Monday, 17 November 2008

Monday Okay... far.....

It's been an alright day. Granted I'm in between job shifts right now, but so far so good. It was just busy enough to make time fly at job 1, but not crazy busy giving me a headache! I called my favorite lunch place, and they actually had broccoli cheese soup today!!! I like broccoli cheese soup a lot. When I went to get gas during my lunch run, I got fuel for only $2.21 (premium grade), got almost eleven gallons for $21.34, it was amazing! Then I noticed that somehow my passenger side mirror had been knocked inwards, but, upon closer inspection I'm wearing loafers...I mean there was no damage or scratch, so yay again. Then I got my lunch and headed back to the office. The soup was good! When I got home from work there was another box from my bank in my mailbox. I thought this was strange as I have already received my new checks. What it turned out to be though was a box of deposit slip only books. I had requested those, but any time in the past that I've asked, I was always told that that wasn't possible. It is possible now, YAY! To top all of that, my underwear was sitting on the bench just inside the main door. SUPER YAY!!! For all of you scratching your heads, I'll just say that the was a laundry conspiracy this weekend. My boxers are safe and sound, and back in my possession! Now I'm going to watch Cops and then shave off my creepy mustache before going to work again. Hopefully it will be a lucrative night to follow up the pattern of good things on this Monday!


Lisa said...

Um, underwear?

wokie: a Wookie who doesn't use spellcheck.

eristar said...

I understood the underwear reference...Sounds like a good-karma day all around, at least until you got to your second job...haven't talked with you, so I don't know how that went!!!
NOTHSEGR! (All I can come up with is something like "nothing to do with Pete Seger..." or perhaps one of those personalized license plates you can't figure out!)