Friday, 31 October 2008

Merry Samhain to all, and to all a good year!

Most of you know this holiday as Halloween. That's fine. Most don't know it's origins, and that's a shame. Some who think they know, are grossly mistaken, for shame. Essentially what it is, however, is a Pagan new years. It celebrates the end of the harvest season for the year. It should be celebrated by all the towns folk bringing in all the left overs from the last day of harvesting, all that which won't be cured to last all winter, and gathering for one big block party. Celebrating the ones we've lost in the last year, and allowing them to come back for one last evening is they so choose. Singing and dancing is a must, and paying homage to Samhain, and asking for a moderate winter season. You can all thank the Catholic church for screwing up that tradition, and making it all about devil worship, and demon pacts and all that nonsense. Stupid, ignorant, scared and undereducated people, those bastards! Anyway, I couldn't do what I have done a few times for this wonderful season, which is take something of a pilgrimage out to Salem, Mass. and take part in the gathering that those wonderful people have each year, talk about a giant block party. All the food vendors bring shop outside, and not slim pickings either, full course meals to boot. All the stores bring their wares out, and there is music coming from speakers in the street. Let the celebration commence! It's a wonderfully good time. This year, I was delivering pizza to the masses, but not partaking in any kind of feast with friends or family :( No dancing, but at least I have music.

I did take a scrap of free time today, and sat at pondered this last year. A whole lot went down. I asked for Blake hang out with Lisa on this day. I'm not sure if he heard me, or if he poked her in the ribs. I guess I will find out tomorrow though!

I'm going to watch last nights episode of CSI now, have a couple beers and then think about getting some sleep! Mom, I think I'll be up tomorrow afternoon. I have to do laundry before I leave tomorrow. Also my friend George wants to hand out for a bit in the morning, as he is leaving for Italy for a couple months once again, on Sunday. I'll let you know what time I should be expected to arrive though!

I love you all, and to all a good night, and a good winter! Until next time, peace out y'all!

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eristar said...

Hope you had a happy new year celebration, even though you could not be in Salem. See you this afternoon! Mom
(PS - you could bring your laundry here, you know!!) :)

PPS - BLETS! (That's a really short one, huh?)