Thursday, 16 April 2009

Holy Moly What a Phone Call!

Hey Y'all!

Well I just got off the phone with my management company, who I called after getting off the phone with my closest friend Brent. You see, I had called Brent, just to see what he was up to this weekend, but as per usual he didn't answer his phone. Then, amazingly my phone started ringing about 10 seconds later, and it was Brent! He wanted to know how my car was doing, and I told him that it was doing well. Then he asked when my lease was up. I informed him that I had just recently turned in another year long lease agreement. He asked if I could get out of it. I told him I could try, and then asked why? It turns out that he is sick of his current roommates (housemates, as it's a house), and that neither of them has had a job in about a year, leaving him to pay everything, and feed them as well. He said that if I could get out of the lease extension, he will kick them out a bit faster, and have me move in, and only charge me $500 a month! Plus splitting the utilities, but still! I will get the basement, which will hold all of my stuff quite comfortably, yay, and I'd be able to grill again, yay, and there is a fire pit in the backyard as well, triple yay! Oh, did I mention I'd be able to grill again? So what did I do? I hung up with him, and called my management company. I explained the situation, and they saw no problem with that, as long as I'm out by May 31. No problem there! I'd be saving a boatload of money, oh, and I won't have to use any more quarters to wash and dry my clothes either! That alone will save me about $500 a year, so um, yay! Plus, I'd have a roommate that won't annoy the shit outta me, nor I him. What a deal!

Oh right, I said I'd post some pic's from Easter Weekend, aka my Parent's anniversary/my Sister's birthday. As far a pic's of people go, there's only one, and it's me and my sis, because I don't like be photographed, or taking photographs of people. Anyway, here goes...

Me and my Sister both rocking our Cub's hat's, unplanned!!!

A sight I wasn't sure when I'd ever see again!

I love the diversity of the plant life around my parent's house, unfortunately some of the better shots are interrupted by power lines and stuff.

Some kind of Warbler I think.

Birds much larger than Warblers! You should have seen the awesomeness of this abnormal flock of birds in action!

Okay, that's all I have to share with you for now. I hope you enjoyed. Well the Cubs lost to the damn Cardinals today, boo! So I think I'm going to go open a beer and proceed to cry into it. Okay, maybe not cry into it, but...well you know what I mean. There's always tomorrow!

Peace out y'all! And good music, food and laughs for all!


Lisa said...

It's OK, the Cubs still rock. Witness our awesome hats! I hope everything works out super well for you. Sorry I was a little distracted when we spoke earlier. Shopping with a two-year-old will do that. I love you, though!

botil: Botox for people who have no money.

eristar said...

Love the pictures...sorry about the power lines (as though I had anything to do with that...)
NOUTOPO - a lack of hispanic utopias?

Anonymous said...

i love your parents back yard. and YAY on the great news of a roomate and saving money.

uber kudos to a very positive blog.


p.s. post more pics. k thx. bai.