now.

Sleep I must,



eristar said...

I like that Yoda reference!

And it boggles my mind, about Mount Prospect...Perhaps it was someone who only knows, say, Mt. Prospect and Peoria???

CHIDISMA (the opposite of CHARISMA??)

Lisa said...

Yeehah! Go Mount Prospect! Hooray for Mr. Beef and Pizza!