Sunday, 26 April 2009


Hey Y'all

This blog is just here because I feel like it.

Today was alright. I put that in here because of all the various suggestions I got from different people, and sometimes the same people over and over, that I should have a good day. I did watch something I rarely ever watch today. nascar. Yeah, that's right, I don't spell it in all capital letters. I understand that the cars raced are super powerful, and kinda fast and all. But today the race was in Talladega. And they showcased the reason I don't enjoy watching nascar. They kept panning the shots out around the area that holds the race track there. It is beautiful, hilly/mountainous, and filled with awesome trees. For some idiotic reason they decided to build an oval track there. What the hell is wrong with sanctioned american race track designers?! See, in all other countries that host racing events, the track isn't oval. They wind around, and change elevations, and sometimes the road is not concrete or asphalt. That is a real track to race on. Watching guys go around taking only left curves, that's right, curves not turns, is about as boring to me as watching golf on tv. Boring as hell. Racing in a straight line, or in an oval is not racing. Take a look at your local go cart race track the next time you get the chance, and you'll notice that it isn't an oval. We let little kids, who won't be licensed for another 10 years race around on figure 8 tracks, and tracks with both right and left turns, without banking in the turns, however adults in this country only drive in left had curves when they race bigger cars. And they have to bank the curves, so they don't fly off of them. Gee wiz. If they had built the track I saw on the television today through the forest and hills just outside the stadium, I'd be more inclined to watch the races.

In other news, there isn't much. I did some house work, and ate some food, and listened to some music, and watched some other television. I talked with a couple of people online, and did some shopping for food and toiletries. That's about it. Ah, lazy Sundays.

Now I'm about to get some shut eye, so I'm stopping posting this (peace out y'all) now.


eristar said...

Sorry. I will never, ever hope you have a good day again! Ha! So there! (Wait, that's just a lie...)
HAUTRI - Three times regular haut.

Lisa said...

Right? nascar is lame. You know what isn't lame? The Cubs! GO CUBS!!!

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