Friday, 3 October 2008


Okay, I'm not really that excited that it's Friday. Friday's just another day for me once again. It used to be another day that was boring as hell, and all I could do was stay up late, and sleep late the next day. Now, I work two jobs on Friday, but at least I can stay up late, and sleep in the next morning. The bigger difference being that I also work on Saturdays now, so that kills it just a little.

Guess what everybody!? I paid less than $4.00 a gallon today, and for premium fuel at that!!! I paid only $3.99!!! How sad is that? But hey, prices have been well over $4 per gallon for how long now? I got that gas, right after my Low Fuel light/picture illuminated in front of me, and the speakers let out a pleasant "ding" to let me know as well. That was a first for me in my current ride, so I know it works! The funny part is that the alarm for low washer fluid is a screeching "bleep" from the speakers when the washer fluid becomes low. Glad VW got their alert sounds, um, straight. As though running out of windshield washer fluid becomes low is somehow worse than running out of gas all together...? I suppose when it's winter, and salt is coating your windshield like the evil cousin of snow, the washer fluid is rather important. However, running out of gas in those conditions is really not much better. And if you can't tell when the washer fluid is running low, without the aid of a audio-visual gauge, you probably shouldn't be driving alone yet...

On the way home from Domino's, I noticed a change in the speed limit on Butterfield road. Heading north, approaching 176, it used to drop from 40, sown to 35, and then down to 30 mph right before reaching 176, allowing for a prime speed trap for the cops. Now that's all over! It is now officially 40 the whole way to, and past 176 on Butterfield!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a good end to my last trip on the road today!

It was finally busy at work tonight! That goodness! It actually felt like a Friday night slinging pizzas. Additionally, a few people even tipped me more than the $00.1 tip I got from a guy last night as well! Now if only gas prices can some how continue to keep falling, things would be super fantastic...

It's now 11:30, and I just want to kick back, listen to some good music, and have a beer. Good evening to you all! I hope you are all doing swimmingly!

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eristar said...

Swimming along...evil cousin of snow, hee hee!!!!!!!!

It's Saturday, so naturally, I have to add JGQBPEX!