Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What a Day (and weekend)

Hey y'all! Long time no blog!

Although I've received more responses to the second to last post (and thankyou to those who did, but unless y'all know how my mind works, and what I've been through, you might not know why I see hitting rock bottom as the only way out sometimes, but I won't dwell on that), some of you know what happened after taking the advice of the one true anonymous commenter, and posting a somewhat "happy" blog on Saturday. After posting that blog, the rest of the day went well, until I fell asleep. Then all hell broke loose in my neck of the woods. A particularly nasty snow storm hit, dropping only a few inches of "heart attack" snow, and knocking out power to my surrounding area. After about 14 hours of no power (at least I recently got a music phone, so I didn't go into delirious tremors due to a lack of music), I called Com Ed, and found out that they didn't know we had no power! Then, about 20 minutes later, I heard my microwave make a pathetic little bleep, which scared the hell outta my cat, causing him to leap rather ungraciously to the floor in the kitchen, and the power came back on! I whooped at the top of my lungs, using the pipes I was graced with (although I'm sure nobody in the surrounding blocks of my old hood enjoyed hearing my Mom and I have yelling matches when I was a teen), but as I was in the middle of a great book, I neglected to turn on the TV or my computer for a while yet.

When I did turn on my computer, I discovered that the power outage had killed my network, and my router. But now, as you may have noticed, I am back up and running, er, blogging! It only took a few days to get back, but here I am! In the down time, the Bull's suffered a couple of hard loses, as did the Cub's, but at least they're still in Spring Training so their games don't count yet. In any case, thanks to you anonymous one, I posted a good blog, and my world got turned upside down in less than 24 hours. All I can say to you is that I fart in your general direction! Nanner nanner nanner! And now I will gallop away, on foot, clopping coconut halves together!

So anyhoo, what a day at work today. I tend to dislike the beginning of the month. Not to mention that it's a new quarter, so pricing has all changed one way or another. But as for the beginning of the month, that always means that I suddenly get slammed with all kinds of returns to go through. In one way it' nice because that takes a lot of time, and the clock moves a little quicker. On the down side, being in such a crappy financial situation, I burn off the calories I get from breakfast in about 5 minutes and I end up starving my skinny ass off for hours until lunch, and then I get a very small lunch, meaning that I am hungry again in an hour or less. And inevitably, like today, I have nothing to eat for dinner. I could make yet another sandwich, however that would take away my lunch tomorrow, so I won't be doing that. Darn. How I crave to drag my grill outta storage, and have some meats and veggies to cook on it :(

In other news, I got my new payment schedule from my car insurance company today, and my rates are going up!!! Only by $3 per month, but still! So I called them. As it turns out, being a resident of Illinois, I'm not alone. Everybody's rate's are going up, to help pay for things that do not, and will not apply to me! Just because other people suck doesn't mean that I should have to pay for their ignorance and/or impatience!!!!!!!! And the really crappy part is that the insurance companies didn't hatch this evil plan, as I would have suspected, the damn state government did! Not cool yo, not cool at all! I also turned in my lease renewal today, for my apartment of course. I asked if they had any cheaper apartments before I signed it and turned it over, but alas the only ones they have to offer are way farther away, and as my car takes the premium fuel only, I just can't afford a longer drive to work these days. So I signed another year of my life away, once again. Could be worse though, so I guess I won't bitch too much, about that at least, hee hee.

Oh yeah, yesterday I got the latest courses book from CLC (College of Lake County), and they now offer both automotive repair (body, engine, and electrical) certificate courses, and heating and cooling courses(whoohoo!), the classes for what I've wanted to do for years now, are only offered while I'm at work. The classes for what I don't at all want to do are offered at night, go figure. I'm still keeping a look out though. I'm still not convinced that school is really the route to go, and an apprenticeship would be better, for me anyway. But a bad spine rules out most apprenticeships, even the ones that are offered to "newbies" like me. One of these days I'll find something, but for now I'll keep trying to tell my stomach not to give up on me quite yet!

I am really looking forward to seeing my family in a week and a half! Oh, I may not be able to afford much more than a card this year guy and gals of my family, but I hope being able to be up there will be enough this go around! I love you guys! Oh, and Chantelle, I am soooo looking forward to meeting you for lunch on my way home that Monday! Sorry Lisa, not sure if you are taking your birthday off or not, but I made plans on that day. If you are taking it off, maybe we can do breakfast or something earlier that day! It's been about 12 years since the last time Chantelle and I chilled. Too long if you ask me!

Well I am going to settle in for a night of the SciFi channel (new Ghost Hunters, yay!), and hope to that sleep finds me more quickly tonight than the last couple.

Peace out y'all, and as always, good music and eats for all!!!


Lisa said...

I hear you loud and clear on raising the rates. My rent went up $15.00 this month. Boo. It blows.

cultyme: Funny, I don't feel that cult-y...

Lisa said...

And hooray for Ghost Hunters!