Thursday, 6 November 2008

A Rainy Thursday

So I haven't blogged in a couple days, oh well. I had a fairly lazy birthday, so that was nice. Nobody from worked called to wish me a happy one, shocking. I've been trying to just laze around and get rid of this stupid cold. I hate being sick! Of course the cough will linger for a while as I'm a smoker and that never helps. But I am feeling mostly better at any rate. I did have to work last night, but only for a couple of hours, so it wasn't too bad, and the tips were alright too, yay! I kinda wish I had this week off at Dominos too, as it doesn't feel like much of a vacation when I have to sit around waiting to go to um, work... Alas, I still gotta do what I gotta do. I am thinking of seeing if a local place, Emil's, is hiring any drivers. At least there I wouldn't have to use a car topper, I think I'd get paid more hourly, and I could wear my own clothes!!!

I bought a pack of AA batteries, Duracell of course. It had a little thing inside to enter to win a Nintendo Wii. I figured "hey, why not?" So I entered the code. Now Duracell won't stop sending me emails, asking if I have any more codes to enter. How many batteries do they think the average consumer goes through daily? Maybe I don't use enough of them? Silly me! The two high output hand held devices that use a lot of juice are my phone, which Duracell doesn't make a battery for, and my PS3 controller which is charged by my PS3, so no battery needed there. I have a lot of remote controls, 8 to be precise, but those batteries all seem to last a REALLY long time, so sorry Duracell, I don't have any more codes to enter!!!

Speaking of gaming, I got a version of Civilization for the PS3, and I tried it for the first time ever yesterday. I've seen various editions played on other peoples computers for years, but I was a Civ Virgin until last night. I whooped ass at it! Okay, so I played the easiest level, but hey, I still felt good about it. I guess I have Brent to thank for that one. All those hours sitting there watching him play all the predecessor versions. It's possible I picked up a trick or two from him. Thanks a lot Brent. To think all those hours were wasted ones, hee hee.

As this post's title suggests, it's a rainy day today. I so just want to watch movies and play games all day. However, I have to go to work in a few hours, so I think I'll get in one round of Civilization Revolution before I go. I hope you're all having a great day!


Lisa said...

And maybe playing Civilization now will prepare you for when actual civilization crumbles around us! Oh, wait, did that sound too cynical?



eristar said...

Rained here too...nothing like dragging in all the wet leaves after walking the dogs! Hey, at least it's Friday! (Oh wait - I have to work tomorrow, and you probably do too - never mind!)

Love you! Mom

CHNES to all...