Monday, 27 April 2009


Hey Y'all

It's still Monday. It's almost over in this time zone, but not for a few hours yet. Today kinda sucked. Okay, the day itself wasn't all that bad, but my mind wasn't so well off. I'll explain something here, just to get everyone up to speed. A few weeks ago I went off on a rant, and told everybody I talk to, on a daily basis anyway, to never tell me to have a good day again, or to think positively. You see, thinking positively doesn't work so well for me. It never has. I can't really call it bad luck, but the luck I experience is not usually good. On the plus side. it had made me expect the worst, as the worst is usually what happens to me. Okay, maybe not the absolute worst, but it rarely brings me anything positive, that I don't have to search for the so called "silver lining" anyway. By expecting the worst, it is always an awesome surprise when something good happens, although i still tend to take those things with a grain, or two, of salt. Normally when I have a truly good day, sometime in the following 24-48 hours, I have a bad day, that cancels out the good day. With that said, I'll move on.

I was talking with my Mom this morning, online, as usual. And when it was time for me to leave for work, she jokingly told me that she "I hope you don't have a good day!" I knew she was joking, and I went along with it. And then I got to the gas station that I go to when I don't make my own coffee. For the last several months, possibly the last couple of years, they had a deal gong for us, the drinkers of black caffeinated goodness. The deal was that you got a fresh baked doughnut when you bought any size coffee or a newspaper. However, that seems to have ended this morning. So I didn't get my doughnut. You see I only brought $1.40 with me, and the total came to $1.97. So oh well. They just lost a customer. I never get fuel for my car there, only fuel for myself. On the other hand, when I move, I wouldn't be stopping there during my morning commute anyway. The rest of the day just kinda went by. I wasn't in the most positive mood. And I realized that once I pay the two main bills I have to pay at this time of the month, I will have a whopping $13 left. Luckily I went grocery shopping, but still. No drinking and no smoking makes Dave go something something..... I'm sure I'll get by, but it's only Monday, and I have another 13 days until I get paid again. Good times! I am really looking forward to moving, as I will have plenty of money left over after I pay my bills! Now I just need to concern myself with surviving until that time comes! (Sorry Mom, I'm not trying to bring you down! I'm just sayin!)

TV really sucked tonight. With the exception of the new episode of House! That was good, but everything else is not calling out to me like a good show does. So I think I'm just going to get some reading in, and then hit the sack.

I hope everyone had a better day and mindset than I did! And that everyone got to hear that one song they were dying to hear! With that, I will stop.

Peace out y'all!

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eristar said...

Yep. It's my fault. From now on I'll just tell you "Talk to you later" and not wish you anything, good OR bad. Hope that will help!
PRERSM - the opposite of a prism.