Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tuesday/Wednesday, who's keeping track?

Hi there! It's 12:18 am, and I just got home from work a few minutes ago, yay!!! Now I'm trying to settle my brain down so I can get some sleep. As usual, my body cries for my bed, but my brain is running giant figure eight laps, stupid mind! Works went alright today. At job one, I got there a bit early, 7:15 to be precise, okay, it was 7:16, sue me. Both my drivers were on time, and all went mostly swimmingly. Okay, maybe not swimmingly, but well enough in any case. Some people were idiots of course, and some people still don't know how to use the glossary in the back of their catalogs, and then there are the ones who use common sense and compile a list of everything even the part numbers before calling. I like those people.

Then came job two. For some reason (probably just another idiotic way to "save money") on Tuesday's there's only ever two people scheduled to work at night. One manager, and one driver. No back up, no helper, just two. Just two might be fine and dandy for a monogamous relationship, but it's no way to run a business!!! Point in case, all went fairly well, and at 10:30 I decided it would be a good time to start washing dishes, so we could get out of there at a reasonable time. Then, suddenly the phones started ringing, and we got an internet order. Now it's 10:45 and I suddenly have three deliveries. I've barely touched the dishes, the floors still need to be swept and mopped, all the counters washed, garbage disposed of and so on. Noe of the deliveries were local, except one. I knew I wouldn't get back until 11:30 (we close at 11). I knew the one person who was local, so I called her when I was about 2 blocks away, so she could get down to the main door by the time I got there. I arrived, and walked up the steps, and proceeded to stand there for about two minutes. So much for calling ahead. Then some white girl and her mini-miniature dachshund came to the door (the girl that ordered is black, so I was confused). I went to get out of her way so that she could walk the dog half the size of Marley, and she stopped me and said that the pizza was for her. Her total was $20.26. She handed me a fiver first, which I figured was my tip, and then she handed me a coupon for two pizzas for $16.99, and told me to have a good night. ...... ...... ...... ...... I had to explain to her 5 TIMES that the coupon was only stating the price for two pizzas, and wasn't actually worth $16.99. I mean honestly, it says right at the bottom of the coupon that the cash value is only 1/100 of one penny! How daft can you be???!!! After my brain stopped going numb from trying to comprehend how idiotic people can be, I headed to the next delivery. When I finally got back to the store, I found Monica there, YAY! Turns out the other manager called her to come in and make the final delivery for me, and do the rest of the shores. I was ever so grateful, I would have kissed her, but that would be inappropriate so I just thanked her verbally instead. She even gave me the three dollar tip she got for the pizza she took! I really like that girl, she rocks! All said and done though, I made over $50 tonight, so woo whoo! Anyway, I swept the floors and cleaned a couple of counters before I came home. And now here I am!

Now that I've rambled for long enough, I'm going to finish watching an episode of Dr Who, and hopefully get to bed sometime before 2 am, just to get up at 6 am, yay! I am sooo looking forward to some good Thanksgiving food!!! Peace, love and good music to all! Peace out!

P.S. I'm not proof reading his tonight, so if there are any errors, don't kill me please! Okay, later!


eristar said...

Since I am IMing with you about the coupon thing, I guess I don't have to respond to your blog today!!! (hee hee)

LYSPO!!! (a new chlorestoral drug)

Lisa said...

Boo, dumb people, but yay, $50.00!

pluto!!! That's actually my word! And it is SO a planet, so there.