Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday Lazy Sunday...

Here it is Sunday, and I am trying to be lazy, but have yet to properly achieve lazy status. I'm almost there though! Let's see, first I woke up earlier than I was expecting to. Or, more accurately, I was woken up. Jenny called me at about 9:30 this morning, just to see how I as doing, and make sure I was okay. Oddly enough, I have become comfortable getting those phone calls from her. I guess that just means that enough time has passed for my mind to stop telling my synapse's' to fire off signals of "DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE OR I'LL MAKE YOUR DAY HELL!!!", and now they just say, "hey somebody, other than family and money vampires, cares enough to call!" After we hung up, I went to the washroom, then back into bed. I didn't really want to sleep again, but I also didn't want to start the day proper just yet, so I picked up the book on my bedside table. I hadn't gotten two pages into a new chapter when my phone rang again. It was a money vampire, go figure. This time though, after I was informed that the people that were calling me were too busy to talk right now, and to hold on, I didn't swear up a storm at the person (as is usual protocol for me these days when they call), and I actually explained why I didn't, can't, and won't be making the absurd payment they want, for several months. That was enough to get me out of bed, after finishing the chapter I was reading that is...

I wanted so bad to go out and let somebody else cook me breakfast this morning. The thought of going alone once again though was enough to deter me from doing such a thing. So I settled for a bowl of cereal, and some juice. Not nearly as satisfying as some eggs and bacon and toast, but cheaper. Just as lonely, but hey, at least I didn't have to tip myself, or my fridge! After eating, I called my parents house, and my Dad heard AND answered the phone! I talked with him for a while, and then went to rent a movie. Most people would spend this sunday watching crappy american football (there is a good band with that name, minus the "crappy" part :) I asked the guy at Family Video why they never carried Lewis Black in there stand-up section, and he told me that they just got "Root Of All Evil" in, and was in the new releases section. YAY!!! When I'm done blogging here, and I go gather my laundry from the laundry drying thingies in the basement (where I have to duck to do my laundry:( ), I am going to settle in, and watch it, officially beginning my Lazy Sunday!

Lisa, you haven't posted in a bit, I keeps checking, and yet there is nothing. I know you're feeling a bit blah for obvious reasons, but a little shout out to your peeps would be nice! Love ya!

Mom, you can do it, you can do it, YOU CAN! I love you too!

To everybody else, good day and good luck!

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eristar said...

I would have had a lazy SUnday too, if there hadn't been a rehearsal thrown in the middle of it! Oh, well - since I have noting on my calendar for today (Monday) it will have to suffice as my lazy day - except for the part about working on lines until my brain fries! I love you again...or still...or something!