Friday, 7 November 2008


It's Friday!!! Oh, wait, I have not a lot to get excited about. I got to sleep til noon again, because I was up until almost 3 playing one round of Civilization last night. Then I shuffled around a bit, and then waited until I had to go to work tonight. Work kinda sucked. Nobody was in a tipping mood. Well I shouldn't say nobody, the last delivery made up for the first 4 (who didn't tip me at all, those bastards), because the guy handed me two twenties, for a $29 order and said "It's all yours", so of course I thanked him with a big smile. Then I got sent home an hour early, again. I know they want to "save money", but two hours at my pay rate is only $9.30, so I don't think they're rolling in the big dough by doing that!

Now I'm sitting at home blogging, obviously, and wishing there was somebody I could call to hang out with. But there isn't. My neighbor still isn't talking to me, however she was going out to her car yesterday afternoon, and turned around to look at my window. Baby steps, maybe? Whatever. Brent is at home, but he lives bloody far, and I don't want to drive out there now, just to drive home a hour later. George is in Spain again for the rest of the month, so that's out. Monica said I could hang out with her boyfriend at a local bar, but for some odd reason, I'm not quite down with that suggestion. And that's really all my options, or non-options if you will. And Marley is being his cranky self tonight, so boo :( I guess I'll just surf the web for a bit, maybe see if there's anything on TV (yeah right, like there ever is on a Friday night), and possibly play a little Final Fantasy VII. I have a habit of playing that game every time I move someplace new. I've been in this apartment for a few months now, but I hadn't started playing it until a couple days ago. Maybe that's because when I moved I only moved down the hall, and not to a new building all together.

I hope you all have a good night! Love to those who deserve it, and patience to all that need it! Peace out y'all! On a side note, I didn't mistype anything in this blog! Yay me!!!

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eristar said...

Yay for no typos! Gee, I haven't talked to you for a couple of days; miss seeing you on line in the mornings! Well, I suppose things will be back to normal next week. (Normal? What's THAT??)

I guess I should go do my Saturday morning chores, since I have to leave for work in awhile. Happy Saturday! I love you. Mom

PS - ATRIATIS. Sounds like a very expensive athletic shoe.