Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wow, My 101st post, crazy

Hey Y'all!

I'm hungry right now, but not to worry, I have my oven preheating, and I have food waiting to go into said oven when it beeps! How's that for a start to my 101st post? Unfortunately, I'm currently going through a depressed phase. It hit me shortly after getting off the phone with my future housemate. I get to keep my cat, Marley, yay! And we discussed many plans for working on the house to make it even better. So why am I feeling down? Because that's what living with depression does. I'm not quite cry myself to sleep in a river, but I'm not quite tip toe through the tulips either. I am however being caressed by the wonderful sounds of Tori Amos...wait, never mind, the shuffle had changed that. But going back to Tori for a moment, what a fucking amazing pianist she is! I'll take her over most crap i hear on the radio these days, even if I do crank her in my car, and then turn her down when I'm stopped at an intersection... Silly me. Oh, now it's Tom Petty, singing "Here Comes My Girl", but I can't get into it right now, cause I ain't got a girl. Oh well. I just got a series of texts from my sister, so she could put my email address on her now privatized blog. The funny thing is, I was looking at her blog when she did that. Weird.

I guess that's all I wanted to say. If you didn't notice, I finally talked with Brent, and the move is on! I really am feeling a bit anxious. I need to worry about all the little things that go into moving, like forwarding my mail, and changing my billing address with all of the people that just love sending me bills every month, and finding a new bank, and so on and so on and so on...

Okay, time to put some food in the oven. Take care y'all, and peace out!

No, I didn't forget...good music and food for all, and I hope you all smiled at least once today!


Lisa said...

Yep, the blog should (in theory) now be open only to those I invite. You should have gotten an invitation in your email. I guess I'll find out soon enough if it worked. Love you!

STALLA!!!: Stanley's line in Streetcar gone horribly wrong.

eristar said...

Hee hee - love the Streetcar reference, Lisa!!!
Glad to hear that the move is on...I think! I sure hope this all works out well for you. Happy Wednesday!
ISPRIL - or isn'tpril?