Friday, 3 April 2009

Hungry, Lonely, Bored and Broke (Happy Friday!)

Hey y'all

I just deleted a ramble like no other. Yes, you can thank me for sparing you. However, as the title of this implies, I am in fact all of those things right now. And it is in fact Friday, well it's Friday here in this part of our planet, according to our numbers and time zones, and the fact that we have those time zones has only to do with world trade of the one thing I have none of at the moment.

I read a funny story this morning while I was eating some cereal. Domino's messed up, and a regular American civilian found something online, randomly, and Domino's had to give away 11,000 medium 1-topping pizzas! Ha, suckers! That's what you get when you are money hungry bastards that don't bother to pay people who know what the hell they are doing, and only pay people that are so delusional with money that they have forgotten about what the average person, like us, is all about. I miss the minimal amount of money I made slinging pizzas for them, but I sure as hell don't miss the corporate bs!

If all went as planned today, around noon, I had lunch with my Mom! Okay, so it was about 200 miles away, and we didn't speak, but we may have had the same thing, Clam Chowder, or if you want to be picky about it, New England Clam Chowdah. Mine was quite tasty. But now I'm hungry again, which is no good because it's only ten to 6 p.m. right now, and the night is young. Meaning my hunger will only get bigger as the time passes, uninterrupted and uninteresting. But at least I had a tasty lunch this afternoon! I am really looking forward to being with my family next weekend (sadly not this weekend, but hey)! On Saturday I said I'd help prepare dinner. And this morning I suggested stuffed pork chops on the grill. I was rather taken aback when my Mom told me that she'd never cooked them in such a fashion before! I do believe I will show her how it's done when I'm up there, hee hee. Oh to use a grill again, even if it's not mine! Geez, now my stomach is rumbling at the thought. I guess I'll end this here, and go into basement, and spend some quality time just staring at my dusty grill :(

Peace out y'all, and a good weekend to all! (Even those who have to work during it!)


eristar said...

Way to make your mother feel guilty, thinking about you wasting away down in the wilds of Illinois...Alas, I did not get to eat the delicious clam chowder, which had my mouth watering all morning. WHen I left on my lunch break I got a call from Basset Buddies and by the time I got done there was going to be a 45 minute wait for a table, and I didn't have time to do that so I ended up at Dairy Queen...:( Looking forward to your visit and those stuffed pork chops!
NAWPEASH...declining one last peach brandy...

Lisa said...

Dominos is lame.

pyros: mmmmmm... fire.....

Anonymous said...

mmmm chowdah. san francisco chowdah is great. i should fed ex you some one day.


p.s. i too am looking forward to easter weekend. food, good people and good times!