Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ideas at the Tip of My Mind

Hey y'all,

Today is Sunday, otherwise known in my world as the last day of the weekend. It's kinda chilly outside, and it's more than kinda rainy out there as well. I feel much calmer than I ever was on Friday, but that comes at a cost. A tad more annoying of a cost than the beginning of this weekend.

Last Friday started off similarly to half the Fridays in any given year. It wasn't payday. I did however have a plan to get some money. More specifically to get my own money back. You see, as I've stated many times before, I live paycheck to paycheck. Not by desire, but born from past mistakes, and a lack of foresight. Oh well, I'm trying to get by the best I can with what I've got. Well this last pay period, my bank played yet another of it's number games, and took $70 from me. All because of the computer program they use to crunch numbers to work in their favor. The real kicker this time is how they did it. There were a couple of pending payments waiting to go through. My payroll went through, and then the pending payments were made. But according to the computer, the pending payments had already been processed, even though payment had not been made to the vendors yet, so I got screwed out of two $35 charges. However, nothing at my end states that I ever was overdrawn. Even the statement I got from them clearly shows that I was never in the red. So on Friday, I took my statement to the bank. They showed me what I can never see at my end. How their computer system screwed me. This kinda sorta pissed me off. That, and the banker I was dealing with was talking to me like I was new to banking, and knew nothing. That alone gets me worked up all by itself. After leaving the bank, I went back to work and ate my cold sandwich with a scowl on my face, barely tasting what was probably a really tasty lunch. After work, I went to different bank and brought up the same issue, this time dealing with a manager, who thought that I was in the right, and I shouldn't have been charged. However, instead of dealing with me to the end, she passed it off to some other girl, who gave me a very disapproving look when I explained to her why I can't get overdraft protection. And then she denied me as well. When I got home, I checked my mail, and low and behold there was the overdraft notification waiting for me. So I called the corporate division of the bank, and explained everything, once again. I was put on hold for a bit, and then, you guessed it. I was denied once, twice and thrice. I lost, the bank 70, me 0.

I had been hoping to hang out with Brent that night, and again yesterday, but he didn't ever answer his phone, nor return either of my phone calls, or one voicemail. Once upon a time I would just trek over to peoples houses to see if they were home. These days, well actually for several years now, I don't do that. I find it rude. I will not show up someplace without getting an invitation first. Let alone if I don't even know if the person I want to see is home, even when I have an open invitation to show up when ever I want. So oh well, no steam blown off this weekend at all. Which brings me to today.

Today is more like autumn than spring. I love this kind of weather. The annoyance I have today is that I want to be creative, and build something, or at least work on my car a bit. However building anything takes money for supplies, and I have no monies with which to do such a thing. I could tweak a few things on my car, but I have no shelter, car port or garage to work on it without getting rain everywhere the rain shouldn't be in a car. So what did I do? Laundry. Yay. Now the laundry is done, and I'm feeling too wired to sit back and read. I was kinda hoping that during the duration of posting this, something would spark, and I would be able to end it by saying that I had something to run off and do. Alas, that did not happen, oh well. Maybe something will pop into my head at some point before I go to bed tonight, or maybe my phone will ring, and it won't be a family member, or work, or anybody that isn't somebody telling me to get off my ass and do something with them instead. Positive thinking really doesn't work that well for me, but maybe for once wishful thinking will come through. I'll just have to wait and see.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend, and that good music and good eats were had by all!

Until next time, peace out y'all!


Lisa said...

Well, your phone did ring, but it was a family member. Sorry.

horsurp: when your position is usurped by a horse.

eristar said...

And it rang again and it was ANOTHER family member...Sorry about that!
VERRIBLU - which is, I suppose, better than being very yellow...

Anonymous said...

your mom and sister are too cute.