Thursday, 13 November 2008

What ever happened to tips?

A Low Straight

Another Thursday night slinging pizzas, and yet again 2 out of 5 people failed to comprehend the concept of tipping the person (me) who drove their food to their houses in the rain and dark so that they didn't have to bother! Oh well, the other 3 deliveries were to people that know how it works. One guy only had singles, for a $27 order. He apologized, and explained that he was paying me with the tips he made at some bar earlier today, and he gave me a $6 tip (in singles, ha ha). That's how it's supposed to work people! The delivery charge you pay doesn't all make it to my pocket. The portion we get kinda sorta almost pays for some of the gas we use to bring you food! So there!

Okay, I feel a bit better now.

I like the new Carmax commercials. I just saw the most recent one, the one when the last part is the guy getting into some domestic car, and it tells him to "get out", "no seriously, get out" in a demonic voice (I should have been the one to voice that car damnit!!) I still get told by all the new people I see in Mundelien, that I should do voice work. Which is slightly better than saying "wow, you have a deep voice". I do? Really? I can't hear myself speak, so I never knew!

Oh, TJ, about your comment on Lisa's recent blog, and the security spelling, deterz. I was once ticketed by a cop that was trying to belittle me, and telling me that I was to stupid to have graduated from high school. It's a long story, but he kept calling me stupid, yet he misspelled disperse when he wrote the ticket for failure to "dispese" As pissed as I was, and seem to be becoming again, I still had to laugh at that one. Even though I had to walk home because while he had me cuffed and in the back of his car, he had another cop run over my skateboard when he was pulling away. On the plus side, the cop who had arrested me got kicked off the Prospect Heights PD, transferred to the Palatine PD, and then to the Arlington Heights PD before he finally had his badge revoked altogether, for harassment complaints no less. Silver lining anyone?

On that note, I'm going to catch up on some missed TV before I go to bed. I hope y'all have a great day tomorrow! Peace, Love, Good Music and Good Meals to all!


Lisa said...

For the record, I ALWAYS tip people who deliver hot delicious food to my home. That's what decent people do, see.


The economy? Oh, Yaweh. :(

eristar said...

I, too, tip well - I'll admit that I tip even more now that you are struggling to make it doing what I've come to appreciate is a hard, unfulfilling job! The Glass Nickle pizza delivery folk thank you!!!